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Discussion in 'New York' started by dalinoth, Jun 28, 2001.

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    I can't vouch for Britt's service, but I can say that she has the worst phone manners of any provider I've ever spoken to.

    I called once to make an appointment with her, and she wanted to verify me. I work at home, and so of course I don't have a business number (not that I'd ever give one out anyway). She freaked out BIG TIME. It was so bizarre and inappropriate that I ended up simply hanging up on her.

    The flip side was Amanda Manhattan, who also wouldn't see me because I didn't have a business number. She kept me on the phone for about half an hour, chatting away. It was annoying, but she was so sweet natured that I let her ramble on.

    Kind of like this post.
  2. dalinoth


    On a side note, has anyone been with any of the girls from NY-Dolls, and in particular Amanda or Tiana? I am thinking of trying one of these lovlies out this evening. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    You know, this is not a bad concept really. I'm saddened to hear that the NY-exotics verification is bogus. But its good to know for someone as new to the hobby as myself.

    However, maybe the ads on UG should have some sort of verification process. SB, I'm sure you'll get plenty of volunteers. For now, I'm sure its not a problem, the providers posting ads are pretty well known to the group here, but I have noticed a large amount of growth, and would therefore assume that the amount of ads will grow as well, and might include some of those we do not know. It might be beneficial.

    just a thought.

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    pswope One out of three

    I believe Tara
    is a scam artist, working out of the Upper east Side,who uses bait and switch tactics (eg phoney pics)and according to many reviews provides poor service.

    Britt's a legit indy,who's been around for a long time(worked at JB's and mid-level brothels in late 80's early 90's). Have seen several reviews some good,some so-so. She has a blonde colleague,Courtney,who she works with ,who is reputed to be attractive and coming from a similiar background to Britt has received similiar mixed reviews. Both do incall on Upper East Side as well.
    Have not seen any of these ladies myself.

    ( If I were a masochist,I'd suggest you research and see Janelle. But I'm not)
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    Thanks for the tip. As for services, I would like as much of a FS GFE experience as possible with DFK, Russian (hopefully), cowgirl, and maybe DATY (depending on the girl). From a personality standpoint, I would like someone with a little bit of a wild streak who likes to have as much of a good time as the client does (I realize this might be asking for alot) - mutual satisfaction so to speak). Lastly, here are the names and phone numbers of the women I was most interested in:

    1) Tara (212) 772-7819
    2) Ashley (212) 207-8056
    3) Monica (212) 302-5538
    4) Kirsten (212) 627-5239
    5) Britt (917) 449-1515
    6) Susan (917) 363-4173

    Any information regarding any of these women (or any other indie blondes you can recommend) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Your suspicions are correct: many of the photos are not of the actual providers. And the "verification" thing has been found to be fake too.

    Your best bet is to ask about specific providers -- most of the hobbyists on this board are all too familiar with the site. Specifically whose picture interested you? And what kind of service (activities, etc.) were you looking for?

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    Hi. I am new to UtopiaGuide and to the hobby as well. I have a quick question about the girls from please. I have a passion for lusty blondes - some of the girls from this site seemingly have knockout looks. Unfortunately, most of their pictures are not verified. In addition, I have not been able to find reviews on most of these girls anywhere. Does anyone here have any experience and/or recommendations for the incall blondes? Thanks in advance for your help.