Girls that are BACKSTABBERS that accuse others of the very same thing

Discussion in 'New York' started by GlobalCourtesans, Jan 25, 2003.

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  1. pat49cat


    Since we all being HONEST here, Tiffany 40E Why don't you up date the pics on your site. Like 100lbs ago If you live a glass house !!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Kimba


    collection plate?

    Is that what they are calling body orifices these days? LOL!!!
    Ready to give to the collection plates whenever you send them around love-
  4. mercydancer


    Amen to that brother Kimba! I'll be passing out the collection plate in your neck of the woods soon.

    If all else fails ladies, chuck it down to business learning experience.The kind you could have done without but are glad you got anyway.
  5. Kimba



    The hearsy,the jumping to conclusions w/o proper information-and especially posting an accusation on the board publically-just makes you both look bad-
    Why post it here?-to hurt the other person-you both have a cell phone and e-address-and people wonder why the whore wars

    I got accused of shit recently-all because of hearsy and lies and manipulations-and all of it turned out to be BS-The person doing the accusing got misinformation about me from someplace,made a conclusion-but could have gotten in touch with me through Slinkybender and the admin.-but instead came on a public board to attack me based on said info and conclusions-and this person has always been a big advocate of "privacy"-

    Ladies-please take it off here and onto the cell phones or face to face-
    Thank you for reading-
  6. GlobalCourtesans


    thank you very much

    In her own statement she admits to asking for the number. The only condition I made when supplying the entertainer.
  7. clubber


    Gee, I don't know any of the people in this thread, but this sounds fishy to me.

    If everyone is a free agent, how come agencies get paid for supplying them? Seems to me that it would be less than ethical for someone running a business (like Traci) to try to recruit a girl supplied AS A FAVOR to do other work that cuts out the agency fee of the original agency (tiffany). If you're trying to find a "free agent" for a photo shoot for "personal use" (that ALREADY sounds suspicious), why go through all this drama on a PMB?

    And I agree with Tiffany that it's appropriate to post this because the original "plea" was made here.

    Just my $.02
  8. Tastitreats


    This is exactly what I am talking about people who are not honest and cannot tell nobody what they are thinking upfront. I appreciated everything Tiffany did for me yesterday. I am not running an escort agency or anything like it. I asked Dakota if she would take photo session for pay for my own personal use. Noone is stealing girls away from anyone. What for? Everyone in this business is a free agent and if they want to take pics for someone for pay. or whatever that is their choice. Noone owns them . I never said
    " Dakota, i am running an agency come work for me instead of Tiffany !" I have no plans to run an agency or anything like it. Tiffany has known me a long time , this is true. so why can't she call me an ask me but i already know how Tiffany is jumping to conclusions before she hears the facts ( always been this way) and again we are all free agents. If i worked for an agency and on the side wanted to take modeling pics for someone ( which I have done myself) does an agency have a right to say no unless its A signed Modeling agency and u have a contract but we are talking about dancers , strppers , call girls, escorts etc. When does this crap end? I have no problem telling Tiffany anything ( just ask ) but again I know how she is . All I can say is "Tiffany , i was right but if you can't call me to ask me anything I guess you can go back to saying your peace on the boards. I have never backstabbed anyone is this biz . Why do so? There is soo much to go around for everyone . Lots of girls, lots of people . Musetta did treat me badly nomatter what anyone wants to believe she handled the situation wrong and left me out on a limb in the last minute and Tiffany bailed me out Yes! I liked Dakota seemed liked a nice girl , we clicked, had a great time together thought she be great for a paid pic shoot and that is it! Have a good night....
  9. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    If Tiffany40E let one of her girls work with Traci to help Traci out of a jam, then Traci turned around and tried to steal the girl away from Tiffany, then Traci did a very fucked up thing.

    Big thumbs down!:mad:
  10. GlobalCourtesans


    I am doing that this damn week

    Thank you Jorel and I took some pictures of Dakota. She is only a dancer.
  11. Jorel


    Focus on the Important

    Hey Tiffany. How about focusing on something important. Like updating the pictures on your site. I don't see a pic. of this Dakota. And half of the girls you show arent available anymore, are they?
  12. GlobalCourtesans


    I don't post for these issues

    However, Traci did comment and made it public knowledge yesterday. Allana I would not make any alledged remarkes. In her origional post she tells you she contacted me. I did help her out.

    Jason there are plenty of people in long island.
  13. jasonbuju


    i just don't know when I can go back to LI for my shopping?
  14. greekgirlinnj

    greekgirlinnj in loco CD


    to an extent i would agree with you; however, traci did ask pubicly and tiffany helped her out

    now im not saying tiffanys telling the truth or shes lying but I if it did happen then in some ways she feels the need to say what happend since traci did it publicly
  15. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    Im not sure if a public whore board is the correct forum to address this problem.
  16. GlobalCourtesans


    Well as you all know Tasti treats aka traci islands did a post yesterday reguarding her employee backing out on her last minute. In her post she also lets you know that she called me to help her out and get her a dancer last minute. I've had mixed dealings in the past with her but being the idiot that I was yesterday I decided to help her out. She told me the men were coming up from florida and it was a bachelor party. I felt bad for the men cause they won't be having a bachelor party if I don't find her another girl.

    I get Traci a girl, Dakota, to go on the party. I told Traci don't ask for the girls number because she works for our company. I don't want her doing parties with Traci this was a one time thing. She said if she needed girls to do parties with her in the future could I help her out. I said I'll decide when the time comes.

    I spoke to Dakota the girl I sent to do the party with Traci today. Dakota told me she thought something was strange about Traci. Traci apparently was asking Dakota how long she's known me. Than asked Dakota if she wanted to do parties with her from now on. Dakota told Traci if she wants her for a party to call me. Traci than told Dakota that she is going to have a modeling company in which they would do some sort of webcam activities. If she wanted to recommend someone or if she was interested in doing modeling than could she have her phone number. Dakota, being 18, and nieve tells Traci okay I'll do modeling and I have a few friends that would be interested.

    My problem is with Traci dishonesty. She should have been greatful that someone bailed her out of a jam. I didn't think she would try to get over and ask for the girls number. Obviously you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

    RESPECT that is another word that comes to mind. RESPECT OTHER PEOPLES BUSINESSES. If you don't want things done to you than don't do it to others.

    Disrespect me once shame on you. When I give you a chance again and let you disrespect me SHAME on ME.