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Discussion in 'Newbie Forum' started by superwoman01, May 27, 2006.

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  1. cindyq11


    Back in those days when I worked, and I worked, there were so many people, women as well as men who were hitting on me, if I were to satisfy them all, there would not be enough time in the day for me to eat of move my bowels.f
    And I was quite popular.
    heh, and to think I got breated by my mom, cause I could not find a prom date in high school. It is amazing what a little time, more experience, better attitude, and self confidence can do. But this is besides the point.

    All I see here is you trying to make your version of reality verified by me saying yes. Ok, if it satisfies you, yes. But me saying yes, does not mean that is ultimate reality.
    I never did in the club. As I said before, a club is not a brothel.
    However, that does not mean I did not do it on the outside.
    Because whatever I do outside the club is none of the club's business.
    I never solicited. They asked me, never gave a direct answer.
    But really, gals do make good money with or without it.
    Because by that time, I was financially stable enough, that I did not have to.
    But still did few outdates.
    But also what you are saying is that, with the same line of logic, there is also more prostitution going on in high school and college. Oh, yeah, but then again, most men do not go to school to have sex. Or do they?
  2. donquixote04


    Whether they say they are or not, these days, there is enough prostitution going on in most sc's that your premise seems highly out of date.

    Do you think you would you have held to your "never mixed the two" perspective if it were obvious to you when you were stripping that there was a very strong correlation between a stripper making money and a stripper selling extra's (inside or outside of the sc)? My supposition is that as the correlation becomes more obvious, so does the prevelance of selling extras. I also suspect that the "do you ever do private dancing?" question becomes a convenient way to keep the extras outside of the club, which means the percentage take for the stripper is greater (i.e., 100%), the risk to the sc of getting shut down is lower, the risk of getting fired or otherwise sanctioned by the strip club is lower, and the risk of pissing off the strippers who don't sell extras is lower.

    All these things lead me to think that "mixing the two" is a natural and smart thing to do for the ambitious stripper.

    Do I have it all wrong?
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  3. cindyq11


    No offense taken, when going through school, did work at a strip club.
    Maybe from your view point, a customer's view point, it would make good sense.
    But strippers are not usually hookers (?) or say they are not.
    When I was a stripper, I only sold dances, and body touch in the VIP rooms.
    That is far as it went.
    SC's are not brothels, if suspicion is cast on an SC as becoming one, it will be shut down. I have heard that obtaining license to operate one is hard enough as it is. Any suspicion cast would more than likely result in a denial of the renewal.

    Aside from that, there is the emotional involvement. Once you begin, they begin to fall in love, or other damn nonsense. Don't want no involvement.
    No, realize that I sell fantasy. That is it.
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    Sorry if I pissed you off. But it was a serious question. I would have thought that careful mixing of the two would yield the safest, best, long-term customers, who are relatively easy to please and who could be counted on to repeat at a high rate. If I am right, wouldn't this be a very good business strategy? If I am wrong, perhaps you could explain why.
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    Why not?
  7. cindyq11


    Back when I was a stripper, some would approach me with offers for private dancing. No, hardly ever did.
    First, because of all the extra baggage you have to carry with you to a privage dance. Such as a bouncer, etc.
    Private dancing is really, and excuse me if I sound offensive here, but call a spade a spade, prostitution. And I never mixed the two.
    Concerning the legality, it all falls under the adult entertainment section of the by laws in the jurisdction of your area.
    The question you ask is very broad. Very broad.
    Google Scott D. Bergthold. A lawyer.
    Good luck.
  8. ecpaul


    I believe anything goes as long as you don't "perform" on the person paying for the show. Personally I wouldn't consider this kind of service unless I could viddy tape it...but that's me.
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  9. superwoman01


    I put this question here to avoid the flames. I know this is going to sound like a stupid question to most. Sorry if I sound repetitive, I just want to make sure you understand all that I am asking. Just remember where I posted this. Thank you in advance for your feedback. Superwoman:)

    I would like to know what the laws are on watching a girly show or women offering a show as a service to individuals? Is this considered legal or not? Does it matter where the location of the show is? For example if it is in the privacy of your own home verses a hotel suite. What if you gave the girls a donation to perform the show per say in your home or hotel without you participating? Is this considered legal or not? If the girls are performing a show, is that considered an illegal activity? What If in their show they physically get each other off and you paid to watch? Is that considered paying for sex even though they are the ones having sex with each other?
    I always thought it was the same as a bachelor party. Who is to say if the show is for a group of people or just one person. Which to my knowledge is considered legal. As long as, it is just a show and no back room. So is it the same if you are offering a girly show as a service to a person. There are so many fine lines these days on what is and what is not legal. I just would like to know. For those who do not know what a girly show is . . . FYI, A girly show consists of girls kissing, touching, playing, eating each other and experimenting with toys, whip cream and so much more.