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  1. hardrobert


    There was an incall I visited that had an interesting test to protect themslves, and interestingly it protects the client as well. 2 call system and a warning to not discuss money at all when you arrive, to have the $$ in an enevelope and to follow instructions. They let you in the door, and the first thing the Madam does is tell you to open up your fly and pull out your dick. She then gives it a little tug, gets down on her knees and places a rubber on it that she has been holding in her mouth. You are told to not remove the rubber and to leave your dick out as you are escorted into a room, where the ladies parade through for your selection. Once you have chosen the Madam comes back and asks if you have an envelope for her, takes the $$ and then sends in the girl.
    Nobody in LE is going to play with your cock (protecting you) and no cop is going to pull out his dick (protecting them).
    It also was a kinky warmup.
  2. RoosterC74



    Unfortunately, I doubt that approach would be upheld in a court of law, although it does sound interesting. Most times, the best way is to remain with a known commodity.
  3. buzz99


    I'm stealing this idea!

    Thanks for a great idea, JT. I hope you don't mind if I borrow it.

    Seeing a regular provider or one with reviews here or on *** is the safest way to go. I prefer incall to outcall because the only time I used an incall provider I felt totally rushed.
  4. Bandaid


    Exactly. Since solicitation for prositution is an offer of a fee for sex, then a decoy would have to get those boxes filled in, so she would steer the conversation that way. A real provider will avoid having those words explicitly said. I would like a poll to find out where busts have occurred: Incalls, outcalls, or the street, maybe breaking out independents. My guess: mosts busts are on the street.
  5. vorhaut


    I think Incall is fairly safe. LE is more interested in taking out providers. Johns are just paperwork to them. Look at this UG poll:
    78% never been busted
    21% slapped on the wrist
    1% publicized
    It's probably more dangerous driving your car to the incall than actually knocking on the door. Keep your wits about you; if it doesn't feel right, go home.
  6. ecpaul


    Damn that's good advise. My rule is always pay after and if they're "funny about the money" then you have the right to leave, just as you have the right to leave if they aren't as advertised (those damn fake pic gals).
  7. JT656


    One way I've used to attempt to protect my self or at least give myself a defense if caught up in a sting is to go to an ATM, (Money kind that is) first and use the deposit envelope for your providers donation. Mark the amount on the envelope. If ever in a suitation where you have to explain your actions you can simply say......"I planned to make a bank deposit later". I know it's not much but it's something...
    Be safe
  8. popeye


    It starts with the phone call. In-call means you made an appointment prior, so get price info and the like then. I try as much as possible to vet out the person over the phone. Typically, you can tell by the phone demeanor what is going on. As a matter of fact that is why I stopped seeing regular escorts. The phone demeanor was always too loutish and street in type- sort of like fast food, and the price requested was always French Bistro in nature. If in doubt, do not go under any circumstances.

    If you do decide to go, when there do not talk about money. Don’t bring it up if she doesn’t. If she asks for the money up front ask her if she is a cop? If it doesn’t feel right leave and say something like this isn’t what I was expecting- in the case she is actually a cop and is wired. Or ask her to prove it by getting naked with you and kissing or licking your penis.

    However, the best thing is to avoid unknowns, with the Internet you have a wealth of information on many providers. See a known factor, no reason to take more risks than you are already taking. Hobby smart.


  9. flabbergasted


    Just make sure you don't mention anything about service or money and jus ask the girl to show you some goods or let you touch her before you fork over the moeny. The other is read reviews or recommendations and see known providers.
  10. gogetin


    Anyone have a good LE test for a provider thay are meeting for the first time?
    It seems to me that you are more likely to get busted when going to an incall location than an outcall to your hotel or home.
    So my question is, does anyone have a good MO for this type of situation?
    It seems to me, if you could walk in, meet the girl, get physical for about 1 minute before the subject of money comes up, everyone would be happy. Am I wrong here? I have been to places where there was sort of a test to verify if I was LE and that seemed to make some sense to me and certainly put both myself and the provider at ease.
    But what about the providers that don't do this?
    Anyone have their own test for a provider thay are meeting for the first time?