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  1. chinaman


    That is truly messed up Prostitution is a misdemeanor and unlicensed massage is a felony.

    They should change the law to Prostitution is a violation with fine.
    Unlicensed massage is a misdemeanor.


    Don't figure

    Once the police come in they are screwed, unless the girl performing the massage is actually on the license.

    Unlicensed massage is a felony
    Prostitution is a misdemeanor
  3. nycisthebest


    So i go to my new favorite place, Gold Spa, to get a massage, the Mamasan asks me for my phone number, and whispers to me that they had some trouble with the police so if they get my phone number they can call me....uh....NO! THAT AINT HAPPENING! She tells me the police came a few days before.
    So my first instinct, and probably the correct one, was that I should have left, but shit i was horny, i could smell the asian snatch, i was in the den, i couldn't leave then. So I get this new girl whose name i forget since I was so panicked about this cop thing.
    Let me tell you, if you are worried about the cops for a particular reason, don't even go, it's not fun because you are so scared shitless. Every noise I heard in the hallway I thought was officer donut ready to bust my ass. Anyway, i had an ok massage, and a good flip but afterwards i started talking with the girl. She tells me that the mamasan got hauled out in handcuffs along with 2 or 3 other girls, i'm assuming Mimi was one of them. Seems as if one cop was getting a massage and I guess the masseuse offered him more than a massage, he signals his buddies and they come bounding up the stairs that are to the right of the elevator and bust in. They didn't take any of the customers away, just the Mamasan and some girls. I heard that she had to have someone produce the license later on.
    Sorry I can't do a proper review on the massage, but I wasn't in the right state of mind to be honest. I am going to stay away from this place for a bit, everyone else can make up their own mind. It irks me because this was my new found place and i loved it here even though it was a bit expensive.
    Just thought I pass on the info, you can all decide on what to do with it...
    happy mongering