Good news Bad news re: J of NA

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by beenaround, Jun 5, 2006.

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  1. Thorn


    Beenaround, I am an old NA vet myself and have been with J more than a few times [as well as Bebe and a few other NA alumni].

    Care to share the info on this place where J has landed?
  2. beenaround


    Not accepting that J moved on I returned. When she saw me she smiled and gave one of her famous hugs. While she still is not beautiful more the girl next door with great jugs, and I think the ability to make one crazy. Since it has been many years I do not remember the details. Therefore, this session was what amounted to a new experience.

    The ts was acceptable with her paying a great deal of attention to my crack. Did not recall that was part of the menu, but again old age impacts memories.

    The massage started serious, good but serious. Mid way she made her way to the top of the table. Without me noticing she removed her tight dress and reached down to my lower back. But with her rubbing herself on my head, laughing while she asked, if I remember the good times. My humble answer was, not the details, just that she was the best.

    Next she worked on my legs. Spreading them before she started kissing my inner thighs working her way up. Her hands spread my butt and she started giving me rather exciting asian. I did not recall this before. While licking and sucking she reached up to play with my nibs. I am old and ready to bust. Now recalling one of her talents is to delay the excitment so it is is heightened, she backed off. Heading back to the top of the table turning me over, she sat on my face. I did not recall her liking daty but said eat away.

    As I always follow direction I did, she then bent over and bagan 69. She realized time was soon up, my body time, she completed the bj, allowing the flow to go down her great jugs directly from her mouth.

    While cleaning up she knelt down and put my balls in her mouth and sucked on them for awhile. Finished with a hot towel and a promise to see her again.

    When I left I realized it has been years since I had a great session other than the one in Bloomfield a year ago and thought why continue this expersive hobby. Maybe it is time to retire, me that is, not J.
  3. paulbunyon


    I'm so pissed I never tried NA and J. Great recon, beenaround. I hope she surfaces again.
  4. Daddycool


    NA was an awesome place in it day.
  5. beenaround


    Had a few minutes and elected to visit an MP that was not an AMP historically. As I was leaving I saw a face and body from the past, J. She looked the same, not perfect but very interesting and appealing. Only last week I spoke to one of her friends and was told the standard line, "J was in Korea". That genreally means they do not know or do not wish to tell.

    The bad news in this is that she said she was there only for the day and would be looking for work in the area. She promised ( we all know how much that is worth) to call when she found a place.

    So she is back in NJ but on the move. Seeing her brought back so many great memories of NA I had to go home for a cold shower.