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  1. Bucks_pa_guy


    I decided to stop in Thursday after work around 5ish. I went in with no expectations...just a good massage was what I needed. The place was empty. A young petite girl greeted me at the door, and took me upstairs, disrobed and went back downstairs for the TS and Sauna. When back in the room, she asked what kind of massage. I told her hard. I think that was a mistake, because she nearly separated my head from my body when she was massaging the back of my neck - lol. After a few grunts and growns, she asked if it was too hard. Just a little I said, so she lightened up a little.
    She was a very nice girl, well spoken. Said she was 27, and a student of Banking. When she was finished, she said "ok done". I said done? She asked, you want more massage? I said please. She said, what kind of massage? I know - lol. She said teach me what kind of massage you want. Meaning, put her hand where I want I did, and she laughed and said ok, but don't tell anyone. Like who am I going to tell...except you guys? lol.

    All in all, it was a very nice session. I got what I went there for...a really good massage and happy ending.

    Oh, BTW, I only tipped her 20. I didn't want to cause the tip regulator above to fall off his soap box - lol.
  2. redleg609


    Green Salon (Bus Rt 1 just off 95) has been reviewed many times here. Except for the cranky, mechanical service, your experience is typical.

    For more money, you could try the "russian" place in Morrisville. Nude hj extensive roaming, massage varies.
  3. Davy


    Green Salon is not a FS place. They do give the greatest massage if that's what you need. A table shower is available and I don't know why it wasn't offered. Maybe they wanted to get done for the evening or whatever. When they know you, it's R&T. First timer may not get more than the massage. Roaming is not encouraged, and may even be refused, but depends on the provider.
  4. mikeybaby


    Let me get this straight. Regular massage even if it was great (thats what the door fee is for), very limited roaming and an unhappy older woman with a 50 buck tip. You are very generous, much more than most mongers on this board who would have only thrown her a jack and if she complained, more next time....just like they tell us. The only thing overpaying does is make them more greedy, in the new year I am sticking to the 20 for tug with or without limited roaming, 40 for a tug with full roaming topless, 60 for a tug naked (her not me) and whatever extra's you can get like DATY, etc. My personal crusade to keep the economy in check.....I will now get off my soapbox.....Happy New Year to all!
  5. Bucks_pa_guy


    I was there about 3 years ago. Got an older woman, don't remember her name. Not unattractive, but not what I would call pretty. I was not offered a shower or sauna at that time. Was just told to strip and lay down on the table. The massage was great, can't complain. She was very thorough and strong handed. After the flip, she did not allow much roaming. Just a few touches over the top of her shirt...she was wearing a bra underneath. Afterwards I handed her .5 for a tip. She didn't seem too happy about it, but I thought that was more than adequate for a R&T, considering it's only .5 more for FS anywhere else.

    I was curious to know if anyone ever got a Table Shower here.
  6. pb1


    I figured this joint should get it's own thread. Even though it's really not worth a visit - it is what it is and I think that every place mentioned should be duly noted and organized into it's own thread. That way it's just easier to pick up on things and follow the right thread.

    Okidoke. That out the way I've been pining since the fiasco at Spartan to go and have some R&R. I had thought about a trip out to see Betty. But there's just not enough time today. She's not working Sunday - so I had to improvise. I then got in the car and headed toward CH2 (not sure why it is reffered to as da ridge??? Sure, it's on Ridge - but it's not actually called that. Took me a bit to figure that one out.)

    So, traffic being what it was - I took a turn at Green Salon. I did this because my shoulder and back actually are pretty bad today and I only really wanted the hj. So, off I went.

    I wasn't alone either. The place was jumping and I managed to get Suki. She looks half decent, but man she has an attitude. Not only was the visit mechanical - she managed to leave me in the sauna a bit too long and I was sweating bullets by the time she came for me.

    Massage was ok. But she did miss my lower back - which still hurts.

    When she was done working my back - she tickled my inner thighs for a minute and told me to roll over. Business progressed as mechanical as it could be and no emotion. I managed to blast her accidentlally square in the eye. She was not happy about that at all.

    I offered .2 as a tip but was being brow beaten. I forked over another .1 just to make her stop whining - and got a lecture about what is expected next time.

    Uh, honey - hate to break this to you - but there won't be a next time. If that is the case I'll either haul into Lotus or stay home.

    Man do I miss Cindy and Mimi at Bay. They really did much better work and I know they'd fix this problem I have on my lower back. The environment was a lot friendlier too.

    Green Salon is a poor choice. I have been there about 5 times over the last 2 years and it never changes.

    Something else to note - but really as an ancillatory comment that does not really belong in this report. There is a place called Callowhill Studio on Ludlow St near 17th. I don't believe that it's related to CH2 (da ridge) in anyway - but I was there over the summer and the service was pretty good. They treated me right and made me feel at home.

    One day I will get to CH2. I just hate city traffic that much and hate 95 that much.