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Discussion in 'California' started by Turbo, Mar 12, 2001.

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  1. Talisa


    Guy, The Educated-Client?

    Guy is it true what I hear about you? That you were a "regular" of Anne Marie's and now you have hired her just for yourself because you did't want to share her with the world? (LOL)

    <a href="http://www.losangeles-massage.com">Talisa TaTas</a>
  2. guy catelli

    guy catelli

    how 'bout AnneMarie, the educated escort?
  3. boris


    Irvine Fresno

    I know that it's impolite to look at other boards in the presence of the one you're with...but given the rate of expansion fo the California thread here....Gotta weigh it against Robnotbob's need to know.
    You might want to take a look at Sfredbook or theeroticreview. Both are based in California, though neither has the quality of "discussion" that they're trying to foster here. Redbook reviews also tend to be a bit more mechanical and there are a lot more on the budget end of the hobby. Both involve a small charge or a review from you to get to the more detailed parts of the reviews or the reviews themselves.

    fwiw both Irvine and Fresno are very conservative places and have a lot of strongly religious folk. I suspect variety and quality improve as you go to West LA for Irvine and towards San Jose from Fresno.
    In other words, rent a car.
  4. robnotbob


    Anything going on in Irvine or Fresno on an incall basis (spa, massage, etc.)?? I'll be there in April.
  5. schwenko


    San Francisco

    I just came back from San Francisco, which I visited two times now in the last year. I can spend every penny I have on 1st class entertainment!
    My latest adventures have been at Sun Spa on Hyde at Geary. There are a plethora of very attractive/friendly/sexy Korean ladies here! My personal recommendations are Mink, GiGi and possible Jennifer. All of these ladies are 10's in my book.
    I am disapponted i missed out on a very pretty lady, name unknown who had relatively short hair.
    My previous trip to San Fran produced similar results last April, albeit different ladies at Sun Spa.
  6. boris


    It is weird. Back when there were east coast and west coast porn movies, New York movies were more plot and sin or mind- oriented and California movies had better looking women but incredibly bad production values. It's a generalization, but the escort world, with exceptions of course, seems to mimic the same split between the coasts. I don't know if it's a good or bad thing, but now virtually all porn is made in Southern California and the product is better but is Southern California in style. Even the stuff made in the San Francisco area that sort of split the difference basically disappeared. Just hope it does't happen in the escort business, but now that the two worlds of escorts and adult film are starting to merge, I do wonder what the future holds.
    I also suspect recent events aren't going to make California tours any more likely for eastern providers.
  7. Turbo


    Agreed. You would think the West Coast would have a lot but MANY ripoffs and few good ones. I usually end up flying in the Hannahs, Tasha Rays and Nikkis.

    Maybe there's just too much sunshine here lol

    Actually, I just have never understood it. I've even asked some of them and they kind of shrug. I do think there is a perception among Escorts that this is a saturated area because the porn industry is centered out here. You're right . . . a top escort would do great out here.
  8. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    Invite them here and tellthem what good business they'll get out of it. We'll change tings.......
  9. boris


    You're not the only west coaster here. I've actually never figured out why the west has so few escorts who have acquired much of a reputation on the national boards. There are a couple in LA like Jacqueline and Franchesca, but San Francisco (a place that has hundreds of ladies working at a range of levels) has not had any real standouts. Is it a cultural difference?
  10. Turbo


    Heya fishfry. Never tried the brothels in NV even though they are close. Which would you recommend?
  11. fishfry


    Yeah me too

    I figured I'd post something too. I'm a lifelong west coaster currently fulfilling a longtime desire to live in Manhattan. Sad to say I wish I'd done this before Giuliani. On prior vacations in NY I was quite fond of the windowless peep booths in Times Square. "Two dollars top, three dollars bottom," those were the days.

    San Fran still has the Market Street Cinema, if you like cheap serial groping of strippers, and the Mitchell Brothers Theater if you like expensive serial groping of high-end strippers. And even though the Tenderloin street scene is nothing like it was in the 70's and 80's, you can generally find a willing companion on the streets, and sometimes the quality's good.

    Of course most readers around here prefer the upscale (?) incall and escort services. I say upscale with a question mark because there were many times I was with a street prostitute who carried a beeper for an escort service. If you found her on the street you'd pay twenty bucks, if you called the escort service and they sent her over you'd pay three hundred Same girl, same service.

    I also spent many years taking vacations at Lake Tahoe, and partaking of the fascinating subculture of the legal brothels of Nevada. I had many hot and erotic times in those places.

    I'm thinking in November Rudy will be gone. Will sex return to New York City? I sure hope so.
  12. Turbo


    Well . . . since I seem to be the only West Coaster thought I'd at least post something. So, if any of you need some input let me know. Have also flown some other escorts from various parts of the country here and I get to the East Coast a fair amount.