Had you the choice to choose a gal at Julie's?

Discussion in 'New York' started by JohnJ, Oct 3, 2001.

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  1. marquez156



    I am not one for writing reviews, but here are some juicey details. There was no DFK and whats asian again. Whatever it is I obviously didn't ask for it or try it. I happen to like DATY so there was lots of that. Multiple cups were enjoyed and I found Shannen really sexy. It was a GFE IMHO, but y'all probably got different standards. Shannen is a very sweet young woman and please treate her like a queen.
  2. zoulou



    Hey Julie how about Kia? can you tell us about her.
  3. bige


    Johnj, I stand corrected. lol

    I guess I misconstrued your question. I'm sorry I thought you wanted the goods and not a general synopsis. But Julie is right Veronica does have a Vanessa Del Rio look and way about her. lol

    Good comparison Julie! lol
  4. JohnJ

    JohnJ Repentant Sinner



    I wasn't really asking for anything specific... Ive been to Julie a number of times (yet to have met Julie though) and each time I've gone its been great (except maybe once)I guess I was just asking current opinions on the gals currently available.....

    It just so happened that this afternoon while I was out of the office, I get a call from a guy who must have seen Shannen within the past two days...... He said it was a great time and definite hot time to be had.... he told me not to waste my time and get over there.... He mentioned wonderful body, great looks, and all around sexuality that was sensational.

    I know I will be heading there soon....... Hmmmmm I wonder if I could get Kelly and April to join me for session over at Julies say with Shannen or one of the other ladies........ :)

    John J
  5. kaybo


    How about some more details Marquez?

    Talk to us dude. Is she a GFE w/DFK? BBBJ? Any hint she might be into Asian? What was the session like? She does seem really hot and makes me want to "super size" it!
  6. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    That's Julie's, Home of The Happy Meal!
  7. marquez156


    Shannen was wonderfull

    I had a hard time deciding yesterday, but glad I picked Shannen. She does know what she is doing and I had a great time. Her body is so hot and she is such a sweetheart. Shannen works out and you can tell. She has a hardbody and aims to please. That was the best hour I have had in a long time. I will be seeing her again for sure. Thanks, but what is an extra menu? I feel like I got an extra menu AND a happy meal during DATY. LoL
  8. Julienyc


    The new talent

    I can give you some input on the subject , but you guys can only give the real deal on what really goes on with these ladies.

    As far as Nubia, she is a sweet girl, she is 19 years old , cute ,shy and really trying to find ways to become a true GFE. This is her first time in the Biz and she really has no experience, come on guys ,you have to teach her and she is willing to learn.

    Shannen is a pro and seems to get off on turning guys on with her body. She knows what we expect and she seems to know what to do. I was a little leary of her skills since she is from PIT and K. S., but she is great. We told her no( extra menu) here and she has no problem with it.

    Aja is another new lady to the Biz, she is from Thailand ,she is very exotic and pretty with a firm tight body. She is a former exotic dancer and has decided to take the plunge into the real deal. She started on Monday and she does seem to be a little shy as far as giving her all. I think with tme she will be a good provider but, time will tell. I will keep you updated on the subject.

    Lola will be with us on Thurs. and maybe a day here and there until she feels she can no longer work. She is a hot little girl who loves to please and be pleased. She has a bun in the oven and it is starting to bake, She says she is hornier than ever and wants to see her clients.

    Domino is great as always but has put on a few pounds. She is working hard to dump them and I think she is already slimming down and becoming the Domino we all love.

    Veronica is better than ever and shines like a real star. She is a hot provider giving the best in GFE and PSE. Guys come out of the room spent and happy with a thumbs up for Veronica. She is beautiful and what a body. She has a Vannesa Del Rio look and quality about her.

    Tiffany is another hot provider, she is a tall blonde. She is Hungarian and her shyness turns into passion as soon as she walks you into the room. She was so quiet but as the days pass ,she is really turning into a nice addition to Julies.

    With all the new ladies coming in these days , we are trying to pick only the best, to give you guys and I think we are doing just that. It is really hard to turn down any lovely girl but we must. Hey ,maybe we should open a Julies 2.
  9. bige


    It all depends on what you want...

    The great thing about Julie is her great Variety.

    If you want to live out some of your wildest and kinkiest PSE+GFE fantasies, there is Messalines, Elanya and Domino.

    If you want A great GFE, See Veronica, Lola, Halley or Destiny. It all depends on what your requirements are.

    Be more specific on what you want and I can give you a better assessment.

    I have heard that Tiffany may have great bbbj potential. wink.

    The new girls, Shannen, Aja and nubia look like they may have promise, but there has been little word on them. No specifics as of yet.

    I hope this helps.

    Big e
  10. JohnJ

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    I was looking at their web site recently and noticed a few ladies that I've never seen before...

    Has anyone had the pleasure of seeing Aja... Shannen...or Nubia...

    Shannen looks great... but was wondering if she is a true Julies gal..??

    Had your choice for any of the gals... who would you choose and why?

    John J