Halle at KamaSutra

Discussion in 'New York' started by jmcurry, Jan 26, 2001.

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  1. TuckernotSucker


    He's Right

    Hally is wonderful. I spent an hour with her on 2 occassions. As hot as a pistol and beautiful and a delightful personality.
  2. jmcurry

    jmcurry The Insider

    Have just returned from an hour with Halle. She surpasses all expectations and is as good as this hobby gets. In fact, since I travel quite a bit, I would compare her favorably to the best providers whom I have seen nationwide. I did not want to leave the session and actually offered to take her with me to Tampa tonight. Unfortunately, she was not available to accompany me to watch yet another New York team explain to a Baltimore team that talking trash before the fact is most unwise, while they, the Giants, professionally dismantle the vaunted Raven defense. (By the way, take the under) Halle travels between NYC and the midwest, so you should check her schedule at Kama Sutra. Do not miss her. She is as close to GFE as you can imagine.