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    America the beautiful

    Hello, I'm new to this forum (and this way of life...) Last night I met with a girl named Sydney that works for erotic gems(I'm here because I can't tell my wife;( I met with her because in her pic she exuded the allure of a high-class, sophisticated, woman of the world(she is I think)well I was happy that she really looked like what was displayed on escorts-manhattan.com, so that was beacon of good luck #1. We went to SPY in Soho and had a few drinks coupled with some expensive cigars. The conversation was good but the actual experience of having her to myself was wonderful. The Session lasted 2 hours(was all I needed, but I wanted more:) and I left feeling graced by a woman who most people would only see on a billboard or Cosmo ad. Pleasuring her was a REAL treat for me. I want to tell others like I have told you, if you go to her site which is listed above check her out(or the others)and get your love on;)Thank you Sydney and everybody that read this.

    Does it get better than this?

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