Has any one been with any other girls at Amanda's Angels

Discussion in 'New York' started by Jeff, Jun 28, 2001.

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  1. Monty Burns

    Monty Burns

    Having tested both...

    I was just there yesterday and I can tell you that both Adrianna and Alex are complete GFE. I met with Alex for the first time yesterday and although she could only see me for 1/2 hr, she did me in. Both did BBBJ, DATY, FS, and the both have absolutely smoking bodies.

    Amanda's is slowly becoming my favorite place.
  2. Humble Narrator

    Humble Narrator

    other firls at Amanda's

    As stated previously, I have only had sessions with Alex, however I did meet Alissa on my first abortive attempt at visiting Amanda's. The story is instructive and ought to be searchable on TBD.

    While Alissa is not my type (VERY large top, otherwise substantial lady), she does get good reviews from those I know who have seen her. She is quite a nice person to chat with as well, but not my thing.

    Adrianna (who is on my list to see eventually) is slender and offers the menu items similarly to Alex. I have heard mixed reviews, but in recent months her service appears to have improved. Not sure if this was due to customer input and/or management input. Anyway, this is second-hand, but from multiple sources.

    As always, I would strongly suggest that everyone treat these ladies with courtesy and respect and you will be much pleased at the result.
  3. deepthought


    Anyone w/ any info on Amber,...

    She seems like a real hottie!!
  4. Jeff


    Just wanted to know more about Amanda's Angels before I go there. Do you have to tip for BBBJ, DATY, Greek, do they give you the full hour?

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