Has anyone been turned down by a provider because of their race?

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by ramstein, Dec 8, 2001.

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  1. jseah


    Re: I find it incredulous

    Sammy, maybe it is different here, but I have heard that the AMP's back home in the SF area won't service their own race. Maybe it's the too close to home thing. I don't have first hand experience of course, since I am not a big AMP fan. Of course, I have heard stories of those places in SF Chinatown that cater solely to Chinese only, but they are typically stocked with the girls that are "working off" their passage into the US, which is essentially slavery.
  2. sammyfantastic


    I find it incredulous

    Doesn't the A in AMP stand for Asian? It's weird if they don't cater to their own race. Personally, I'm skeptical about this claim because I've seen some of the AMPs advertising in Asian language newspapers. After all, a $ is a $ no matter from whom.

    However, I do believe some of the providers are not "color blind" when it comes to race and service. Although the great majority of the providers can treat all clients with equal enthusiasm, a few do turn their heat down several degrees if you're not their preferred race. They may rush you or make your session feel more jaded. But I don't believe they really want to turn $ down.
  3. skagen


    Of course people have been turned down by providers because of race. We beat this topic to death a few of months ago with regards to the racial discrimination policies at Cute Little Pussycats. This is a volatile issue: a lot was said and probably very little has changed. You can do a search or ask Slinky where that old thread is archived so you can read it.
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  4. jseah


    no, but I have heard that AMP's generally will not cater to Asians.
  5. ramstein


    On the *** discussion board, there was a survey about race. Now here's the question. Has anyone been turned down by a provider because of their race?