Has Anyone ever been with "jill" the blonde from brooklyn on erosny.com?

Discussion in 'New York' started by WHISPAS INC, Feb 6, 2003.

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  1. Daniel_NYC


    Kudos to you Opus, you handled the situation with dignity and class. When you are out there doing your own research, you are bound to have a few bad experiences. This is the tuition we pay in "The school of hard knocks".

    I seem to have a penchant for finding these lovely "ladies" though. While Jill was the only one that I actually spent time with, I had to go back and verify, I guess I couldn't leave well enough alone.

    These two others are "verified by Dan" as post-ops:

    Neither of the above got violent or caused problems. When I met them, they just didn't seem "right" and I asked them if they were post-ops in a way that they might of thought that I was into that sort of thing, when they confessed, I walked.
  2. Casper


    Turning violent can be a tell tale sign. Best $50 you ever spent !?!?
  3. *********


    And your point is? Your so clever NOT Krom.
    I really couldn't care less about what you think but if you must know I only did a search for this young lady because a john gave me her name as one of his references.

    Don't blame me if you guys change your stories more than your draws.
  4. opus


    I had almost the exact same experience. In Spring 2000. Embarrassingly enough, she was already naked (no penis in sight), and I might have been too (though in my selective memory I'm telling myself I at least still had my boxers on. I think. I hope) and there probably was some pg-13 rated touching, but I was still unsure so I said "you've always been a woman, right?", and she got livid and kicked me out, and actually got borderline violent. Threatened to throw me out the window if I didn't hurry up. Said something like "how do you think my daughter would feel if she heard that"? (I decided it best not to answer that one). Then she demanded $50. I gave it to her, just to get out of there. In retrospect, if you think about it, given how angry she was pretending to be, that wasn't a totally unreasonable figure since there was nakedness. She could have demanded the full fee (it was probably 150 or 160). And it was well worth the $50 to not have sex with her.

    And I got more time to walk around lovely Bensonhurst.

    ps -- looked nothing like the picture, but still, all in all, pretty hot for a man. i remember that she was just so BIG. no getting around that.
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  5. nytoad


    WOW! Thanks for completing my thoughts!

    I had went to see her a couple of years ago and was booted because I asked the question"Have you ever been a man?". I know, not exactly full of couth but I had the doubt so I figured what do I have to lose. Anyway she/he got pissed and tossed me but I got to say her looks definately leave a doubt in your mind. He/She is attractive and has a nice rack. IOf course I may have been blinded by the rack! LOL

    PS Last time I checked (a week ago) she did have an EROS ad. Pic are definately fake! BKLYN APT like 18th and 64th



    Well, I'm not dumb but I cant understand why she walks like a woman but talks like a man!

    Glad this was put out there! I almost went to see this one based on the photos (I know, I know!) and the rate..
  7. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    when she got undressed,
    it was a big old mess,
    Jill was a man!
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  8. jasonbuju


    thats who i thought it was as well. I also thought she had posted once as such but who knows

    she has asked to remain anonymous and i will respect that wish. Actually I hope I don't find out.
  9. cst


    Nah, two different writing styles and two different attitudes.
  10. Daniel_NYC


    It would appear that she doesn't have a current ad running on EROS, at least not under the name Jill.

    As I remember there were two pictures of her, one with hair much blonder than the other where there was a spot whited out between her legs. That photo is probably not her.

    The other could possibly be her and is representative.
  11. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    If I remember correctly, in one of those "Jill threads" I pointed out that I thought "she" was fabricating, even though I never met "her", since the photo she was using at the time was one which had been pirated on more than one occasion of a "real girl", and used by several different TS's. So, is the photo of her actual or just an approximate?
  12. Daniel_NYC


    Thanks, I always believed that honesty is the best policy.
    We all learn from our mistakes.
  13. Daniel_NYC


    I am adjusting my score card and need your help.
    Is Sexywhore SheerUtopia?
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  14. Monk


    A couple of years ago I tried to see her. I called, got directions to her place in Bensonhurst. It was the typical two-call routine. When I got to Bensonhurst, I call her again and her phone girl (she had one at the time) tells me that Jill got a booking in Manhattan from a regular and had left. Jill wouldn't be back for several hours. I complained, but she wasn't particularly sympathetic. There I was in the middle of Bensonhurst...well, you get the picture.

    I've continued to be curious about her. I'm glad someone has finally cleared this one up for good!
  15. kromrider


    Wow look at the big brain on SW
  16. Wayne Zworld

    Wayne Zworld


    That took a big set of balls to admit. My hats off to you…

    PS: I know a good ophthalmologist that might help you preclude this from happening again.. LOL “just kidding”.
  17. Daniel_NYC


    Well, I did return for a closer look.
    Upon further examination I discovered that Jill is in fact a post-op.
    I was a bit embarrassed, simply because I was so certain the first time, as the above post indicates, that I did not report back.

    Jill had sent me an ****** thanking me for my support of her, and I did not want to be forthcoming at that time.

    To be brutally honest, this post was up for a few days witthout any replies. I considered answering it, but still felt embarrassed.
    I also had the fear that someone would "discover" the things that I had said prior.

    I even contemplated creating a new handle to answer the posters questions, but decided against it. I have but one handle, and anything worth saying is said through that.

    Once the thread started to receive a few replies, I issued my rather curt reply.

    Sexywhore, thanks for helping me to clear this up. I have never knowingly deceived anyone here at UG and didn't want anyone to think I had.

  18. *********


    Care to explain the confusion here Dan?

    This was posted by you on another thread (yeah I did a search out of curiousity)

    Respected? maybe..... Tolerated? definitely!
    I have been on this board for a short time. I responded to a previous thread about Jill, and stated at that time that most unequivocally she was a woman.

    I visited with her during the daytime and her apartment was well lit. I was even wearing my glasses. I did not see anything resembling a phallus anywhere in the apartment.

    As I remember it may have been one cup and out, but that was the only negative detraction I experienced. For the money, at the time 1.6$, it was worth it.

    Some have even suggested that she was a post-op. Despite being relatively new to this board, I am by no means new to this hobby. I have borne witness to many beautiful examples of the female genitalia, and Jill's apeared no different. Only God could make so perfect a form.

    For those interested in availing themselves of the whole argument it can be found here:


    It may be neccessary for me to pay Jill another visit. If and when I do, I will post a review.

  19. soonparted


    Isnt this the same one who is reviewed as Natasha Mills
    of Chicago O Hare on ***. If so, my heart goes out to these
    saps who are in love with her.

    I think she is pretty obvious even from the photos and
    the comment that she doesnt like to talk on the phone
    but I hate to think whether and how many times I have been
  20. SlickLeg



    Good Call!