Has anyone played Streetwars?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by quinine, Aug 30, 2006.

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  1. DaveNJ



    I doubt there are too many providers who are virgins.
  2. SlickWilly


    Isn't that what Osama Bin Laden promises his people when they blow up a truck or airplane?
  3. scoochamenz1


    perhaps you can't take a joke? i certainly hope no one gets hurt and everyone has lots of fun.
  4. quinine


    Perhaps you are closed minded? As it stated the game has already taken place in New York City, Vancouver, Vienna, San Francisco, Los Angeles and London all without incident. That being said, if someone is doing somthing stupid anything could happen. Besides if someone has a super soaker, it more then likely wont be mistaken for a real gun.

    I for one am an adrenaline junky. Sometimes I enjoy the hunt and the moments leading up to meeting a provider more then the time I spend with the provider. This should be like a three week long adrenaline shot.

    Anyway Im in.... Should be fun. And if the worst happens, prey for me that if there is an afterlife it has a bevy of high end providers for free :)
  5. scoochamenz1


    why do i see a bunch of schmucks with water pistols getting arrested or shot? lol!!!!!!!!!!
  6. quinine


    So im thinking of playing the latest NYC game of Streetwars. Has anyone played previously? I signed up for the notify and got this.... Looks like fun to me.........


    Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Assassin?

    LIVE in an action movie!
    COMPETE in a 3 week long assassination tournament!
    WET complete strangers!
    DRINK heavily!

    StreetWars , the 3 week long, 24/7, watergun assassination tournament that Mayor Bloomberg said was "inappropriate for the times we live in" last Summer ( http://www.nysun.com/article/17576?page_no=1) and that caused London Mayor Ken Livingstone to speak out against it last month ( http://www.guardian.co.uk/terrorism/story/0,,1828451,00.html), is BACK in NYC !

    ...And I generously invite Bloomberg to lick my freshly shaven balls.

    Sign up deadline is Sept 15th.
    Or whenever we get too many people, whichever comes first.

    Water gun assassinating has never been this fun!
    This game is going to blow the other games out of the fucking water...hometown pride, see...

    Sign up at:


    Please help spread the word...forward this and tell yer friends...


    StreetWars is a 3 week long, 24/7, watergun assassination tournament that has already taken place in New York City, Vancouver, Vienna, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, and is now coming back to NYC .

    At the start of the game you will receive a manila envelope containing the following:

    * A picture of your intended target(s)
    * The home address of your intended target(s)
    * The work address of your intended target(s)
    * The name of your intended target(s)
    * Contact information of your intended target(s)

    Upon receipt of these items, your (or your team's) mission is to find and kill (by way of water gun, water balloon or super soaker) your target(s).

    You can hunt your target down any way you see fit; you can pose as a delivery person and jack them when they open the door, disguise yourself and take them out on the street, create some sort of diabolical situation and wet them when they least expect it...

    If you are successful in your assassination attempt, the person you killed will give you their envelope and the person they were supposed to kill becomes your new target. This continues until you work yourself through all the players and retrieve the envelope with your (or your team's) picture(s) and name(s). Then you win. Cash...but first live in fear.

    Time to see if you have learned anything from all that action movie watching and FPS playing...

    Supreme Commander
    Shadow Government