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  1. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread

    Very SAD!!!

    I feel your pain Rogue- I did not have such a great week either!! Calling in advance now to see if Hannah is there would be recommended!
  2. jras


    sad news...

    hey rogue,
    sad bad news re: Hannah's "vacation"! I never paid more than $1.2 for FS at Hawaii. Thanks for the report; guess A-1 is now more predictable ...damn. Guess I was dreaming to think it would last forever.
  3. heffer123


    new amp on vets hwy bohemia

    dove salon so so usual hand job and thats all for now girl said no full service yet
  4. Daty



    Her sister must be Jeanie from Oakland. I've had the same experience there. Walk in at noon and by 12:15 its been ' wham bam thankyou mam', except in Oakland you can touch, poke and prod while she's working your meat puppet. All for $50 at the door $ tip. (Round the world is an extra 1/2)
  5. jeffc126


    There is a place on hawkins road heading south,you'll see a diarybarn .make your first right just before the dairy barn ,it is in the back of what seems to be a medical office, The 3 times i have been there the girl were pretty good looking and not much effort to get full service it was 60 at the door and 100 for the f.s. . Goodluck
  6. rogue


    Well-I did something totally uncharacteristic of me and went to Hawaii on Tuesday-my regular lady was booked at the only free time I had-so instead of waiting,I said-WTF!
    Iwalked into the room at 11:23-typical AMP room-MiMi greeted me in an evening dress and lab coat-older, with nice, soft, big enhanced breasts-"You been here before-no but my friend has(and gave a phoney description)"Ok-now you be my friend too!-Get comfortable." And she left the room-60.00 for 40/50 min.-Naked on the table I went,and on cue she came back in and took of her lab coat and locked the door.She touched my back lightly and made small circles over y shoulders mid back and butt.We chit chat about work,I asked her if Hannah was still here." No,no more."... "She on vacation." She continued her light glide and then said turn over..11:26

    I turned over and she stook over me with her hand out, palm up. I got up and gave her $100. "She looked down at it."What this for-you want suck?"
    "No everything."
    "Oh,no-your friend no tell you?-200. you want everything-this time suck,next time we have good time.200."
    "ok"..so let's see how this goes...
    She pulled down the top of her gown and revealed her breast-which she didn't want touched.-She rubbedthem up against my little fella a couple of times,then proceeded to stroke me until hard.She popped the condum in her mouth,and rolled it down onto me.She was firm and hard with her skills,all the way to the shaft base.After a few up and downs she went back to handling me. I got the impression she would have finished me this way if she could. I pulled her head and mouth down on to me again and held it there while she went back to it...Now the thing that irritates me most about oral with providers is that they finish sucking after the first couple of squirts,when they really need to suck until it's all over and there is that after orgasm throb.
    So as I started to come,she tried to lift her head of me.I placed my hands on top of her head and made sure she continued until I was done. As I finished,she pulled the condum off me and said,"I be back to clean you up."..11:40

    She came back in with a tissue and wiped 2 or 3 times then left the room.I got up to get dressed and was just about finished when she came back to straighten up the room."Do you work every Tuesday?" "Yes,now you be my friend and come see me again."
    I said good and gave her a peck on the cheek as I left..11:44
    Never to return.At least on Tuesdays.