Hawkins Ave and S. Service rd Ronk Amp

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  1. hardndslick


    They have a thread here somewhere.
    They have been around for many years with the same two women. The other is in her 50s with better body and nice tits. Both give an ok massage. But I rarely get the full hr which is what I pay for.
    It got very busy when all of the other places in Ronkonkoma got shut down.
    Been there done that for me.
  2. The Cocksman

    The Cocksman

    Sorry mods. No number or address. Amp bell on rear of building center with OPEN sign like any other amp.
    Rang belk and went inside. Large. Curtains. Met by heavy asian woman who looked late 30 early 40. Sweat pants and short sleeve. Quiet. Took the hour.
    Mind you no ad or signage but i know n amp buzzer when i see one lol!
    Clean table spacious. Used oil and gave a great massage. Used hot towel to remove. I only touched her legs a little during because she is a pro.
    She put baby powder on my ass and balls and reach under.
    Flip and neels next to me. I ask for mouth she said never. Ever.
    Slow hj to complete. She put my hand inside her c cup bra.
    Nice cleanup.
    Then rubbed my feet for remainder. Next fav spot! Hope they have hotter girls!