Heading to San Fran and looking for an update

Discussion in 'In Search Of' started by henry d, Aug 21, 2006.

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  1. xavon


    I rolled into the Sunflower Spa late night last year and found several attractive young asian girls, all thin and attractive early 20's all and because I was a bit tipsy and unsure of how to proceed, not to mention the issues regarding sex slavery in SF, which supports the entire AMP industry, I wound up with a cute young caucasian girl with bleach blonde hair and a very nice young body who could tell that I was a newb --

    I paid 100 to the man and headed back to the massage room, where she asked me to take a shower and put on a towel while she ran my card -- stupid I know, but I underestimated how much the visit was going to cost. She asked me upfront if I was interested in full-service and I said yes definitely. I think it was another 130 and I gave her a 30 tip at the end.

    She came back in with a receipt and assured me that they ran cards all the time and she seemed sincere so I didn't have a problem with it.

    When she came back in she gave me a pretty lackluster massage into CBJ and we went into Mish, but then something I didn't expect happened, when I asked her to go doggie, she very nicely explained that it was going to hurt too much because I was so big -- I don't think I am that big and she was kind of petite, so I let it go because I could tell she wasn't into it -- but I was laughing to myself becuse that was the last thing I figured top hear from a pro, but she also seemed far from a pro.

    I went into some more slight variations on missionary and she was wet as I was massaging her clit a bit while doing mish -- she finished me off by hand and gave me some light FK here and there, but I still feel it was a pretty great time being my first.

    Good luck and be safe!

    Sunflower Spa
    Neighborhood: Civic Center/Tenderloin
    450 Jones Street
    San Francisco, CA 94102
    (415) 776-3838

    Also my friend is visiting a place regularly that he swears by, if you want the name, I can get it for you, but yeah everyone in SF refers to "another board" because it's specific to that city.

    (Moderators, I aplogize if I have posted anything inappropriately)
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  2. henry d

    henry d

    Back to CEO for a true lesbo experience

    Been in and out of Sanfran the last few months, hitting CEO as my AMP. Had a great one on one with a 22 yr. old japanese gal-just sweet, hot and gorgeous. As we're cleaning up she tells me I should come back and do a double with her friend. I tell her only if the two of you suck each other's pussies-and she looks at me like of course as she says no problem. I repeat-i'll come back but the two of you need to get it on for me. No problem she says her friend licks her pussy real good. Next day I call for appointment, book them both. Upon arrival, a very hot vietnamese girl no older than 25 comes in with my little friend. Clothes were flying quickly as I got a great double BBBJ, had to stop them a couple of times especially when one was sucking my nuts as the other deep throated me. The vietnamese chick sucked and licked the other girls pussy as I jerked off-I had to stop then also I was going to blow my load. They did some great 69 action for me and then i had them finger each other's pussies as I face-fucked them one after the other. Some great fucking followed by me laying back on the edge of the bed jerking off as they both sucked my nuts-one on the left one on the right. Fucking amazing. Only the 2nd time i've encountered real lesbian sex at an amp. Not quite as good as Jungle Jane and Mickey a few years back, but a night to remember. Check out CEO in Sanfran...
  3. henry d

    henry d

    Good recent trip to San Fran, hit the CEO Health Club

    AMP, right near the Embarcadero. Excellent choice of gals, wide variety from very young to older, tiny titties to fake ones. Very cool mamasan, all girls nice willing and able. Had three on three different days, all accomodating and nice. A little tip discussion was all that was required for BBBJ action. The place is a typical amp kinda dumpy, but no sign on the street, and in a small office building, very discreet. I highly recommend.
  4. Lascivious


    Man, glad you had a great time. Now why can't we have that here in NYC. Just young and fresh.
  5. falou


    would the other board happen to be the "redbook" board?
  6. henry d

    henry d

    A quick update on San Fran

    There were plenty of places to choose from. Checked out another board that specializes in the sf area, and there seems to be lots of great action in San Jose, but I didn't have time to make it there.
    After checking out some reviews on the amp's I decided on Hawaii Day Spa, right at the foot of the Embarcadero Center in the financial district. No sign on the building, but the address is sufficient. Was greeted by a sweet little chinese girl, looked 18, probably early 20's who was the mamasan. She rattled off the line-up and also said "or me" so I asked to see the gals. 5 gals all very young, like fresh little college co-eds, freshmen to be exact. None gorgeous, all sweet, bra-less under nice negligees, all except one seemed all natural, no bolt-ons, sweet tiny tits. My first thought was to ask for id's to be honest.
    Thought hard about taking the mamasanita, but instead chose Michelle, who told me it was her last day as she was starting back to college on Monday. I believed her. Table shower ok, followed by a sweet massage as I freely roamed over her very young little body, touching her kittie and grabbing her ass. On the flip I asked her to take off her clothes, and she said no. Uh-oh, I had read that this place was full service. She says very nicely, i'm sorry, i keep my clothes on and do hand-jobs, that's all. You can touch but i don't take off my clothes. I say I came for full service. Again she apologizes and tells me very nicely she'll go get me another gal! Thanks!
    So a few minutes later in walks Jenny, the mamasanita, and she tells me she'll take care of me, but would I mind tipping the other gal $20? Of course not I say, no problem. So I give Jenny $100 for herself (on top of the $50 house charge) and she proceeds to get naked. She gave me a nice bbbj, and i fucked her face good. She didn't want to do this too long, so I went in for the kill. She lubed up and i slowly entered a very tight little snatch, holding onto her firm ass as she moaned ever so gently in my ear. I didn't last long, she was so sweet, nice and I was very gentle with her. Cleaned me up and I was on my way. I recommend! Very unjaded, non-pros in a nice setting with extremely sweet and polite gals.
  7. pocomon


    No problem in SF. If you can't find a woman there are lots of guys who wear their underwear backwards.
  8. henry d

    henry d

    one last try

    or any asian indie someone can recommend in sf?
  9. Mr.Vargas


    this time last year, the feds had completed a huge bust on the AMP's on the West Coast. This year, more to the point recently, the Feds hit the East Coast AMP's.

    Although i can't help you with actual info, since i've never even been to Cali. I can say that they should be up and running, no problem. Last year was just bad timing for you.

    If you can't find any places, you could always try craigslist.

    Happy Mongering!
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  10. henry d

    henry d

    on the AMP situation there. Same time last year I posted on this, and they had recently clamped down hard on the amp scene.

    Reading some threads on other boards, it seems that the amp's are alive and well.

    Can anyone provide an update or steer me to the best places? Any indie asian girls in san fran that anyone can recommend?