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  1. Carl M

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    Re: it is a tragedy

    Why do you say My 2 cents- its the goddam truth, Im going thru the same thing, 2 people I know are missing in the rubble from the terrorist assholes. This has definitely brought everyone closer together. Now with everyone stickiing together waving the flag and exuding patiotism its time to hunt the culprits down who have caused us misery, pain and suffering!!
  2. beep9


    OK. I respectfully withdraw the question.

    On the other hand:

    Does anyone have a copy of the PLO Charter? Where is the part about peaceful coexistence?

    Does anyone have a copy of the Saudi Constitution? Who is allowed as an alien within Saudi Arabia?
  3. justme

    justme homo economicus

    Do we really want to start judging civilizations based on literal interperatations of religious texts written thousands of years ago?
  4. beep9


    Sick of hearing this...

    The myth of the "Palestinian Homeland" is a canard. That of the peaceful arab rule within the "Palestinian Homeland" is an outright lie. That of the Advanced Arab Civilization is a distortion of the truth.

    Does anyone have a Koran, and can explain the term "Dhimmi"?
  5. MrNY

    MrNY Subject to blackouts

    We're all angry - but.......

    Remember: These people truly believe that giving their life for their religion is the utimate sacrifice - And, they gladly and willing do it to reserve a special spot in their heaven ...

    So: These people are not affraid to die - In fact, they look forward to it and willing give their lives in the name of the religion - hence the suicide missions, suicide bombings, etc...

    And so: In providing "an-eye-for-an-eye" will do nothing short-term - except cause them more and more reltaialtion and terrorism - perhaps next time a nuclear weapon or biological warfare in mid-town manhattan...

    PLUS: the US has many enemies - I'm just concerned that we go after only the vocal ones and not the real masterminds and financiers.......

    SO: we need to fuck with their heads first - We need to disgrace the leaders of these horendous crimes against humanity - We need to cause them shame and weakness

    HOWEVER - I HAVE NO SUGGESTIONS: I'm leaving that to Cheney and the gang. And, I'll be 100% behind their decisions. But, let's make sure that we get the right people responsible and let's also make sure that we get ALL of them......

    And, do it correctly and strongly - with repricusions to us again...
  6. Chernov


    Shock, anger, action

    Fellow UG'ers

    I will begin by stating the politically correct may be offended by some of the context denoted below.

    On our contemporary "Day Of Infamy", I was working
    in my office, 18 blocks north of WTC. Far enough from harms way, but close enough to experience the shock and panic in the streets of lower Manhattan. Calling corporate, I explained the need to close all Manhattan locations. I ended up keeping the locations closed through Friday, allowing for those needing time to address personal issues, and as a period of respect for the innocent victims of this despicable act. Returning to the city on Friday to donate blood and survey my still closed locations, I stopped by my favorite place for Falafel, located on the Upper East Side. The people who run the establishment are Middle Eastern, although I do not know of their place of origin, if judging by their wall posters, they appear very sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. The same two guys have been making and serving Falafel to me for about a year now, so I thought it within bounds of familiarity to ask them about the tragedy. The response was extremely disturbing, explaining American's now know what they are going through in the Middle East when the 'Israeli Terrorists" shoot and bomb innocent people, and almost inferring a sense of satisfaction that we now share their pain. I dropped my Falafel on the floor, while letting these fools know exactly how I felt about them, and their beloved homeland. My anger almost got the best of me as I felt like crushing the more volatile one's crooked nose with my fist.
    In retrospect I imagine the ability to commit this crime against America has been made easy by our own actions. We welcome any and everyone with all types of peripheral connections to our country, and train them in the forms of learning they desire, including how to fly a plane, logistics and weaponry. The mass flow of legal and illegal immigration to our shores has made it very difficult to provide any manageable controls. When are we going to take the appropiate action and make the standards of entry to this country, both permanent, and visiting, more restrictive. It is a priviledge to be born and live here in the United States, and should not be a priviledge that is shared so easily.

    I hope my remarks have not offended anyone.

    Best regards,

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  7. ew

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    I believe we will.

    I would have preferred something exceedingly violent and quick, but in the the end I'm sure Iwould have been left with the feeling that things are left undone.

    We have always led in unpleasant tasks and will lead countries who wish to participate. If not we will do it ourselves.
  8. littleguy

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    There was a 2 hour segment yesterday morning on Channel 7 with Peter Jennings and mostly children of all ages. There was the odd counselor, cleric and parents there but mostly children.

    Among them was a Muslim cleric who made sure we understood the distinction between Muslims and terrorists that kill in the name of "Allah". The fact is that while these terrorists are followers of Islam, that does NOT make the followers of Islam terrorists. It is very important we understand that.

    A black Baptist minister said it even better when he pointed out that regardless of religion there is only 1 God. We here call him God, the Muslims call him "Allah". Also, the primary holy books of each religion ALL portray God as a loving God. Anybody that KILLS in the name of God is NOT acting on God's word.

    I am not a supporter of Bush. I do not get a warm fuzzy feeling when I listen to him. He is not a well-spoken person in my mind. He doesn't fill me with confidence. But I support what the administration has been saying up to now and it covers everything I am concerned about. They have made it clear that not only is bin Laden the target of the US and the rest (?) of the world (including many of the cowardly governments of the Mid-East that say one thing and do another - Iraq, Iran, Libya, you know the names), but ALL terrorist organizations and the countries that give these organizations safe-harbor and tacit agreement with what they do. That INCLUDES Iraq, Iran and Libya.

    The gauntlet has been thrown down. Our government and the rest of the civilized world have agreed. Let's see if we have the courage of our convictions to carry through.
  9. Ozzy


    this is what Israel has been screaming to the world for 30 years now and NO one has been listening, not even the US, which has been bashing Israel for their offensives over the years and their recent campaign of assassinations of terrorist leaders.

    i guess now is the time for them to say to the US and the rest of the world...


    now is also the time for the US to recognize arafat and the PLO as terrorist and not a political leader and his nation like clinton did. i really would like to see a reporter ask the former president and the current senator from NY about their policy concerning arafat and his wife whom they treated like a visiting king or head of state when they came to the white house, instead of a terrorist and his wife who both should have been locked up for past terrorist activity....

    but thats too much to expect from a bunch of dumb ass journalism majors.

    I also would like to see a single reporter ask if the US will go after the rest of the terrorist in this world......the ira, the hizballah, hamas, the plo, al-Jihad and all the rest. why does one deserve to be wiped out and the rest allowed to thrive.

    hers a partial list if the US needs help in remembering who they all are.


    ok i've ranted my dollars worth the last few days.
  10. nytoad


    Somebody help me understand!

    Does anyone know their cause or reason or is it just general dislike for Americans and our way of life?

    Thats why we should just get them all !! Any and all terrorist factions ! No rhyme or reason get them all for gross acts of the past and one to be committed in the future not just in the US but everywhere!!!

    Unite and Attack!!
  11. mcheck57


    This is a tough and tender time for our country. The worst that can happen has happened. Yet, we have shown the best that America has to offer.
    Never again can people say how cold we New Yorkers are. We have united. No one is black or white, straight or gay, jewish or christian..we are Americans.
    Today, while watching funerals on TV and listening to people talk about children who will not have parents and brothers and sisters who have lost siblings, I cried. I thak God my family and friends are ok. But I can't help but cry for those families that will never be the same.
    Life will go on, but it will never be the same.
    God Bless this great country of ours and all of my fellow countrymen.
  12. LIDAWN


    it is a tragedy

    i am affected by the tragedy and do not even know what to say to people.. yes i lost someoen close to me,, yes i am helping plan a funeral... no i am not sure how i feel about the people cheering.....
    I am proud of the us citizens whom helped to crash that plane...... it to me seems they are hero's.....
    died for their country and the safety of their friends family's and nations leaders.......
    To all who are left behind i do send hugs and best thoughts.......
    to the rest of you, i send love and peace and hopes you made it to heaven or what ever you believed in....
    I can only hope that the world is and will be affected into a positive movment and that the united states unites as a body instead of the us.. whites, blacks, hispanics, and ect..
    I truly hope we become one nation of people ..... citizens... friends... lovers... ect..
    that no religion or race seperates us.... that we become AMERICANS
    my 2 cents..
  13. thelastone


    pax romana - pax americana

    History has a tendency to repeat itself.

    I hope that this won't be our carthaginian peace.

  14. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    Know what I think about this? I think we should kill everyone even remotely involved. Osama, his people under him, the nations that support him and all those who approve of his actions, including the women and children who were laughing in the streets. We should launch enough nuclear warheads into Afghanistan to make it a permanent lifeless crater in the Earth. That's what I think.

    PS. I'll pull the trigger, push the button or drop the bomb myself if given the chance.
  15. neversoft


    I am not sure what these people truly value, but they, with ruthless malice aforethought, have attmpted to take away the things that WE in the USA value the most: The lives of our loved ones, our basic freedoms, our symbols of achievement and prosperity, and our sense of domestic peace and safety.

    We must now discern what means the most to them, and with similar precison and passion, we must take it away from them (times ten in my opinion) to show them that we will not be fucked with without very heavy consequences. And that, my friends, is the only thing that will make them stop and think twice before they try something like this again. And based upon the "success" that they have achieved thus far, it is only inevitable that they will perpetrate more terror upon us until their heinous agenda has been fully served. It's time to draw a(nother) line in the sand. Easier said than done, perhaps, but what choice do we have? No other approach to this problem has worked thus far. Certainly, standing by, waiting to make some sort of pristine surgical strike, or negotiating with various governments will not. Israel (with our help), Britain and India have been trying THAT approach for years,and where has it gotten them?

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  16. whasssup


    Hello friends

    Whasssup checking it. Would love to say hello to everyone here at Utopia Guide. Waiting to hear from anyone who logs into this site. Love to hear from everyone. Unite.
  17. justme

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    monk, justme, whaasup -- you shd leave

    Leave what?
  18. whasssup


    Role Call

    I see a lot of people have read this thread but very few have posted. Although, I haven't posted much here lately I always find a way to log in and check out how all you on utopia guide are doing. I love seeing all the familiar names posting about their experieces and thoughts. I feel part of a tight knit group of people of many differnet backgrounds. I say a speical hello to all the veterens of utopiaguide: Tankcommander, CarlM, Dawn of LI, Candie, JM Curry, Lauren of MC, Saint Bart, Phantom, BillFurniture,Demigawd,The Judge, Slinky, Wimpy, Tuckernotsucker,Happyguy,rogue, zoolou, robnotbob,Julie,Hotpuppy,Casper,Monk, JohnJ, fisyfry,littleguy, bro_xian and I apologize if I've forgotten anyone else.

    Everyone please sign in for role call! Unite.
  19. Casper



    My heartfelt best wishes to you and all who will be forever emotionally effected by this tremendously cowardace act.

    We as a nation will go on and those who have sought to harm us in the past, present and future will come to pay dearly for their deeds.

    My warmest regards to all
  20. carlk


    monk, justme, whaasup -- you shd leave

    Are you joking? There is little innocence in the Middle East. The women feed thhe murderers and the children grow into them. ENdless cycle? WTF are we in now by holding back??

    Jesus Christ, if you don''t wanna blast those who seek to slaughter us, go join their way of life. What an unspeakable indignity to those who died. And those who *do* have balls.

    You never heard of how you fight fire? Play Marquis of Queensbury with street boys and you know what happens? They shhove your lit candle up your ass!

    Fucking disgrace