Heaven is a Spa

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by sod, Oct 22, 2001.

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  1. sod


    It appeared to be 100% AMP. I did not get a choice, but not knowing what I was in for, I didn't think to ask. I'm guessing no choice.
  2. rockit


    Thanks for the review,been wondering about this spa which is relatively close to my place of business. My immediate impression was that the place is way, way too obvious for it to be any fun for the Utopia crowd. But I like what you have reported on, sometimes its fine to cast the extras aside and just enjoy the comfort and true spa service. If something comes up after that ( figureatively), that would be a nice bonus.
    I have one question, is it a 100% AMP or a mix and does one get a choice of masseuse?

    Maybe the Jets should have spent their haftime in that spa, it might have woke them up a bit !!!!!
  3. sod


    Let me preface this review with the following: I have no phone number for this place. It is located on Route 46 West about two miles east of the Route 17 interchange (don't know what town that is).

    I was driving back from the Jets game yesterday evening and saw a place with a sign that said "Heaven is a Spa". It's a very visible establishment, the sign is blue and Shiatsu was mentioned somewhere on the sign as well. I decided to stop in and get a massage, not really concerned with whether I received extras. The place looked nice, and I figured I'd get a good theraputic massage, if nothing else. Well, the facilities are unbelievable in this place. There are lockers, whirlpools, showers, steam rooms/saunas. There was even a room with a big-screen TV where patrons were watching football in their robes. I showered up and was escorted to a room.

    The girl who massaged me was Mei. She was about a 5, but like I said before, I was not too concerned with receiving extras, so the looks didn't bother me. She wasn't unattractive, just average. She gave me a first-class massage, front and back. I don't think I've ever felt so good after a massage. Then, without asking, she proceeded with the HR, which was wonderful. After the HR, she gave me a five-minute rubdown. I went and took another shower (she used baby oil, I needed to wash it off), and got dressed. This place is "pay-when-you-leave", so I paid .6$ for the massage and tipped Mei .2$ (I know, that's inexusable, but it was all the money I had and I didn't expect the extras). Mei didn't seem upset, though.

    I'd recommend this place if you're looking for a great massage at a spa with first-class facilities. I was told I could use the steam room/sauna before or after the massage if I wanted. I was very pleasantly surprised with "Heaven is a Spa".