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  1. nj george

    nj george

    saw 3 girls in the last month.
    amy--pretty, hispanic,very friendly, buxom, hot body, a bit of baby fat but still hot. nice massage, hands are free to roam and nibbling is allowed. very erotic and sensual, allows you to massage her, nice h/r , asked for b/j but she said no. $70+ $100 for nude
    susan--young, short blond hair,latina, minimum touching allowed, no nibbling, nice slow manipulation for h/r, a bit cold and distant. smokin' amazon like body.$70+$100 for nude
    sofia--mid 20's 5'7, c cups, slender, hot body, long dark hair, latina, very very erotic, sensual touches, close body contact, covered bj(bring your own condom) the best of the 3 but amy is great also. $70+ $150 for nude+bj

    can't say if it is worth the trip because there are so many mp's between here and queens and i am not up on the quality of services provided there.
  2. mcheck57


    What is the story with this place. Is it worth a trip from Queens/LI?