Heavenly from Jersey*******

Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by Prince, Feb 16, 2006.

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  1. murman36


    Heavenly Rae, Back in the picture

    Saw her today, and all I can say is Wow.
    Total F*&^%# GFE!
    Aswome Body, no more than 90 lbs soaking wet. Complete menu avail, but I can only imagine the damage I could do after a greek session, I'd probably split her in half. Girls got a great attitude from the moment you meet until her eyes roll back in her head as she swallows in apparent exctasy.
    What a honey, my new ATF.
    Search Craigs for her first name and you'll be sittin pretty in Schaefer City...
  2. suddanlyknot


    ahhhh.. nice review.. but .. you did say she was an actress..... be safe
  3. dr_skins


    she probably is at another agency now
  4. Prince

    Prince Of The Pantywaste Palace

    Probably taking a break because of her other line of business. When she and I were chatting she told me she was into modeling and acting and that she had a modeling gig coming up shortly.

    She's definietly not retiring from this line of work (escorting). She enjoys it too much and makes good money while the other thing comes along.

    I'd keep checking back with the folks at Jersey******. She'll probably be back in a week. Worth the wait!
  5. kingkong888


    She's gone.
  6. tommytai


    nice review..thanks for the info
  7. Prince

    Prince Of The Pantywaste Palace

    I had read a single, glowing review for Heavenly Ray from Jersey*******. Since the aspect of wonderful reviews from this agency is not as common as YLS or PC*******, I felt I had to find out myself.

    Called and spoke with Paul about getting some time with this young lady. We chatted a bit about the past prolonged delays in getting in to see ladies, that of you get to the location and then have to wait 20-30 minutes or more. My assumption has always been that this happened because many guys called for appointments, but then never showed. As a result they decided to only let the girl know of an appointment when the appointment actually showed up. Unfortunately this means a delay so as to allow the lady to prepare for a visitor. Interestingly enough, Paul told me that that was only half of the story. The other aspect was that some of the competition plays a little trick on each other by making bogus appointments thereby loading up the schedule for a girl, but then no one shows, thereby destroying hopes of doing any business that night. Too bad, its only the good hobbyists that are harmed by all this BS. Good conversation with Paul, seemed like a straight up kind of guy and I respected him for that.

    Anyways, got to the hotel Paul told me about and called in (standard 2 call system). Since Paul knew I was definitely going to show, the minute I called he gave me the room number. Went up to the room and a lovely young lady answers the door. She looks like some of her pictures on the web, but even better in person. She’s evidently a model and struggling actress. I put the donation on the dresser and made myself comfortable while she went to the bathroom to freshen up and change. She came out wearing a sexy little top and thong with a wrap below. Hot little body, thin, but toned and tight. . .just like I like them. We started with a little playing around, LFK turned to some very nice DFK, tongues entwined, exploring each other, while at the same time body groping. Turned her around, bent her over the bed and did a playful, semi-nude, standing doggie fun. Lifted a leg onto the bed, knelt behind her, pulled the thong to the side and had me a little taste. Awesome pussy lips, the type you can suck on and gently pull with your lips.

    Flipped her over for an extended DATY session, which she really got into, both from how she squirmed, rocked and moved as well as her vocals and her hands holding and stroking my head. She sat up and continued with some deep DFK in appreciation and told me that she loved the passion and acting like a tiger (oooh I love it). Now my turn! She wasted not even a second and totally engulfed me and went at like she hadn’t had any cock in months. . .totally friggin’ awesome! Varied everything from the tempo, to DT, to holding and coddling the twins, etc. Could have blown within minutes, but had to hold out for more of this. Swung her around for some vigorous 69. This chick was practically screwing my face while at the same time devouring my boy.

    Time to cover up. Put the hat on and she jumped on for a ride. Tight little girl, had to ease in and not plunge, but once in, this was the place to be. Big smile came over her face and we went at it. She loves what she does and it shows. She held onto the headboard and was screwing the life out of me. I was giving it back as best as I could, but she was like the Energizer bunny. . . she kept going and going. Decided it was time for some doggie and flipped her over and began pounding from behind. She put her ass up in the air just right, spread her legs wide, extended her reach to the headboard, and looked back at me while I went at it. The vocals from both of us told the whole story. Blew a major load and I believe she came as well with me (or least I’d like to think).

    Relaxed, cleaned up, chatted about her career and off I went.

    Face = 8.5-9
    Body = 8
    Service = 10

    Bottom line: Run, don’t walk to see this girl. She really gets into it and makes this a totally awesome experience. I can only think of a few in my total hobby history that provided such a session. Terrific, couldn’t have asked for a better time.