Hello (again) and Goodbye

Discussion in 'New York' started by glenn_nyc, Jan 16, 2003.

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  1. redleg609


    The Shadow Knows!
  2. jp1064


    One never knows, do one? There are 8 million stories in the Naked City. This is just one of them.
  3. knight76


    Why are some people still saying goodbye and good luck to someone that posted he was quitting 2yrs ago? He's probably is back in the hobby by now.
  4. lionelhutz


    thought I'd simply pile on this thread than start my own

    I've been visiting ug since it started and thought I say simply thanks to everyone for the info, advice, and laughs.

    I didn't think I'd ever give up this hobby, but since Julie's and a lot of other places were busted, I've been wary of hobbying again. Plus, I was spending way too much money. Maybe no where near what some people spend, but more than I could afford.

    Anyway, it's been fun guys

  5. bulldoggy7565


    good luck glenn... i had given it up for a good year and a half. (maybe just a little bit less). I was spending too much and i just got numb to the excitement of it. But the desire to have new and different women eventually got to me and i have just recently started again. And i havent regretted it. Im having a lot of fun, theres all new girls and some old favorites. I took my time off and waited til i knew i was ready to start again...

    Maybe you just need some time away, but if your intention is to give it up for good, then i hope your able to do it and actually stay away
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  6. vorhaut


    An eye-opener

    Just speculation, I hope ?
  7. genius


    Dont be so sure about that.
  8. bcborgx


    Good Luck

    Good bye and good luck, But once a month for a couple of years is going to be hard to stop.
  9. JoeyP



    For some it is a serious addiction similar to others like alcohol. Negative psychological aftereffects, depression, large cash drain, anger, and std's, are also possible etc. etc.

    You need not worry unless you read this and say to yourself "well that can't/won't happen to me because..."

    Good luck

    Dr. JP
  10. bangbroads


    It seems like this hobby weighs heavily on the mind and psyche but why does everyone think it is a good idea to stop? Can we elaborate and discuss? I thought this was supposed to be fun, whats the negative consequences?
  11. glenn_nyc


    Nothing is free, even perfume costs money! I don't have much time to find these girls. I work all day and rush home to spend time with my wife and kids. I was lucky enough to be able to come and go from the office when I liked so I did all my hobbying during the day, mostly around lunch time.
  12. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    I can't give you any pointers on how to find them, but there are alot of horny girls out there who will see you for free.
  13. glenn_nyc


    I'd love to find some women that would like to just have sex on a regular basis w/o wanting a relationship, but I'm not holding my breath for that. One great thing about this hobby is that you don't have to worry much about a provider getting jealous and showing up at your front door.
  14. teeduke


    Don't hang up your spikes ...

    ... too quickly.

    If you play your cards right, Gelnn, you don't always need money. Sure, the providers want bucks. But there are a lot of women in this area who like to play. Depends on how far you want to go and what degree of "relationship" you're comfortable with.

    All the best.
  15. glenn_nyc


    Thanks for the good wishes. I hope I quickly regain the funds to come back and the strength to stay away.
  16. Jimmy69

    Jimmy69 My IQ is room temperature

    I felt like this a couple of times, but I always manage to come back. Good luck though, I feel your pain :(
  17. trickstud


    Glenn, good luck to you. I think I am catching the train with you! I MAY see jaclyn before I board, I have wanted to for so long now but have never been able to.

  18. kromrider


    You will be back. Get a second job.
  19. glenn_nyc


    I must give up this wonderful hobby because I can no longer afford it. I'll save you the details but I can no longer hide $$ or $$$ from the wife anymore. I've been averaging about one provider a month for the last couple of years and am going to miss it. I've got $$$ for my last hurrah and am currently debating on who to spend it on. I've mostly been going to Julie's lately because I wanted the most for my buck.

    I wanted to thank most of you for all the good info you have provided. If only I knew of UG sooner! I've only made a couple of posts, mostly because since I found UG I've only seen providers that have been reviewed here many times in the past and I never had anything new to add. I feel bad about not sharing so below is a list of some of the providers I've seen in the past. It isn't in any order, mostly just some found memories from good times long past.

    This is long so hit the Back button now if you don't like long posts.

    Julie Diamond http://www.ny-exotics.com/linkad.htm?inbr/injul200br.htm
    Great legs for her age, nice tits, very nice lady, she smothered my face in her chest for a long time and wouldn't let me up for air - I loved it because I was convinced she was actually getting off on my effort and not just faking it.

    Christine - http://www.angelfire.com/ny4/christine (Ruby and other names on eros and ny-exotics)
    I had been looking for someone for a cheap/quick release by my office in midtown for years and finally found her, her apartment was only one block from my office. I was stopping by about once a week for a quick 15min. russian release and when she complained that she needed more clients to survive I offered to create a quick web site for her, which I did. She didn't have a computer so I'd have to stop by once a week to get/return pictures and show her the site, when I did I got my russian for free. It was the first web site I ever did and not worth the effort but she is very nice when you get to know her and I wanted to help out, plus I didn't want her to have to leave midtown. I haven't done anything on the web site or seen her for over 2 years now but it is still up. I gave her the account info so she could have someone else work on it if she wanted but I just checked and there haven't been any changes and the old account/pwd still work.

    Brigette -
    This is the infamous Brigette that used to work at Julies and JBs that caused so much debate on UG in the past. I saw her about a year ago when she was working out of a hotel on the east side, I think she still may be there. She didn't throw any bottles at me, just gave me the best sessions I've ever had. #1 or #2 best bj I've ever had. She was much more normal than described in any post I read about her. Never went back because I was always afraid that the "other" Brigette would show up and my memories of the first session would be tainted. I no longer see her add on ny-exotics but I assume she is still around.

    Lisa - http://www.ny-exotics.com/linkad.htm?ibl2/inlis765bl.htm
    Nice girl, not much english, great tits, saw her a few times, she started to room with two other girls, don't remember why I stopped going to her. One cup and everything covered.

    Cassandra/Busty Brianna, TNT Tits
    #1 or #2 bj ever, very nice lady, don't know why I never went back, she gave me a mouse pad with her picture on it. (actually tried to see her a couple times after but schedules never worked)

    Amy - http://www.ny-exotics.com/linkad.htm?ibr2/inamy667br.htm
    Not positive that the above person is who I saw once in the past but it looks exactly like her except she was blonde then. Saw her before I knew about UG or I would have posted a review of her. She worked out of a hotel in midtown west, one pop and you're out, unfriendly, busy with other things while I was getting undressed and dressed, was rushed out the door after 20 mins. of a 1hr appt. Only one cup served when led to believe two over the phone. I don't want to trash the girl in the above link if it is not her, suggest you ask her if she was a blonde in a past life if you decide to see her. For some reason I think she was from Canada or maybe just went back and forth on a regular basis. I was very disappointed because she was very cute and had a look I found very sexy.

    ***** redhead from sizzle, don't remember her name. Just remembering a good time here. I saw her about 5-6 years ago and haven't seen her picture on sizzle or any other site for a long time. She was very nice and I had a lot of fun, we never made it out of the living room, would have dated her. I think she was just earning money while she went to NYU.

    Body Heat - More fond memories when they were on 3rd and 82nd about 6-7 years ago. I lived two blocks away and went there many times. Naomi, (I think) a black girl that looked just like Naomi Cambel, saw her at least 10 times, we always had a great time. Chrissy, nice lady, great body for her age, saw her many times, she was too restrictive in her positions, but I was addicted to her legs and kept going back to see her, hard implants and she is still listed on there site. I went there twice when they moved to midtown with new mgt around 5 yrs ago, it sucked and I have never gone back.

    Julie's - Can't add anything that isn't already known. Just a quick list of most of the girls I've seen in the last year.
    Lilly - saw her and then she went private stock a week later (and now gone all together)
    Alex - saw her and then she was gone a week later
    Elanya - great time, top three bj ever, works hard for her money, great body for age (or for many girls much younger than she is)
    Brianna - young and thin, had fun with her
    ****ifer - nice lady
    Rebecca - just saw her a week or so ago, a good time
    Sara - stuck her tongue so far down my throat I almost choked

    Wonder Land of Fantasy - Advertise in NYP and VV, quoted rates are low, $.3 I think, but that is for h.r. only. Just tell the lady that you want fs and she will bring in the girls that offer it. You negotiate with the lady directly. I always asked for two cups for $.8 and was never turned down nor made to haggle. First time I went it was late, I was pretty drunk and Julies was closed. Picked up a copy of the VV on my way out of the bar and just picked their number out. I picked a very pretty/thin/sexy black girl from the lineup of about 7 girls. She started with a massage and pretty quickly started a hr, when I told her I was ready for more she said that was all she did and very politely asked what I expected for $.3? (She was right, but me being so drunk I thought I hit the jackpot, young, sexy, pretty, and 1 hr for $.3!!) I politely asked to see the lady in charge which she went and got right away. The lady said that the girl I picked didn't do fs and then brought in the girls who do. I picked an older blonde russian lady and had one hell of a time, we fucked and fucked and fucked and I pounded the shit out of her and she just took everything I had to give and seemed to enjoy it. She worked hard to get me off the second time. I went back three other times but she was never working, my guess is she works nights and I always went back during the day. On my other visits I always saw Kitty (pretty sure that's her name) a blonde russian in her early 30's. She is pretty and has great legs. She also always worked hard to make sure I had my two cups. I didn't go back more often because even though everything was covered she was always wiping some body part (hers and mine) with wipes, it just made everything seem very distant/sterile/cold/pick-your-word. I can't say enough on how mgt. fixed the situation on my first visit and on how helpful they were in pointing me to Kitty, she was just what I was looking for.

    anjelikanyc - Almost forgot about that 15mins. in the office supply closet! I posted about it here so you can do a search on her if you like. (Maybe this will be my only option for the future)

    Janes - www.janesnyc.com
    Went there about 4 times around 2-3 yrs ago, saw Julie twice and had a really good time with her. I stopped going just because I felt they kept too much info on me and was afraid of getting a call from the LE. It was always one cup, never knew to ask for two, but the full hour was never rushed. Again, I went there before knowing about UG and having two cups served in one hour was an unknown concept to me. Oh the money wasted and all cups left un-served over the years! What I wouldn't give to be single with money again.

    3-8 years ago I had seen a number of $$$ and above independents or agency girls and have never had a good time or felt they were worth it. Everyone I ended up with was a rushed one shot and most all complained that they were working far below their normal rate - pushing for big tips. I really wish I knew about UG when I had the money to spend.

    Jaclyn was the exception to this but she got freaked out because we were both from the same area originally and during our conversation it was clear that we had hung out at the same places, albeit a number of years apart. She said that she was too uncomfortable seeing me again because she still went back home and was afraid that we'd run into each other or end up knowing some of the same people. I didn't like it, but understood her position and never called her again. She has been reviewed here, she was hot and had the best legs going, she's in her early 40's and people remember her voice. (Julie Diamond was another exception but not the type I was looking for for a regular provider)