Hello frpm Tampa FL....

Discussion in 'Florida' started by Alex of Tampa, Mar 16, 2001.

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  1. oknemo


    Just U and me kid, for now..

    Hey Alex it's just you & me for now, but I'm going to work to get this joint jumpin'. Have you seen how much fun they have on the NYC forum? I'm down in Miami, a TBD regular as I see you are in Tampa. Ever met bagman? A real Miami character, posts/visits in Tampa
    fairly often.

    Here's a laugh, when I first saw your post I thought you
    were an agency owner talking about LE etc., what a nice surprise when I clicked your link! Cute girl and great reviews too!! I lived in Sarasota until 2 years ago, sure want to get back there or Tampa. Anyway I'm going to email some friends about this forum, it's much more free feeling than TBD though I am a bigdoggie fan. Hope you encourage all your pals to discover this place we can have fun & learn a lot. Hmm..If I were in Tampa now I'd call ya, try to get you out of the doldrums!

    Later m'dear....Nemo
  2. Alex of Tampa

    Alex of Tampa

    Hello from Tampa

    Well guys & girls,

    You have to understand about Tampa right now. LE absolutely scared off everyone that was anyone. Most sites are not back up yet, except for mine. Not taking any new clients here though so what does that tell ya?


    It's 80 & sunny today....anyone want to come play??