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Discussion in 'Texas' started by justme, Mar 17, 2001.

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  1. justme

    justme homo economicus

    (Although I must admit I was straining a bit in an effort to add content to this new board)
  2. justme

    justme homo economicus

    Thanks for the offer SS, I might just do that when I have money again...

    Slinky - I've read extensive dialog on the subject of hobby board complacency by better authors than myself (yourself included). What differentiates Houston (in my mind) is the unbelievable number of hand release places here. So there is a labor market for sexual services, but the activity reservation point seems to be high.
  3. Salt Shaker

    Salt Shaker

    There are several new providers in Houston that have been seen and reviewed. There are also several f/s spas in Houston. If you would like some suggestions, then let me know. SS.
  4. Sorry, Just me...

    I misunderstood what you were trying to say. Now I got it! (it's the blonde...sometimes I'm just a little affected...LOL)

    ROBNOTBOB! You better git yer bee-hind down to Philly!

  5. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    I don't think that's a Houston issue, I think it's a "Hobby Board" issue. I've mentioned time and time again that we only talk about the same people/places over and over again. In NYC, the Village Voice and NY Magazine ( as well as a slew of others ) are similarly full of ads for women who never get reviewed.
  6. justme

    justme homo economicus

    Umm, thanks for the information.

    I'm fairly aware of what you have mentioned, although I have been admitedly lax in my risk taking as of late. I guess my point was that if there are a bunch of off-line FS providors in the Press then why isn't anyone reviewing them?

    I think what's happened is the online ASP community has become very complacent with a few favs (yourself, MIa, Amber, Nikki, etc) and fewer and fewer people are looking for new talent. Moreover, even when they do search out new talent, it seems to be limited to webscorts.

    Anyway, thanks for responding...
  7. robnotbob


    Why, sugar...

    You're just a FOUNTAIN of info, aren'tcha??

    rnb: still trying to figure out how to take you up on your Philly offer :)
  8. Oh, my darling...:)

    There is quite the subculture here in just haven't found it yet.

    Get yourself a Houston Press and check out the vast array of ladies who are not on the internet.

    Check out the Yellow Pages for Escorts and Agencies.

    Try the plethora of tittie bars, after all...Houston is the capital of big boobies on stage...The Men's Club, Ricks, Treasures (one of my faves), Caligula, Baby Dolls, Centerfolds, The Colorado, Gold Cup,'d be amazed at what you can get there...and lest we forget the Asian Spas all over town that offer FS practically every day? Be aware that the great spas like La Femme, XTC, and Escapes do offer many more things other than your average HJ.

    I'm tellin' ya,'s here...tons of it...but ya just gotta know where to look. The Press is a GREAT place to start and you can order a copy by logging on to or, if you are in Houston...well, you should know you can get that at any convenience store around town.

    Good luck sweetie.


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  9. justme

    justme homo economicus

    There are, of course, a few full service incall establishments (at least that I'm aware of), but it seems to me from reading around that there is a tremendous number of massage type places in Houston. They seem to have a disproportionately high representation among adult service providors when you compare Houston to other markets.

    Now, if you're aware of FS being available at reputedly HR only places, then we are talking about different things.

    I think the term GFE is so subjective and elusive that its use is almost pointless, but I do think that service can be often sub par at incall places.

    As far as indies are concerned, I'm aware of the eight or so local indies (yourself included) who have managed to develop quite a reputation online. What I see a general lack of, however, is the indie who is not on-line. For example, a few months ago a prolific poster on a Houston centric industry site was seeing a Hispanic providor that advertised in the Press and had no knowledge of the 'net. It seems in other markets that this situation occurs much more frequently than it does here - or at least that's what one would gather from reading the boards.
  10. guy catelli

    guy catelli

    justme, i think you owe Miss Witherspoon a sincere, "thank you, Miss Witherspoon."

  11. Hi Just Me....

    It's kind of a strange thing...but there are a lot of ladies who do FS at the "jack shacks" just have to know where to go and who to ask for. I can't say that it will be a GFE experience, but when you pay under $200 you're not going to get much other than release...that's great for some, not so great for others.

    As far as indies, there are tons here in Houston. Under $250 with a good rep? Very easy to do, as promos fly all over the place due to the competition.

    Just go to and you'll see what I mean. Promos are normally posted on TBD Houston...

    Good luck! Have fun!

  12. justme

    justme homo economicus

    Why are there soooo many jack shacks and women who only do hand release in town and soooo few incall establishments or inexpensive (think sub 250) independants? Or am I just outta the loop (can't be, I pay extra just to make sure I can live in the loop).