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Discussion in 'Introducing yourself' started by Slinky Bender, Mar 14, 2008.

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  1. Yamahatonga


    Hello everyone, i'm new to UG and still can't believe I have such a precious goldmine at my fingertips. I thank my coworker who did the ultimate memory jog and was so gracious to share. I'm writing to ya'll from LI and while I've had 1 semi successful relationship with a pyt from cL over the yr I've never visited an AMP or struck up enough courage to call a bP ad. In fact, I've only known about bP for around a year. I always forget what thrusted me into this hobby aside from having just enough testosterone and yearn but spring break in montreal got me started for. I had been dreaming and planning my getaway for over a decade, that was, until, my beloved UG fam found me. I've truly grown fond of all of you and the language of the UG community and once I get going will definitely provide some nice reviews for all to enjoy. Peace!
  2. Heretolearn


    Hey Utopia family. Im new here and am looking to use this site for my first monger experience and many more to come. Thanks for the great info. You guys have save me alot of time doing research.
  3. The Cocksman

    The Cocksman

    New to the site, looking forward to adding my reviews from elim spa, Royal spa, etc etc etc etc etc. Great info, and this site has saved me plenty of money and guaranteed a good time when the provider is listed. btw, wiggly and fred flint are my heroes!!
  4. Starbuck4ever


    New to Utopia. But not new to the hobby..Always used *** in the past, but, found this forum two days ago. Glad to be here. Have recently came back to the hobby, and most all the girls I use to see on BP in 2012/13 are all gone (on Long Island) or no longer working. Look forward to trading stories etc. With you all. Stay safe, and HAVE FUN!

  5. Hello fellow members. Back to the guide after a some time away. Truth be told, I have been stuck in lurker mode for a bit but haven't seen too many providers to contribute. Those I have will surely get a written up. Glad to be back and hope to make some kind of significant contribution .
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  6. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    Having made multiple posts in multiple threads, several of them in totally inappropriate sections, as well as judging from the log in information used, I have come to the conclusion that Peterwhite123 is a shill for this operation and has been banned.
  7. Peterwhite123


    Hey! I am the new guy in LI and kind of new with BR. Love my new hobby... Will work on my first review soon. Been visiting one body rub place in Northport, LI. Saw few nice young providers. Interesting in NURU fetish and body slides. Saw young girl Nina with great petiet body form ( 202-417-0297 ). As a matter of fact her whole body was super smooth; not a blemish. You would never know she is 24, looks like hot 18 y.o.; her tummy tight and firm as a fitness model. She cooed and moaned with pleasure with my every touch. I never gave her an erotic massage but she gave me a woody just the same.
  8. bjg74


    I am the new guy. I have been hobbying off and on for 15 years. I came across this site again while checking a phone number two months ago. I haven't been very active in years. You guys have some good intelligence. I have some knowledge to impart so as soon as I can, I will start with the reviews.
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  9. Livemix


    I have lurked for long enough :). You guys put out some fantastic reviews. I will be finding myself in Manhattan about once a week for a while and plan to take the plunge at an AMP. I'm going to find that thread about new guys being mentioned.
  10. Intermag777


    Hello UG, about a month ago I was lucky enough to discovered this site. Today I've decided to join. I started this hobby during July of last year. Went to my first AMP and was left wanting more. Yesterday i had my fifth appointment since I started this hobby. I would like to add my grain of rice to UG.
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  11. genius



    FYI: Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein
  12. SirF


    Hi, I am old here. Haven't really followed UG for a long time but am slowly getting back into it. Have whored my brains out over the years but still am feeling empty inside. But what do they say: insanity is hoping for different results doing the same thing. To the guy who is just getting into it: not sure it's worth it on balance....
  13. Banacek

    Banacek Moderator

    Also, please be sure to read the thread about review school and the one about the proper format for posting thread titles.
  14. Li631


    There's a thread about new guys... Search new guys and read and good luck
  15. vconnoisseur


    New Here, but have been enjoying this hobby for about 3 years. Have many reviews to post and would like feedback from my fellow hobbyists.
  16. lovegettinglaid


    I'm new new here, and new to the world of being a hobbyist. I've actually never hired the services of a provider before, but I'm tempted after reading the reviews here. It'd be great if someone could give me the general do's and don'ts, things that newcomers should watch out for, or just point me to a post which tells all this!

    Look forward to having a great time on here.
  17. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith

    Brand new to the site. On and off rmaps for 4 years. Didn't realize there was a free board like this to share and learn. Reminds me of xreviews from back in the 90s. Found many a good HE in random MPs in Edison, NJ. Given gave my first orgasm to a MILF type Russian while in college. All from xreviews. But alas, it's gone. But I've found UG. I hope to give as much as I take.
  18. Alexc52


    Hey guys! I'm new here and my threads keep disappearing when I post in the ISO section, lol. Hopefully someone will explain this to me in the Mod/Admin realm; don't know if some sort of offering or sacrifice is required for these gods to come down though.. Aside from that, been going to HE spots for a while, but JUST recently started hitting up Bella Amor's girls to do FS. So far having a blast.
  19. stillwantitat55


    I'm new, been in the hobby for about 3 months now. Started with some outcallers while on a business trip in Maryland (3 nights in a row with different girls, 2nd night with 2). Fuuny thing is that now I look forward to company paid trips where I never used to before.

    Then I started with an Asian on LI doing incall (seem like you'll never get the one in the photos). Had a variety of about a dozen non-Asians since. I find this hobby to be exciting, addictive, expensive and I can't get it off my mind. Trying to settle into a once a week thing but the temptation is high.

    Learning the lingo and the ropes. It amused me the other day how one provider screens for LE (she just reached out and grabbed my balls). Still trying to figure out exactly what VIP service is.

    Reading the posts on this site are very informative and almost as entertaining as the hobby itself (well not really!)
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  20. cano0318


    Hi Guys. I'm also new here. Been lurking on this site for a bit and would also like to share...