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    When I first saw this post by wimpy, I thought it would generate some great discussion ( and I still think it's an amazing post ). So, why is it not even one response ? Is it just intimidating ?
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    While sholving snow and contemplating the year in review, I started to think of the hi-light and low-lights of the hobby for me. I hae been at this hobby for close to 18 years. And I started reflecting key years and providers who have shaped me to what I am now. Many of the names and places may not even ring a bell to you but for that person out there he may go "Damn she was nice". Hopefully it brings fun to the thread.

    1984 My first tour into the hobby. At the age of 19 I went to an Asian incall place on Northern Blvd in Flushing. Met this pretty Korean lady maybe in her late 20's. Gave me a rub down and massage. It cost 20 to get in. After the sauna retired to her room. Nerviously I beat around the bush about something extra. Pulled out 40 and was politely told I need 20 more for suck and fuck. Did not have it, explained this is my first time. So she gave in and it was good.

    85-86 Was into the street action. Heard of the action in Manhattan. Until then the best I could do was Parson blv on a friday night in Queens. Ran into Jackie on 11th avenue and 21street. Fine black women with an ass to die for. My first time she get in the car to blow the cops come shooting out. They let her walk and keep me for about 30minutes. Talk about scared. So I circle back. She gets back in the car and we head for the motel on 14th Street. I saw Jackie off and on for a good 10 years. When I first met her she would not do greek. After awhile she asked if I wanted to travel there.

    88-90 I went to an incall place called Sorioty Sister in the 50's and 3rd ave. I liked this place. I had many sessions with different girls. Black Zoe, Amanda to name a few. But there was this on girl who answered the phone. Great body. I inquired about her and was told she does not see clients. So one day I make an appointment. Its snowing and the phone girl lets me in. After waiting 10-15 minutes she comes in and tells me she has no available but her. Well it can't get any better than this. We had a great relationship for 2 years. Tina(her name) ran the place. She was about 5'6" 34bc and huge hips and ass. Told me that she was Spanish and Itialian mix. We talked alot. Some how in 90 I dropped the hobby for about 2 years and she was never heard about again. Truly a sad time for me. She loved dining at the why and doggie.

    92-95 went to a few incalls and came across this place on 34 and 2nd avenue. I remember riding in the e;evator one day with a a man and lady who lived in the building. The talked that they had found out a couple of brothels had been operating in the building. Anyway I sampled this place until I found Mia. Light skinned black girl. Lond curly auburn hair that went down to the smalls of her back. We had a great relationship. When I separated from my wife me spent many nights at my house and brought me to her house. I thought I was in love. And for three years we had a teriffic relationship until I asked for more. I guess she did not see it my way and we parted. But she was the best.

    96-97 Believe it or not Body heat was for me. In particular a beauty named Jackie. Great sex and she like the way I F***ed. Oneday she even gave me her share of the money back saying this was on her. To bad she left for Atlantanever to be heard from again.

    98-99 Danielle of Corp Affairs. This was my Mia again. But I got smart with age. And I stopped seeing her when I felt I was getting serious about her.

    Since then I would never let myself see anyone more then twice. But its good to remember the ones who shaped Wimpy. I have seen so many over my 17 years that I could not count how many or imagine how I spent.

    Just a thought.