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  1. sculptor69


    Ok - I'll follow up on this on next visit.
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    The person who was the problem was the person who posted on here as "seeker6591"
  3. sculptor69


    pokler: I knew her as Lisa at Red 21 back in early 2014 - she became the "new" Lisa once the "old" Lisa (Japanese) {man, I wish I knew where she went!} left Red 21 - hadn't seen her before then. With all the visits to her at Red 21 and Hiyako since she left Red 21, it seemed like "several" years - can't believe its only a year and a half.
  4. sculptor69


    Slinky: Ok, will do. But I suspect that the same "manager" might be posting the ads on other boards - not sure if we are discussing the same person - perhaps you could let me now in some other manner (like the one used for the previous UG party invitations).
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    Sculptor, next time you go to this place please mention to them that IF (and only if) a certain person is no longer the one posting for them they would be welcome to come back as a UG advertiser.
  6. pokler


    Several years ?

    What was Lisa's name b4 Hiyako and where did she work ?
  7. sculptor69


    sterling_silver: Thanks for the acknowledgement - I will get to see Helen soon. but first I'll need to post a review on a visit today with Lisa - one of my favorites for the last several years. My visit with her was, as has always been, a delightful interruption in an otherwise hectic day - will post review soon.

    p.s.: was met at the door by Ling Ling - she too looks interesting - very friendly. Too many girls / too little money!
  8. sterling_silver


    Seriously great write-ups sculptor, I appreciate your talent for writing. I'm anxiously awaiting your review on Helen. I had her when she was Kelly at Ruby spa on 28th and she was fantastic. No FS however, so I'll be interested to hear if she's talented with that, too.

  9. sportsfanatic


    I visited this place a few days ago. had a session with lisa. decent looking girl with a spinner type body. after a good TS, we went back to the room. i got her to start the ST right away and after caressing her ass and fingering her wet pussy, i had her go down to blow me. with some guidance she gave me a pretty good bbj with plenty of attention to the boys below. she seemed a little taken aback by the size when i was fully erect and remarked 'wow you're too big for me honey' which i laughed off. but i do have to say my cock did look huge in her tiny hands lol. she climbed on top for some CG and boy did her snatch feel tight. pretty soon she was grinding wildly on my shaft and looked to be getting close to cumming. i had her flip around for some RCG and smacked her ass a few times as she was going up and down on junior. next i had her lay down for missionary and really started giving it to her hard as she moaned loudly. as she looked into my eyes she cried out and climaxed, her body going through spasms while her skin felt clammy & sweaty. i turned her over for some doggie which she seemed to enjoy even more as i smacked her little shapely ass. after a while we ended up in lazy doggie as i kept pounding her hard and i felt her pussy spasm again on my cock as she trembled all over. finally i had her pull off the rubber and had her blow me again until i shot a heavy load all over her tits. after cleaning up we laid there for a few minutes, both of us sweaty and breathing heavily. she told me to come see her again soon and as i walked out, i noticed i was there for a little over an hr. good bang for my buck :cool:
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  10. sculptor69


    Lisa – A Hot Number on a Very Cold Day

    Finally catching up on my reviews – this is for Lisa at Hiyako in mid-February.

    So, Friday the 13th is supposed to be a bad day for things to occur – but that sure proved false with a super visit with Lisa. I managed to get into the City for a meeting that day and gave Julie a call last minute to see if Lisa, who I had not seen for several months, would be available. Thankfully, she was and it was off to Hiyako I did roam.

    By the time I arrived, I was chilled to the bone because it was so cold outside; but, it wasn’t long after Lisa entered the room in this pink skintight dress with a whole bunch of cutouts that I warmed up nicely (at least in certain spots). After an enthusiastic hello greeting with some kissing, hugging, and groping, Lisa helped me out of my clothes and into the robe for the walk to the table shower room.

    The TS was, as I remembered from past visits with Lisa, thorough and exciting – and by the time she was finished rinsing me off there was no doubt in either of our minds as to how the rest of the session would play out.

    Once back in the room, I gave Lisa the house fee and she left to deposit it somewhere. A couple of minutes later, when she returned, she found me sitting on the edge of the table eagerly waiting for her. Off came the dress and there she was in just her cute little thong with her puffy erect nipples just calling out for me to suck on them. Lisa grabbed a mirror from the side of the room ad positioned it on the wall in front of me – what a great move that proved to be during the rest of the session. Lisa then slid over between my spread thighs and began a little a modified lap dance/grind against a fully aroused Junior while watching the action in the mirror. My hands were already caressing her breasts and rubbing those elongated erect nipples.

    We fooled around this way for a few minutes and it was delightful to peek over her shoulder to watch this action in the mirror. I had Lisa turn around and she slipped Junior between her thighs while my lips found her nipples for some oral action. My hands wandered down to her ass while she ground herself against Junior and soon I had her thong off and my fingers in her wet kitty. Lisa started to get real excited and pulled away to squat down and pay some oral attention to Junior – licking him from stem to tip and then on to a bbbj.

    Pretty soon, I pulled her up and resumed my finger work on her kitty. I had her raise one leg up on the table for better access, got some lube, and went to work in earnest while she squirmed around on my hand. A few minutes of that and she was soon humping my hand for all it was worth as she reached her first orgasm. A couple of kisses and then she was back down on her knees for some more oral action on Junior.

    As much as I would have liked her to continue this for a while, I really wanted to taste her kitty; so, I had her get up on the table as I dipped my head between her spread thighs. As I’ve always found with Lisa, this a delicious way for me to bring her to another climax and it wasn’t too long before she was pumping her hips against my face and squeezing my head with her thighs on her way to that climax.

    Ok, now it was my turn for some attention. So, I got up on the table and Lisa popped on a cover before she straddled me and started a slip-slide action with her wet kitty on Junior – no insertion yet – sort of a Nuru massage with her clit and kitty lips stroking him with every move of her hips. While she was doing this, I played with her breasts and nipples as they hung down in front of my face. Pretty soon, she was as excited as I was and with one quick move, Junior slipped inside for a warm wet ride.

    A little Asian CG and then a flip to mish and soon Lisa was grabbing my ass and driving me deep inside her as she was on the way to another climax. We tried a few other positions – probably the best was a reverse CG where I could watch Junior slipping in and out of her kitty lips while I helped her pump her ass up and down – but there was no way I was going to pop with the cover on that day. So, we resorted to the old favorite – a well-oiled HJ. Lisa pulled off the cover and sat between my legs and began working with both hands on Junior and his two friends. Two or three minutes of this work and Junior was spouting all over the place. A little laugher from both of us about my lousy aim and then time for clean up.

    Lisa helped me get dressed, gave me a few more hugs and kisses as I gave her a nice tip, and then it was back out into the cold (very cold) streets of NYC. Another super visit with a hot little number.
  11. plaujr88


    Never been to this place due to some of the reviews of upsell. I noticed that they run werkly 4 hand massages, does anyone have any experiences that they can share. Are the girls into it, or just mechanical? Does the 4 hands, include start to finish?
    I guess, its pricey, you pay 2x the fee for extras.
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    Thank you for showing up all the idiots who write "she has been reviewed before so I dont have to write another one".
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  13. sculptor69


    Yeah, I know, I'm spending a lot of time with Lisa - but just can't seem to break this habit.

    Lisa- A Fantastic Session

    A couple of weeks ago I found that I would be able to get to NYC for a late afternoon meeting and decided to start the afternoon off right with a session at Hiyako. Called Julie a day in advance for an appointment with Amy, who I knew from another place, but she was not going to be working the day of my visit. Julie told me that Lisa and Helen were available at the time I wanted to visit, so I decided to meet up again with Lisa. This turned out to be a very wise decision.

    Got to Hiyako and was met at the door by Julie’s assistant for the day, I think her name was Suki, who led me to a room to wait for Lisa. Started to put my things away and Lisa knocked on the door just as I had to field a phone call from home – talk about lousy timing. Had her wait in the hall while I finished the call and turned off the phone and then she was in the room greeting me with a big hug, kisses, and some mutual groping. Talked to her for a few minutes about how she was doing at Hiyako while I undressed. I jokingly passed a comment about how I’d like to give her a shower and she giggled and grabbed my hand to lead me to the shower room.

    When we got to the shower room Lisa slipped off my robe and then, to my surprise whipped off her dress and panties before she warmed up the shower table. Somehow, without me seeing it, Lisa had also brought two towels with us to the room. Started off with the usual; me face down and her hand soaping my body and, before I knew it, Lisa was up on the table and grinding her bare kitty along my back and ass. Pretty soon that side was thoroughly cleaned and she told me to flip. Well, that is when things really started to heat up.

    Junior was at full attention and Lisa was using her entire body in a body slide maneuver to wash my chest, legs, and pelvic area – Junior was getting a work out. Lisa was slick with soap, my hands were all over her body, and pretty soon she was straddling me while stroking Junior in her two hands. She pressed Junior against her belly and used her hands to continue stroking him while all the time giving me this wicked grin that implied that she had my number (and she did). Things were getting too intense and I told Lisa that she had better stop so that we could get to the room or my one pop ability would be cutting my session very short.

    Time for the rinse off – I took the liberty of making sure all the soap was off Lisa’s body and not inside any strategic parts – and then she tied the towel around herself got me into the robe for the walk to the room. Great view of her walking to the room just in the towel.

    Back in the room I gave her the house fee and she left for a few minutes to get my change and some supplies. When Lisa came back, I was eagerly awaiting her and sitting on the edge of the table. She dropped the towel and came over to slip between my spread legs and we began some very intense mutual caressing. In no time I was sucking on Lisa’s erect nipples and slipping my fingers inside her wet kitty. Somehow, all of our hands were busy, mine in her kitty and stroking her cute little ass and hers working on Junior and stroking my hair and back. Pretty soon, Lisa started humping my hand like there was no tomorrow until she let out a little whimper and just collapsed onto me. One big “O” down, hopefully more to go.

    Lisa then rearranged the towels on the floor and knelt down in front of me to give Junior and his two close friends a very thorough bbbj that soon had him ready to explode. Once again I had to stop her from completing that action and she found the cover so we could move on to some other fun things.

    I was still sitting on the edge of the table, so Lisa climbed up on the table and straddled me for some sitting CG – man, can she pump away. I knew I wasn’t going to cum in the cover, so I let her do her thing and enjoy herself. She ended up stretched out on top of me so that Junior could get in the right position for her pleasure and she proceeded to work herself into a frenzy and another big “O” in that position.

    Ok, now it was my time for some fun. We switched positions and, while I knelt down, I pulled Lisa’s hips to the edge of the table so that I could go down on her and taste that sweet kitty. Lisa seems to really like this part of our sessions and squirmed with delight as my tongue attacked her kitty’s lips and clitoris. Pretty soon, Lisa had her knees locked over my shoulders and was using her legs to pull my face deeper into her kitty – and then she exploded again.

    While she was splayed out on the table recovering, I got up and she grabbed Junior and inserted him into her slick kitty for some mish. I pumped away in that position for a while and then switched to doggy and eventually CG with me laying on the table. Unbelievably, Lisa maneuvered herself into the right position while doing CG to experience another orgasm – don’t know how she does it.

    Lisa was exhausted, time was getting short, and, as usual, I had not popped in the cover; so, Lisa pulled the cover, straddled me, got some oil, and started a sensuous hj. One hand on Junior’s two friends and the other manipulating Junior – fast then slow then fast until the final explosive moment.

    During the hot towel cleanup, I let my hands roam Lisa’s cute body a few more times, just wishing that I could live this life forever. Lisa helped me dress, I gave her a generous tip, and then she escorted me to the door. Just can’t wait to return.

    One special note about this visit with Lisa. I’ve only been at this hobby for about four years with maybe 50 to 60 sessions – 80% of them with a TS or stand-up shower. This TS session with Lisa rates in the top five of all those experiences. Others were Susan at MyAsianGFE, Monica at Red Spa, and Kiko and Amy when they were at Red Spa.
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  14. travlnman


    Nice review Sculpt. Thanks
  15. sculptor69


    Fun Time with Lisa @Hiyako Spa

    Found out a couple of weeks ago that Lisa, who I’d very much enjoyed visiting at another place, had moved on and was now back at Hiyako. Feeling the urge to see Lisa again – and to once again visit Hiyako where I’d had a number of exciting experiences – I gave Julie a call to set up the appointment with Lisa. Got there in mid-afternoon and was greeted at the door by Julie’s stand-in and was led to room to wait for Lisa.

    Lisa showed up a few minutes later and proceeded to help me get out of my street clothes and into a robe. Apparently, there were a couple of other customers in residence, as we had to wait a bit to get to the TS. The wait was not bad, as Lisa and I used the time to renew our relationship and do a little hand wandering. Then it was off to the TS where Lisa exhibited some fine hand-washing skills.

    Back in the room it was time to settle up on the house fee and I took a seat on the edge of the table to wait for Lisa to bring me change. Upon her return, the fun began.

    Lisa slipped out of her dress and stood in front of me in just her thong – asking me how it looked. I told her it looked spectacular and used my hands and fingers to make sure that it fit correctly in all the right places, which caused her to start squirming around and grinding her kitty on my fingers. We played around that way for a while and then Lisa stepped back and removed her thong.

    Lisa came back to stand between my thighs and let me start sucking on her erect nipples while she reached down and started manipulating Junior. My hand strayed down to her kitty and she raised one leg up onto the table to give me better access. Don’t know how long we played this way, but pretty soon Lisa slipped from my grasp and got down on her knees to start some delightful oral worshipping of Junior and his two friends. I was enjoying this a little too much and had to call a halt after a while, before Junior got too excited.

    I had Lisa hop up onto the table so I could start a little oral worship of my own. Man, she sure does taste sweet and she appears to love having DATY performed on her, as in no time she was grinding her kitty into my face and bouncing all over the table until she popped.

    We were positioned just right, so Lisa reached out and covered Junior and guided him into her sweet, wet kitty for some missionary fun. I started out with some slow strokes in and out and pretty soon the expression on her face began to change as she clasped her legs around my back and reached out with her hands to grab my ass and pull me in tighter, as she urged me to pump faster and faster. I could actually feel her kitty tighten up as she popped.

    Junior was still ready to go, so Lisa and I hopped up on the table for a little CG action and then a modified face-to-face body slide (wasn’t sure that Junior could bend that way, but it worked out ok). Soon, we were close to running out of time, so Lisa pulled off the cover, grabbed some lube, and starting some delicious slow stroking of Junior while tickling his two friends. That managed to excite Junior enough that he was soon spitting out all over the place.

    Lisa did a quick little cleanup and then laid down beside me for a little cuddling time. Unfortunately, that didn’t last too long as I had to get going to a late afternoon meeting. So, we did the hot towel cleanup treatment, she helped me dress, and off I went to my meeting.

    I think it is important to add here that despite all the comments on various forums over the past several months about upselling and hard negotiating issues at Hiyako, there was no discussion with Lisa about cost – except the mention of the house fee, which I knew had gone up since my last visit to Hiyako. Now, to plan the next visit.
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  16. rinvio


    Body rub - Jenny @ Hiyako

    After been turned away by another provider in the city for "lack of reference", I called HIYAKO for a last minute attempt to start off my Thanksgiving weekend.

    What a blast! Jenny is very attractive, slim body, 5.5" height. She is as sweet and accommodating as it gets. The place is clean, private, although the second floor entrance is shared with a gym. I read elsewhere that some fellow mongers did not care for the new location but I was OK with it.

    Jenny's TS and subsequent body rub was fine: 3/5. She has potential in that area but it is probably not her first concern. I mostly enjoyed the small chat and I like to be very sweet and personal to the girls. The ST was heaven, definitely 5/5. She is passionate and caring and enjoys her work.

    Mamasan Julie is available and seems organized. Thanks for the last minute accommodation. I was so disappointed that the other place had turned me away but everything worked will in the end.
  17. sculptor69


    Slow and Easy: House fee is normally $80, but sometimes advertised as $70 as an "internet" special. Tip structure is .6 for "standard" (HJ) service and up to 1.2 for "deluxe" (FS) service ( I go for the deluxe). My experience is that a bj is 0.1 - see website Hiyako website (hiyakospany.com) for rates and schedule specials.
  18. slow and easy

    slow and easy

    Just curious, what was the House and Honorarium for Sonny? And how were these two points arried at? Thanks.

  19. sculptor69


    Session with Sonny at Hiyako 212-679-6779

    Found myself free in the City last Friday after the early end of a meeting and decided to test out Hiyako’s new tip policy. Gave Julie a call and let her know I’d be over in about 15 minutes. Was greeted by Julie, who welcomed me back after a long absence, and was led off to a room. Spoke with Julie for a few minutes about the tip policy and she assured me that it was in effect. Sonny (tall, thin) came in while I was getting undressed and introduced herself, as we had never met. Headed off to the TS room and received a thorough hand-wash from Sonny.

    Back in the room I changed up my normal routine (skipping the early massage) and let Sonny start the usual face-down massage – she has got some strong hands for such a light-weight young lady. The massage was a mixture of deep tissue pressure and then soft touch. I let that go on for about ten minutes and then, after stroking her legs and fine ass for a little bit, I turned over and sat up to start some play time. Let Sonny know what I wanted and she left the room for a minute or two to get supplies.

    When she came back she took off her top and shorts and let me examine her bod – nice small natural top and we started some mutual caressing. She stood facing me while my lips paid homage to her erect nipples and I eventually worked my fingers between her legs. She leaned over to get a little lube and then things started getting really interesting. Sonny is very sensitive down there and it wasn’t long before she was squirming and bouncing on my fingers to her first orgasm. She sensed that I was ready to slip Junior inside and found the cover she’d brought in and then used her mouth to put it on Junior. After a little cbj action, she hopped up on my lap and slipped Junior inside for a wild ride that ended in her having another big O.

    I wanted to taste her, so I put her up on the table and moved down for some DATY action. She gave me some direction to let me know what felt best for her and, when her thighs damn near squeezed my head to the point of unconsciousness, bucked up and down and came again. The position was right, so I slipped Junior in and started with some mish – she was pretty tight. We moved on to some RCG, which gave me a wonderful view of her little ass bouncing up and down on Junior. Almost ended it there but was able to hold out and she flipped around for some really nice CG where I was able to grab those natural breasts while she pumped Junior for all he was worth.

    As usual though, I just was unable to explode with the cover on and we eventually moved on to an uncovered HJ. Sonny grabbed some more lube and did some crazy massage movements on Junior that had me shaking on the table and exploding in no time. Clean up was a warm towel for Junior and the wet mustache and fingers. She helped me dress, checked off my “frequent flyer” card, and then escorted me to the door. Saw Julie on the way out and let her know I had a good time. All in all a good session – just wish some uncovered work was available.
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  20. bohica


    Heard that back in its hey day it would be a good idea to make a reservation. Otherwise run a chance on missing out. Though the last time I checked the talent did not look so good.