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HIYAKO Spa ... "Take A Short Trip To Asia"

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Spa' started by Hiyako Spa, May 11, 2007.

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  1. rinvio


    Body rub - Jenny @ Hiyako

    After been turned away by another provider in the city for "lack of reference", I called HIYAKO for a last minute attempt to start off my Thanksgiving weekend.

    What a blast! Jenny is very attractive, slim body, 5.5" height. She is as sweet and accommodating as it gets. The place is clean, private, although the second floor entrance is shared with a gym. I read elsewhere that some fellow mongers did not care for the new location but I was OK with it.

    Jenny's TS and subsequent body rub was fine: 3/5. She has potential in that area but it is probably not her first concern. I mostly enjoyed the small chat and I like to be very sweet and personal to the girls. The ST was heaven, definitely 5/5. She is passionate and caring and enjoys her work.

    Mamasan Julie is available and seems organized. Thanks for the last minute accommodation. I was so disappointed that the other place had turned me away but everything worked will in the end.
  2. sculptor69


    Slow and Easy: House fee is normally $80, but sometimes advertised as $70 as an "internet" special. Tip structure is .6 for "standard" (HJ) service and up to 1.2 for "deluxe" (FS) service ( I go for the deluxe). My experience is that a bj is 0.1 - see website Hiyako website (hiyakospany.com) for rates and schedule specials.
  3. slow and easy

    slow and easy

    Just curious, what was the House and Honorarium for Sonny? And how were these two points arried at? Thanks.

  4. sculptor69


    Session with Sonny at Hiyako 212-679-6779

    Found myself free in the City last Friday after the early end of a meeting and decided to test out Hiyako’s new tip policy. Gave Julie a call and let her know I’d be over in about 15 minutes. Was greeted by Julie, who welcomed me back after a long absence, and was led off to a room. Spoke with Julie for a few minutes about the tip policy and she assured me that it was in effect. Sonny (tall, thin) came in while I was getting undressed and introduced herself, as we had never met. Headed off to the TS room and received a thorough hand-wash from Sonny.

    Back in the room I changed up my normal routine (skipping the early massage) and let Sonny start the usual face-down massage – she has got some strong hands for such a light-weight young lady. The massage was a mixture of deep tissue pressure and then soft touch. I let that go on for about ten minutes and then, after stroking her legs and fine ass for a little bit, I turned over and sat up to start some play time. Let Sonny know what I wanted and she left the room for a minute or two to get supplies.

    When she came back she took off her top and shorts and let me examine her bod – nice small natural top and we started some mutual caressing. She stood facing me while my lips paid homage to her erect nipples and I eventually worked my fingers between her legs. She leaned over to get a little lube and then things started getting really interesting. Sonny is very sensitive down there and it wasn’t long before she was squirming and bouncing on my fingers to her first orgasm. She sensed that I was ready to slip Junior inside and found the cover she’d brought in and then used her mouth to put it on Junior. After a little cbj action, she hopped up on my lap and slipped Junior inside for a wild ride that ended in her having another big O.

    I wanted to taste her, so I put her up on the table and moved down for some DATY action. She gave me some direction to let me know what felt best for her and, when her thighs damn near squeezed my head to the point of unconsciousness, bucked up and down and came again. The position was right, so I slipped Junior in and started with some mish – she was pretty tight. We moved on to some RCG, which gave me a wonderful view of her little ass bouncing up and down on Junior. Almost ended it there but was able to hold out and she flipped around for some really nice CG where I was able to grab those natural breasts while she pumped Junior for all he was worth.

    As usual though, I just was unable to explode with the cover on and we eventually moved on to an uncovered HJ. Sonny grabbed some more lube and did some crazy massage movements on Junior that had me shaking on the table and exploding in no time. Clean up was a warm towel for Junior and the wet mustache and fingers. She helped me dress, checked off my “frequent flyer” card, and then escorted me to the door. Saw Julie on the way out and let her know I had a good time. All in all a good session – just wish some uncovered work was available.
  5. bohica


    Heard that back in its hey day it would be a good idea to make a reservation. Otherwise run a chance on missing out. Though the last time I checked the talent did not look so good.
  6. el guapo

    el guapo

    I went here about a month ago and I set up an appointment with kim only based on the pics from their site, and the reviews about her. This was my first time there so the fact that le station is located close by had me nervous as hell but I went through anyway based on reviews.

    My session with kim:
    I showed up like 10 minutes late but whatever, I get in the room with kim, and told her that i've been there before too ease the situation. I gave her the house fee before we started with the table shower, which gave me the opportunity to build rapport with her through small talk, and I knew we were still feeling each other out because she asked if she could touch my dick in the ts.

    We went to the room, to start the message which was solid (but I didn't come here for the message), I swear she took most of the hour up before the flip, I felt like a kid on christmas eve waiting anxiously.

    Then we go to the flip, and she asks what I want, (to which I replied everything), but we settled on topless CBJ, and HJ after I offered $80 (she said it was that time of the month) so she finished me off with the infamous jackhammer because a cbj isn't getting the job done.

    I checked the clock and we went over the hour which she didn't mind, I liked that there wasn't some issue with a tip (especially since we went over the hour), but yeah i'll be back soon.
  7. pantysniffer


    Sarah and June are a couple of cunts skilled at upselling and terrible service. How much of a discount are you getting to write these reviews ?
  8. sculptor69


    Always helps to make an appointment but you don't need to make it two days in advance. Most of the time when i was working in NYC I called the day before - sometimes event he day of. Morning is my preferred time- hoping that everyone is ready for a fresh start of the day.
  9. akfunjohn


    Thank you for the detail information.. Was wondering if I need to make a appointment do I also need to do 2 weeks in advance and do you prefer to visit in the morning when they have just started working but could be tire from day before or afternoon visit when they are little more loosen up but also could be little less clean...
  10. DireWolf98


    Re: What's Happening at Hiyako?

    sculptor69: thanks for your post and your feedback (btw, sorry for my delayed reply - work has been crazy lately). I respect your opinion. I think the current pattern of aggressive negotiations is not good. In general, I think that the situation at Hiyako is complex.

    First, Julie had a fall-out with UG and she no longer advertises here. Therefore, it's unlikely that she is reading the reviews here. Julie has her website and now perhaps it's a case of negative reviews being "out of sight, out of mind."

    Second, I suspect that Julie is experiencing burn-out. The stress of operating this shop is wearing her down.

    When I dropped by for my session with Katie, I attempted to consult with her as she had been more than happy to provide me with feedback/advice in the past. She also used to have a quick talk with the girl I selected. However, when I started to consult with her, she abruptly cut me off and said, "Just talk to her and find out."

    When I dropped by for my session with Aiko, I didn't bother asking any questions. Afterward, as I was leaving (and Aiko was standing next to me), Julie asked me if the session was good. I lied and said it was good, but that we could talk more some other time. I didn't want to say anything negative in front of Aiko.

    Or maybe, because I cut-back on my visits to Hiyako, and/or because she left UG, Julie doesn't care what I think . . .
  11. sculptor69


    Jenny @ Hiyako 212-679-6779

    Just realized that I didn't post this review of Jenny, so here it is.

    Two weeks ago I visited Hiyako and had a really nice session with Jenny – my first time with her. I had called Julie two days before and asked her to set up an appointment with Jenny, despite some of the recent negative reviews regarding her services and Hiyako in general. Got there for my appointment and was greeted at the door by June, who led me to the room. A few minutes later this tall slender young lady came into the room and introduced herself as Jenny.

    I guess I was the first customer of the day, because I spotted a woman from their cleaning service in the hallway – that was a bit weird. Jenny helped me get undressed and led me off to the TS. The TS was very thorough and a lot of attention to cleaning was paid to the important parts. After the TS, we headed back to the room and I gave her the house fee. She left for a few minutes to get my change and when she returned, I gave her a small gift to acknowledge our first time together – she was surprised at that gesture and gave me a great big hug and kiss to show her appreciation. Jenny had me lie face down on the table to start the massage and we talked a bit – her English is pretty good – to get to know each other a bit better. The massage went a little longer than I usually like, but it was good nonetheless and Jenny had no problem with moving on to other things.

    The rest of the session was very nice with a lot of DATY (which she REALLY enjoyed) and some very enthusiastic CG and Mish. Then it was time for a a hot towel cleanup, a little discussion and dressing to leave. I gave her a nice tip and headed off out onto the streets of New York wishing for unlimited funding availability so this could be more of a steady diversion from the daily grind. All in all, I had a really good session with Jenny and now find it somewhat difficult to figure out who to choose when I return to Hiyako - Jenny, Sarah, or June – all of whom provided me with very accommodating service.
  12. Exhibit8.5



    You guys are hilarious!

    Hey Julie I am back from CA from business, I should check things out tonight or very soon, but not sure if you are directly replying to this thread at this time.

  13. Ampking69


    I used to hang out a girl jenni who use to work there
    She said the young girls did not walk to work there young

    Is Kate still there she is nice
  14. pantysniffer



    I saw her last month. It was very noisy first off. Not her fault but her service was poor. She was just was interested in the money in my pocket and not my dick. For daty she laid there bored as hell and kept pulling away as if to say " are you done yet"? For Cbj I caught her trying to get away with a hj. The topper was that another client came in and she had the fucking balls to leave me for 10 minutes so I believe she gave him a TS . Thus my bold headline .
  15. sculptor69


    What's Happening at Hiyako?

    Direwolf98: I have to agree with you about different experiences at Hiyako when Julie is present and when she is not - always is better when Julie is there or when she talks to the massage girl about your preferences before the session begins - maybe that is the secret regarding differences in treatment by the ladies.

    What is really concerning is the trend here of negative reviews for just about any girl at Hiyako - lackluster service, intense price negotiations, etc. - it was never (at least in my experience) like that in the past.

    I hope Julie is reading the reviews on this board and sees what customers, old and new, are saying about Hiyako's services. I started going to Hiyako almost four years ago after reading the posts on this board, but I doubt that many new customers will visit if the negative reviews continue.
  16. DireWolf98


    A Tale Of 2 J-Girls: Katie & Aiko

    I was over-due to visit Hiyako, partly because I was irritated by my last session there with June. IMHO, June is a typical mercenary gorgeous Chinese girl - she was far too aggressive in her pricing demands and negotiations.

    So, when Julie posted that a J-Girl joined her staff, I HAD to drop by.

    Katie is very cute, slightly curvy, soft skin and a sweet personality. Table Shower was okay and it provided Katie with the opportunity to display her playful nature. We chatted away about our favorite places in Tokyo - which helped session chemistry.

    Once back in the room, Katie was sweet, affectionate and erotic. We skipped the massage and jumped right into fun time. Katie delivered an erotic excellent modified BBBJ/HJ which left me totally satisfied. :)

    Also, Katie never mentioned money the entire time we were together.

    Unfortunately, Katie is no longer featured on the Hiyako website. I assume that Katie has left Hiyako.

    Then, Julie posted that yet another J-Girl had joined her staff.

    Aiko is a busty, sweet girl, who gave me a friendly greeting. Her Table Shower was mediocre at best. When we returned to the room, Aiko switched into negotiation mode. Aiko was very aggressive in terms of her price quotes. Her price expectations are stratospherically above market prices in New York - and even in Tokyo. I opted for the nude HJ.

    Aiko seemed shy about revealing-off her midsection after disrobing - either she has had a C-Section or a muffin top. It was hard to verify due to darkness in the room and Aiko's angling of her body. Unfortunately, her technique was mediocre. Also, to be honest, I doubt that Aiko is a J-Girl. I suspect that she is a Zainichi Korean - I could tell by her accent (although her Japanese is quite good) and certain mannerisms. That's okay, I simply prefer truth in advertising.

    It's a shame that Katie left, she was great. Aiko is okay, but she is too aggressive in her pricing and her service wasn't that good. Katie is much better looking and provides much much better service than Aiko.
  17. DireWolf98


    Iamthedealer - No worries! No offense taken. Everything is cool :)
  18. Iamthedealer


    I mean no offense Dire I am not concern about the negative reviews. I know every girl is very different. I enjoy the moment with each girl I meet So I hope i am not disrespectful in any of what i said.
  19. DireWolf98


    More About June And Related Topics

    See below.

    Why are you concerned regarding negative reviews about a girl that you never met? Please try to maintain your objectivity. btw, I have met both Jai and June - the difference is miles apart. Jai is much much better.

    = = = = = = = =

    sculptor69, let me start by saying that I can appreciate the fact that you had a different experience with June. Apparently, you are not alone. From my perspective, what happened, happened and I impartially posted my experience from that single session that I had with June. As a veteran hobbyist, I know that there are a lot of variables in the equation.

    First, YMMV - that's one of the realities/mantras of our hobby.

    Second, Julie wasn't there when I arrived for my appointment. When I meet a girl for the first time, Julie usually gives that girl a quick scouting report, based on my previous requests and feedback; and on what previous girls have told her post-session.

    Third, I have been a customer at Hiyako for about 8 years - during which time this shop has gone through various ups and downs. I have also been posting reports related to our hobby for longer than I might admit. If Metalman is still around, he will attest to that fact.

    For the record, my all-time favorite girl at Hiyako was one of the rare "real" Japanese girls who worked there. Her name at Hiyako was "Yuki." She only worked a few times and then she was gone. She either went back to Japan or found employment outside of this business. Here is that my post:


    That being said, I can't lie: my session with June was disappointing. It might have been a factor of YMMV or something else. Maybe: it was too early; she didn't eat breakfast; she was tired; she is scared of tall men; I should improve my Mandarin; we had bad session chemistry; etc. etc. etc.

    With that in mind, I'll share a mildly funny YMMV story. When I lived in Tokyo, an American tourist, whom I met through the Net, gave me a tip about a non-FS venue. He also recommended a specific girl, about whom he raved and he had the impression that she "liked" him.

    I went to the shop and requested the girl - she was great! She gave me an excellent BBBJ followed by off-the-menu FS (for no extra). At the end of our session, I asked for her cell number, which she gladly gave to me along with her real name. She was an IT person in-between jobs and she was on the Interview Trail. Two weeks later I dropped by the shop and she was gone. I called her cell & left messages. Eventually, we hooked up. Prior to our first meeting outside the shop, I asked her how much she wanted to charge. She laughed and said that she didn't want money, she simply wanted to have sex with me and she was really looking forward to our reunion.

    It was a great reunion with numerous happy returns. One funny thing was that I asked her about my tourist acquaintance who had recommended the shop and her. She claimed to have absolutely no memory of meeting him, which is remarkable given that not many gaijin went to that shop. My tourist acquaintance mentioned his disappointment that she had left the shop the next time he traveled to Tokyo and visited that shop. I never told him that she had become one of my Sex Friends.

    Things were interesting, then I moved back to the U.S. Then, about three years later, she started to e-mail me. She told me that she was married and had one child. However, she missed me and still fantasized about me. Unfortunately, I haven't seen her since then.

    So, YMMV!
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2013
  20. Iamthedealer


    I heard so much about june. The negatives did not seem right. It been awhile since I went to hiyako. I went there for Jai and she was awesome very well mannered. I think i stop by sometime. But so little time because of work.