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Discussion in 'New York' started by TonySunshine, Feb 4, 2003.

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    Anyone remember the Windjammer? What a great place in Sheepshead Bay. Penn ave....highest homicide rate per square mile in NY...but what a selection. Coming off the Belt Prkwy to the right were working girls complete with pimps and set tracks. To the left...genuine crack heads that offered full service for $30. Its still a fairly happening place...I have never failed to see several girls working anytime I took the trip.
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    I take offense to that WD. It's open gunfire at least 3 times a day when I used to live on Herkimer.
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    I live in Brooklyn and I can honestly tell you that where there's a lot of SW's around you probably wouldn't want to go. But if you dare, go to the Morgan/ Knickerbacker area. I've heard of many people having luck there. It's in Bushwick. You also could try East New York as well.
    ...It's not THAT bad. Probably only automatic gunfire once a night. :D

    All the places in convenient locations have turned into an extension of Manhattan. You will have absolutely no luck in Greenpoint, Williamsburg, the Heights, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, or Park Slope. You have to go pretty out of your way to find the SPs...
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    It's not the debutante ball silly
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    if i have to watch my back when i walk out then it might be a problem.

    if she is the best piece of ass since Miss World then might not be a big deal.
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    I was receintly talking to a friend about the pros and cons of different locations for a gentlemans quaters. (a place that hobbyist can .....what eva). What do you think about brooklyn .......Is it really true that certain areas are taboo...... (hobbyist wont travel to)?