How do I stay away from this business?

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by kromrider, Aug 1, 2006.

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  1. DaveNJ


    That'll work for a woman a whole lot more than it will for a guy. Sucks, but it's true
  2. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    It's simple: put cotton in your ears so you can't hear what they say, and follow them around and see what they do. You should be sick enough within 24 hours.
  3. Mr.Vargas


    how about giving your wife all of your money / putting her in charge of your finances.

    That way, you won't have the money to see any providers.

    Yeah i know it will suck, but if you really want to quit...

    "There are no gains without pains."
    ---- Benjamin Franklin
  4. genius


    Good way to end a relationship that you might want to keep.
  5. jras


    it's too late, krom, you're already back in
    cumpulsions rule
  6. Alisha Adams

    Alisha Adams

    How about being honest about your hobby with any new relationship you develop then ask her to participate ...

    I always told my boyfriend "Dont cheat on me ... without me"
  7. April

    April Member<br><color=red> First in war, first in peace

    Move to North's a dead zone.
  8. opie


    Hey... Kromrider if you are still out there... You know where I am. Let's talk I have the same questions and still haven't figure it out.
  9. Miss Brienne

    Miss Brienne

    Deal with it or suck it up and accept it. :)

    Just like any additive type have to (in all senses) remove yourself from any and all. Move, change jobs. and... that includes a change in "friends".

    If you truly want to walk away-quit lurking and engagin' in boards such as this. Do not type another letter. Just Go.

    If you have the slightest question in if this will be easy, forget it.

    Nothing good comes from being easy.

    Wish you well.
  10. betty_snj


    soooo true

    by Nature, males of all species has a need to spread their are not different.

    Some have more "seeds" than others...reason some guys have the NEED to have sex with multiple women and some are happy with only one at the time.

    Men need to relieve their stress thru any form. Some use the Rosie Palm system and are happy with that, some need the physical interaction with a female to feel complete.
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  11. fortydog


    Moderation is the key to most everything in it booze, women, drugs, etc.

    That said, it's off to the amp for me ;)
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  12. cindyq11


    Remember that time when there one man that was particulary obessesed with me. I say him three, four maybe five times a week.
    I finally told him, damn, might as well move in with you.

    And plans were to do that. Then all of a sudden, nothing, it was like he had dropped off a cliff.

    And it might as well have been. Saw him by accident, at a country store.
    We chatted.

    He lost everything, everything. Had open heart surgery, 6 bypasses. Now residing at this nephew's farm, no money, flat broke, sad story.

    But if he had his resources back, would he have returned? Yeah, he would have. Because there is one thing, I am damn sure certain, there is no getting away from this habit. Heck why fight it.

    Yield to temptation, It may not pass this way again--Will Rogers.
  13. Mr.Vargas


    If you REALLY wanna spice things up give yourself a stranger. LOL

    A Stranger is when you sit on your hand till it's numb and then whack off.
  14. fortydog


    And to spice things up you can use your other hand :)
  15. scoochamenz1



    this has been my method lately. download a shitload of porn and whack off. put some makeup on your hand if you have to.
  16. beardedone


    This is the first time I've posted in a *long* while, and I never posted much.
    I quit and what helped me quit was that I told someone and went into therapy and told the therapist. Now I'd be too ashamed to fall off the wagon, because I'd have to admit to those people that I fell off.
    Of course, the issues which led to this whole scene in the first place have to be addressed. And it may not be possible to entirely quit, not because "once a monger always a monger," but because the situation for some people simply leads to mongering as an answer (e.g., higher sex drive than wife who's unwilling to satisfy you and a refusal to accept a lifetime of jerking off as "fair").
    But so far so good and the fact that my self esteem would now suffer if I started again is a big deal. I'm proud that I quit.
  17. ChuckUFarlie


    I'd like to know how you even find a cl girl who actually keeps appointments and answers *****s. I've been trying for a while now and all that respond to me are the same 3 fat, sloppy, stinky, pimped out skanks.
  18. billyS


    Krom, I was wondering what happen to you. My story is for what its worth... I started hobbying again after about 11 years of marriage because I wanted something different once in a while but once I found UG I went crazy. I'm still married but I found a GF who I have great sex with and I still find myself in XD( or one of the other Edison places) or an AMP every so often (like when she is on the rag). Mainly when I read about places on UG I feel if I don't try them I'm missing out. Yet I always leave disspointed. I've slowed down alot but I'm still vunerable every so often. I do save a lot of money though. Since both the GF and I are married to other people its not like I take her out a lot. Mostly lunches which we can explain since we can honestly say we know each other from work. But hooker sex, even if they claim it is GFE is no comparision to real, raw, both people cumming bf/gf sex.
  19. billyS


    On the new HBO show Lucky Louie, when his wife catches him wacking off in the closet he tells her "I don't need to cheat on you because I can jerk off".
  20. Ozzy


    Jerk Off.

    Don't laugh... in a place completely inhabited by men having a very similar discussion..... this was the single biggest agreed upon option for staying away from the business and saving money.