How Many Inches Did YOU Get Last Night?

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by Troutman, Feb 18, 2003.

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  1. mercydancer


    Have you ever noticed how you can never find a man in any uniform when you really need one?
    Seafood stew,foccacia and peach cobbler for dessert. Sounds great to me.
  2. antnee


    21 inches here on the south shore of LI.

    My Australian Shepherd ( all 35 lbs of her) had to hop like a rabbit to get through the drifts. The best was when she found a real fluffy bankand diappeared only to burrow out a few seconds later. Now she won't go in the backyard and wants to be let into the street to take care of business.
    What sucks for me is my ankle is in a cast and everyone has to shovel! Okay that part doesn't suck but not playing with kids does.
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  3. betty_snj


    mmmmmm Mercy focaccia???? damn it goes well with the seafood stew I'm making for tonight.
    Let's swap goodies...where is that damn UPS guy (in shorts!!!!) when we need him???
  4. mercydancer


    We got 3ft and its snowing again.
    Like Betty I'm trying to find ways to enjoy this,but, I'm running out of ideas. Even the kids are getting tired of the snow.but they're enjoying all the extra goodies I've been cooking and baking.LOL.
    If I dont get back to work soon, I'll gain all the weight I lost again.Hmmmm, that focaccia in the oven smells really good.
  5. Cookypuss


    I must get off the mountain ~

    Its official, 32 inches and as i glance outside its F#@cking snowing again !!!! No way can i get to philly tonite, this is making me very very stir crazy..I feel bad for my next client, when i can finally dig myself out ~
  6. greekgirlinnj

    greekgirlinnj in loco CD

    that was good quixote

    well we got 22 inches...and yup snowing again but the gyms open and i drove around last night and have to say the roads were very good..

    jack although hes huge at 110 and on hind legs is almost 5 ft 4..he ran through 4 - 6 ft drifts and wouldnt come in the house

    but its going to get warmer by tomm and all this white stuff is gonna me be mud

    have fun
  7. donquixote04


    I only got 16 inches. But they were really thick.
  8. betty_snj


    30 inches...I was all happy because the local forecast was...temperature raising, cloudy skies...but, when I looked outside this morning aroung 6:30 am guess what? more snow, and in bigger flakes!!!
    So, I guess one more day stuck in the NJ pinelands.
    Kids in my neighboorhood are happy means another day of snowmobiles and ATVs roaming into the woods. Mine are up and out already and I can hear their giggling voices outside in the midst of engines.
    Chicken soup is already cooking in the stove...fireplace is blazing and I'm sitting here with a big mug of hot cocoa.
    :) No reason to complain...nothing I can do but just sit and enjoy the weather and hope some day someone comes to dig me out to the real world.
  9. RoosterC74


    25 inches down here-with 5ft. to 6ft. drifts-with the wind gusts of over 55 miles per hour. Also, some tidal flooding. The whacky thing-is it has been snowing once again for the past 90 minutes-and we picked up an additional 1 to 2 inches.
  10. Troutman

    Troutman Paste

    We got 20.