How many times with an ATF ?

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by billyS, May 19, 2006.

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  1. Wwanderer

    Wwanderer Kids, don't try this at home

    I was going to answer this one but can't even figure out how to do the counting. I mean, suppose my ATF and I have a happy time together in bed, then get up, shower, have a glass of wine and then return to playing for a second round. But after another break, I fail to get it up for pop #3 of the evening, so as an alternative, do her one more time via DATY. All after dinner and before turning in for the night. Would you count that as 1 or 2 or 2.5 or 3...?

  2. out of control

    out of control

    I’ve probably seen my ATF about 60 times she works at the Spanish houses and has received favorable reviews on the 1F thread. She used to call me whenever she worked and has introduced me to 6 different houses over the years. The experience was beyond GFE, DFK, toe sucking, greek, bbfs and I love you’s. I stopped seeing her about six months ago because I was in another relationship and my sessions with her were too intense. I’ve cut down on the hobby dramatically the new GF is saving me a fortune but I’m tempted to call her very tempted.
  3. MetroJay1


    ATF......1. She was awesome and then disappeared into thin air. Next favorite about 5 times.
  4. billyS


    No. Only PFP.
  5. nabbeun


    does this include cases where you dated or married the provider? if so, are only sessions where actual $ changed hands counted, or are all so-called 'free' ones included too? i think the 'free' ones should be included too...imhe, when the girl stops charging you a piece rate, her $/fuck ratio actually goes up not down...
  6. redleg609


    Gabriella at Joys Companions

    Not really sure of the count. My first time with Gabriella was Jan last year. I have seen her at least a dozen times since then. Unfortunately, I don't expect to have as long a run as some of you who have had 10 years with an ATF. G is an intern (medical type) and will no doubt be moving on. I will see her as long as I can.

    She's a charmer.
  7. treizecisisase


    ATF in the sense of repeat isn't in my dictionary. I like variety. If the picking is short at times or time is short I know where to go for what I want but I'm a traveling gambler myself. The secret is to build a large library and read a book no more than 2 or 3 times.
  8. ShelbySmoked101


    I've seen 5+ ATFs 50+ times, since I average at least 1-2x/month with an ATF (sometimes more), so if their location is convenient for a few years, 50 times is easy.

    I go back for repeat business with non-ATF providers I like, so there are alot of providers I've made it to double-digits with.
  9. Heartbreaker


    I've had one ATF on and off for about 15 years. It used to be once a month for years, now it is more like every 6 months. I lost track of how many times I fucked her, it's probably close to 100 and most of everyone else was usually once with a few others twice.
  10. oddfellow4870


    I've had 4 steadies. The first was the longest and it ran 4 years on and off, so I'd say probably 150 times.
  11. misterxyz


    Yes, but it is better to have fucked rather not to have fucked at all.
  12. It does suck. I had some of the best sex in my life with her. But, I also knew it was not forever and one of us was going have to end it eventually. She just beat me to the punch...
  13. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator


    Wow. That must have been rough on you. Like your favorite restuarant/club closing or your favorite brand going out of business. Sucks.
  14. billyS


  15. with my atf it was probably around 70 or so over a 10 year period. alas, she retired a year ago...
  16. greyfox


    My MFF (Most Frequent Fuck) number is probably like Billy's.I'm uncertain because it was over a 15 year period.I've probably seen another 10 girls in the 5-10 range and the majority once.
  17. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    Will you stipulate that the ATF is the one you fucked the most? because oherwise you may have guys saying 4 (because that's how many times they saw the one which they liked the best) while having seen half a dozen girls over 30 times each.
  18. billyS


    I've seen over 300 whores (rough estimate) in my day but most just once. Someone like Cathy at 1F/Sanford is over 10 times but she is only one of a few in double digits. The girl I fucked the most p4p was about 30 times. I was wondering where that number stood against some of you other guys? I'd be very curious to know how many times you fucked your ATF.