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Huntington- saw the ad on BP 347-931-8810

Discussion in 'Long Island' started by wah, Nov 19, 2011.

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  1. wah


    Oh thanks man. wasn't sure there was another regular long island review section... I figure I couldn't start thread yet. Thanks.
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  2. fuhecu2


    wah..y u posting in newbie section..your posts should be seen and read by all..some regulars dont read the newbie section

  3. wah


    Overall very good.

    Went to this place the other day, basement. Enter from around the side of the building. Nice decor, relaxing environment. I'm met by Helen, long black hair, pretty. Prob 40ish. Nice body- milfish sexy look. I take the half. Massage turns out great. She works me all over. I ask her where she got her skills she says she works in legit shops. I like bodywork, so I extend it and enjoy my time. Towards the end, tickle was slow and nice. She has nice long hair and it tickles me as she's using her fingernails on my skin. She's wearing shorts with leggings, so nice feel up her legs and body. I go utc up top and nice soft slow strokes from her. She knew what she was doing, totally non rushed experienced. It was one of the more pleasant experiences I've had recently. Standard tips.

    On my way out I see another girl, I pause for a chat. She's younger, prettier and friendly. Seemed like a very nice body underneath her dress. No idea of her massage skills but her looks got my attention. I'll probaby be back this week for a try. Hoping she's got bodywork skills too. Heard another girl talking on the phone in one of the offices, so didn't get to see her.
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