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Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by eviesnow2002, Mar 3, 2003.

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  1. fly1322



    Its been a while since I last caught up with you - its sad to see that you plan to retire soon - I guess I should schedule a session or two sometime...

    My regrets - not having a chance to get to know krissy :(
  2. markhughs


    I'm sorry to see Mallory go, but all the girls on your site are beautiful and I am looking forward to visiting you soon.
  3. eviesnow2002


    i have been in this business

    I have been in this business for too long and it is time to move on.. I took my lumps just did not like the way i was treated is all and needed to vent...

    Love Jewels
  4. ClintToris2002



    Jewels--your heart seems in the right place but in reality you're operating in a cut-throat business. Girls jump ship all the time when the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence. Girls also get recycled with new names frequently--e.g., didn't Luna used to be Lia and Vikki used to be Katt?

    Take your lumps and move on. Your decision to exit the business soon is probably a good one.
  5. kesey


    I've only used your service once and you delivered as promised, I think that maybe what you need are some more mature ladies working for you ;o) I'd love to see some ladies in their 30s and up at a reliable service.
  6. eviesnow2002


    Dear Friends:

    I just want to say that i am sorry for the mess this weekend and all the mix ups with this place this past week. I have had to make some changes in this administration with my employees.. As you know i try to be fair and at times in this business when you are too fair you get screwed up the ass.. As always my goodness has taken me to this extreme and i have had to let some girls go.. First there is Mallory.. Alot of you bought it to my attention that she was on someones elses site using my pictures and i checked this out with the owner of girlfriendexperience only to get wise remarks from said owner and told to go fuck myself so i decided after having this conversation with this so called business owner if that is what she calls herself i decided to let Mallory go .. Mallory did not give me any reason to beleive that she was not going to another place so i made my decisions since to be honest there are so many girls out there and to fight over one is not worth it.. I think you will agree with me on this.. Secondly Selena has decided to retire due to the fact that she wants to settle down and make babies so we wish her well.. I am sorry that i have not been on top of things but i promise to be doing things much better and everything will be back to normal.. But i am real sorry my mind has not been in the right place lately.. It is a handful to handle all of these different personalitites under one roof and it is hard for me and this is why i have decided to close down at the end of the year due to all of this mess.. I am tired and getting old..lol...

    I will say this however ... Never in all my life have i experienced such a bad experience with another agency regarding a mix up with a girl.. I will tell you this.. I have never felt so offended by a person especially a young woman who prides herself in being so customer service oriented.. The way she treated this whole matter is beyond words and i will tell you this that i always get along with every other person in this business and it is to our benefit as business owners to stick together and in reality when something like this occurs the owners should comminicate about the girl and the situation not be told to go screw themselves or to drop dead ..
    Well i am sorry for the rambling on .. Just tired and needed to vent..

    Love Jewels
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