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  1. Hyabby

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    Not just 800 numbers

    Caller ID data ALWAYS travels with a phone call. If the caller has his number blocked, that merely sets a flag, which it is up to the receiving carrier to respect. Most do, but to varying extents.

    One of my cellphones (the hobby one, of course) is a prepaid model - I will not mention the carrier. When a call is received from a blocked number, the calling number is not displayed in real time. BUT if I go to the carrier's website an hour or two later, log in and check my usage - the blocked number WILL be shown! I will admit that I have collected one or two numbers this way!

    So ya never really know how blocked is blocked . . .
  2. genius


    If you think about it what hey did, IMHO, is a legitmate practice; you wanted to reach them, they were not available at the moment and they called back as soon as they were free to find out why you called them. I find this far better than the girl answering the phone right in the middle (or worse right at the end) of giving me a HJ.

    If you do not want them calling you back (I do not) then its up to you to implement the suggestions posted here. I usually use a pay phone.

    BTW - Even if you caller ID is blocked your number is still available under certain conditions. For example calling 800, 888 or 900 numbers, or calling 911 , blocking does not work. Your number will be transmitted to the called party, and can be captured and displayed using a technology called Automatic Number Identification (ANI). This is how mail order companies with 800 numbers or credit card companies know when you are calling from your home phone. and imediately know who you are regardless of whether your number is unlisted. or blocked.
  3. Thorn


    This is what I like to hear. Clients keeping themselves safe with a little forethought.
  4. qqq35


    blocking is the only way i have called for over 10 yrs. if it requires unblocking i use a pay phone
  5. vbnyc


    next time you call any # that you wouldn't want a return call on, hit *67 before the area code and number. It works on most cells too, not just land lines.
  6. suddanlyknot


    just block your #.. I called from my house a cpl of times in the afternoon.. the house was empty.. I was getting call backs 3 hrs later.. "you rang ..?.
  7. JaxHammer


    Actually, this has happened to me more than once. Nowadays, I use a calling card. They are cheap enough. I advise you to do the same if you don't want callbacks. With business being slow, these places don't want to miss a customer and don't think twice about calling back.
  8. teleman69


    I called a MP in newark today, it rang like 4 times and went to voic*****. Wasnt a big deal, just want to get location and price. What bothers me is they called back on my cell about 10 minutes later asking if i called for a massage. I should have said something, but i didnt.