I Guess Jenny Had the Baby!!!

Discussion in 'New York' started by AnAffairtoRemem, Jan 23, 2006.

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  1. imaginess


    Its too bad. I really wanted to see Jenny after the initial reviews. Plus she reminded me of a dominican waitress from a pool hall I used to go to (I have a thing for pool hall waitresses).
  2. rogue


    Applause Applause-

    Val-I think it is wonderful that you stick to your guns about this-most would take back a "moneymaker"-

    I would see her again if she was back-but more for the curiosity factor-

    I only saw Jenny once,and it was an ok,not a WOW experience-maybe becuaseit was the first time,or I didn't get anything BB-I don't remember to be honest--

    But it's the principle of the thing,so kudos and props to you.
  3. boarder


    Although it sounds like you remember Gooey 2K. :D
  4. AnAffairtoRemem

    AnAffairtoRemem Bronze

    No Black Book!!!!!

    It is all in my head. That's why if you call me 4 months later and I don't remember you you have to give me the info again. Some guys complain about it and when I say would you like the alternative they say, " oh yeah,
    you have a point!!!!!"

  5. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    some people would be greatful if you didnt even own a little black book.
  6. Ozzy


    Just be happy no lawyers are seeking court orders to open your black book in an attempt to get the real identity of the father.
  7. AnAffairtoRemem

    AnAffairtoRemem Bronze

    Because Gooey 2K calls me up and wants to see one of my girls!!!

    Is he kidding!! Once you steal from me you made your decision and you are out!!!

    He doesn't consider it stealing because he started seeing Jenny after she quit working for me.

    She quit working for me because she stole enough numbers from guys to see them on the side. I know of at least three.

    So she stole from me and they stole from me and that's fine that was their decision but after you steal from me don't call me up and want to come back.

    Jenny wanted to come back and work for me when she was pregnant with her new drug dealing boyfriends baby because all the guys that were seeing her on the side didn't want her anymore and now the guys that were seeing her want to come back and see my girls I guess because she is too fat or too busy with the baby.

    People really crack me up. Did you think agency owners are stupid and we don't know what is going on.

    Girls should realize what they have before they steal because those guys are going to get tired of them and the guys should realize that you may have that one girl for a cheaper price for now but you will get tired of her and then both of you won't have a place to come back to!!

    It is just sad because I thought Jenny was a nice kid and I tried to help her, even went to family court with her for moral support and lent her money to help her out. I thought she would use working as a way to get out of a bad situation instead she just fell deeper and deeper into a hole that she will never get out of now.

    Just goes to show you you can't help people that would help themselves!!