i screwed up...some final thoughts

Discussion in 'New York' started by nj george, Oct 29, 2001.

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  1. Ezrlove



    I wish you the best in your personal life. I did not completely read the other thread that you were mentioning but I read enough of it to know what was going on.

    I know of two providers that told me personally (before all this stuff happened) that you are a really nice guy. I'm sure your friendship will overcome this nonsense.

    Take care,

  2. jras


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    I feel your pain -- no, wait, I'm lying again.

  3. Oh, the drama

    You're not sorry. You still think you did the right thing. So don't say you're sorry. Makes you seem like a phony.
  4. GreenDot9

    GreenDot9 Guest

    Reality Check...

    You post alot of nonsense in UG and you expect us to believe you have integrity??!?

    Wha? the fugg???

    You have NO credibility!!!! Good luck trying to get some!
  5. nj george

    nj george

    during the last few years when i was hobbying at this level i have learned a few things. i have learned alot about myself, alot about human nature in trying to figure out why people do the crazy things they do and also i learned alot about the concept of friendship. and what it really means as opposed to the superficial pseudo friendships that seem to abound in this hobby. i am also a no BS kind of guy. i hate phonies. i value my integrity and credibility higher than most any other thing in my life. for me, being totally honest with people is paramount to establishing a good relationship. having said that i have some closing thoughts on the posts made last friday.

    body to see....i understand your problems in your personal life. it must be very difficult for you. but you screwed up however, by bringing your personal problems(some of which i suspect are the result of things you yourself may have done btw) to this board via back channels and asking people here to lie for you. lying is not the answer to your problems. lies do not solve problems, they only serve to postpone them. and also lead to bigger and bigger lies. it has to stop sometime. sometimes a person has to stand on their own two feet and take responsibility for their own life instead of using others to do it for you.

    to the others, you screwed up too, by playing along with the charade....was it worth compromising your integrity and credibility(not to mention the credibility of the board itself) to try to pull the wool over people's eyes? if you people were really her friends, and i mean really her true and trusted friends you would have told her something similar to what i said above. never forget that being a friend to someone...being a TRUE friend to someone sometimes means that you have to tell them what they NEED to hear instead of what they WANT to hear.

    as for myself...i screwed up most of all:( because in actuallity none of this is my business and i should have stayed out of it. even though she brought it to a public forum and it became fair game, i should have known better. my problem is that for some reason i cared too much for this place and for a friend of mine who got involved. and i apologize to slinky and the board for my past and current comments. but i really feel that this needs to be said. anyway, because of my ourburst and subsequent e-mails a wonderful friendship may have been lost:(( i hated seeing this person's credibility being jeopardized and i hated seeing people being used. this is something i am maybe overly sensitive to since i know what i feels like to be used by a provider. none of this, however is worth the loss of a good friendship, NONE of it! like i said i screwed up here more than anybody:((...and ironicly because i cared too much i may be suffering the harshest consequences of anyone.

    having said that i am moving on, i am outta here. you guys can go back to beating each other's brains in but right now there are more important things for me to worry and think about...

    trying to repair what' s left of my friendship

    the 5000+ who died on 9/11 and how that will change the rest of my life

    my high school freshman daughter who was recently promoted to varsity on her soccer team and will play in the states starting next thursday:)))

    what the world will be like for her when she grows up

    jeri ryan will now be appearing on boston public.

    repairing what's left of my friendship

    repairing what's left of my friendship

    again, i am sorry, i just thought i was doing the right thing.

    --nj george--