i want to be a millionaire . . .

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by h. von bingen, Feb 25, 2003.

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  1. Cloud Nine

    Cloud Nine I had to open my big mouth.......

    Possible lifeline questions....

    "Okay Slinky are you ready for the question?":

    "What is smegma?"

    "How long would it take to get a final eviction in Manhattan?"

    "Who is Sexywhore?"

    "What type of zoning laws are there in Houston?"

    "Can I post my e*mail addy?"

    "Why was I banned?"

    "Are the best sound systems made by american companies?"
  2. jseah


    would they allow you to bring a laptop to log onto UG?
  3. h. von bingen

    h. von bingen Sharon

    it occurred to me today that if i went on who wants to be a millionaire (and btw i would love to bang that meredith viera [i have excellent 1st hand info she is a hell cat in the sac]) -- slinky would be a top choice for one of my life lines. slink, should i apply to be on the show?

    hook and sinker,