I want to express myself (BRIDGETTE

Discussion in 'New York' started by Julienyc, Feb 13, 2001.

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    I gotta take you home with me. Cant wait to meet you.
  2. jmcurry

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    Bridgette: Thank you for your honesty and sincerity. Given the many ambiguous answers to questions about providers' reasons for entering the business, your post is illuminating and comforting. I hope you continue to contribute to the board.
  3. jjbond


    bridgette at julies

    Bridgette, i had the pleasure and i do mean pleasure of being with you and having your company 1 time late december and it was fantastic, you are a high energy fun lady and truly treat your man to a wonderful experience and anyman who reads this, you should not walk but run to have her she is a great lady. she is one of my favorites at julies. Happy birthday Bridgette and if i could make it on your birthday, i would and still pay you for your time.
  4. jester


    Mine was the 28th.

    Does it count if we meant to stop by that day but couldn't make it? :D

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  6. Coyote


    I'm not sure, but I think that this may be the most honest and sexually expressive posts I've ever seen about a woman who wants others to know about her interests and reason for being in the escort business. With all the hype we've seen, I've never seen anyone try to explain it more directly and concisely Maybe I'm a naive sucker for a good ad but on this one I don't think so. Hoorah for those of us honest enough to know themselves and being willing to share it with all of us. Bless you Bridgette
  7. Ozzy


    that fake ID place in times sq still open?

    and what kind of proof do we need to provide.....

    this kinda reminds me of jahns ice cream parlor in queens. do they still give free sundays on your birthday?
  8. One Eyed Trouser Trout

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    Be careful for what you wish for. Once, I had stumbled upon a lamp and rubbed it...the Genie was permitting me only 1 wish, so I asked to be white and surrounded by pussy.


    Genie turned me into a tampon
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    Cool! I could be your first!!
  10. Julienyc


    Hello this is Bridgette

    I appreciate the chance to speak out and thank you utopia. I've always wanted to do an interview that would give me a chance to express what this business means to me and how much I love it. I love what it gives me back as how much I love men and in fact I have never met an ugly man. Sex is the strongest force in my universe. Love is second and hate is third. I was amazed to find sex comes before Love.now it makes more sense to me. My point is that I surround myself with the strongest vibration of the universe most of my waking moments. The other half I am dreaming of sex and I leave no stones unturned. I explore every element of nature concerning erotic energy.

    As a matter of fact, I love you men so much that any one of you are with me on your birthday . I will pay for your session from my own pocket. I love you guys and can't get enough of your sexual organs. In my next life I would love to be a vagina and then I could come come. and come.

    I wrote this for Bridgette the wild one.

    The letter is so long that I will finish it at a later date