Icing the John

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  1. horndog1


    That would

    be the infamous Mandie
  2. packman50


    That is a great point Karl. There is one provider that I really want to meet but in half of her reviews (always very positive) they mention that she has them come to here place, then tells them to sit while she gets ready. With the meter running why would I want to watch TV for 10-15 minutes. Your "Iceing the John" prase is classic.
  3. RickNYC


    In my limited experience at AMPs the time it took for the TS and then the wait for the masseuse did not contribute for the 1 hour I paid for. After the masseuse came in we both took a good look at the time (there was a digital alarm clock in the room) and when all was done it was (typically) an hour to an hour 5 mins after that initial time.

    I would be majorly pissed now if everything was contributing to that one hour of massage. I suppose I am spoiled lol.
  4. DaveNJ


    I don't really like the practice, but I understand when it happens to a certain extent at an AMP, etc., unless we're talking about more than 10-15 minutes. Anything beyond that is ridiculous unless they tell you up front that you may have to wait that long. However, if the time you spend waiting is considered part of your hour, thats a whole different story. If you are a regular, it's easier to argue to get the whole hour because they value your business, otherwise they have you by the balls.
  5. Davy


    It happens at massage places because they are finishing up with the guy who was there before you. They never want to send you away to come back later so they have you lay on the table while they TCB. You can't really blame them; they can wait hours for business and then they have two at once. If they can juggle you for ten to twenty minutes they don't lose the cash. As long as you don't go juggling your balls, you'll be fine. If you work yourself up you'll get mad and have a less than ideal time. Relax!
  6. bigcecil


    I've had it happen a few times, and its quite frustrating. Some places that have saunas are good at this too. After 5-10 minutes to get undressed, you get the table shower and are all primed up. Then, they sit you in a sauna for 15 minutes which turns the little guy into mush. After that, if you get 20 minutes of whats left of your hour -- you're lucky.

    Its actually a funny story, but I was at a place recently -- and the girl gave me a towel and a robe for going to the shower (just a regular shower since I came from work). She said she'd give me a few minutes and then lead me to the shower. No more than 30 seconds later she opened the door suddenly and came in, while I was standing there bare ass. She smiled and gave me a once over and talked to me for a minute while I was there dangling. It was kinda cool, kinda like having the maid walk in on you at a hotel or something. I wasn't expecting it.
  7. rollin


    Now that's funny LOL :) Good Call............

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  8. HotKarl


    Is anyone else fed up with this practice that I have come to call "Icing the John". This is the annoying practice of providers who welcome you in and then disappear to another room while you "get more comfortable". The only problem is this usually lasts anywhere from 10-20 minutes. I don't know about you but I can undress in 30 seconds. I don't need 10 minutes or more.

    This happens more often at massage places than a provider at a hotel but it's still annoying because 1). This time usually counts toward the 1 hour. 2) You get there all worked up with a raging hard on and then are left to lay there wondering what's taking so long. 3) If it's an appointment, there is no excuse for the provider not to be ready for you unless you show up early then you should expect to wait.

    I think in most cases, the provider is grabbing a last smoke, making phone calls and purposely taking time off the clock so that's less time she has to spend with the client.

    By the way, I call it icing the john because it is similar to icing the kicker in the NFL when a kicker is about to kick a meaningful field goal. Both the john and kicker are worked up and ready to go and then someone calls timeout and sends them to the sidelines to think it over.