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  1. Zoey


    "As of Monday, however, the restaurant “has defaulted on every payment owed to Cora and has now repudiated its agreement to make future payments to Cora,” despite the fact that she has fulfilled all the promises she made in the agreement, the lawsuit claims."

    If they defaulted, not her fault. We'd really have to see the contract to know for sure whether there was a violation.

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  2. hardndslick


    Its her fault. If she was worried about her image,she shouldn't have Rented it out without even having anything to do with the menu. I know alot of these famous chefs like Bobby flay can't cook in all the places that they own or are partnerships in. But its their concepts. And they take it very seriously.

    Chefs do very little cooking. The sou chefs do most of the cooking part.
    They are too busy running the kitchen doing the ordering ECT. Also trying to fuck as many servers as they can while snorting as much coke as possible..


    In today's culinary scene, image is everything to all these chefs. Half these celebrity chefs can't even cook, can't organize a thought let alone a real functioning kitchen that runs smoothly. So many chefs are frauds, oh look at my 300 dollar japanese steel knife, my tattoos and piercings, my cool knife case. A real kitchen isn't an episode of "Chopped" its not how it really is. Your expensive knife and tattoos don't make you a better chef.

    Cat Cora is an Iron Chef, they tend too be legit. If her image is being soiled then she has a right to sue whoever it is that is screwing with her credibility. Restaurant owners for the most part are thieves, bring in top level talent, get as much out of them as quickly as they can, then your out the door and the line cooks and dishwashers are preparing your $50 dollar Organic Alaskan Salmon, that is really farm raised and full of toxins.
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