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Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by HawkEye65, Aug 5, 2006.

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  1. clicker2659


    225 for cbj is INSANE!!!
    not gotta get that from me ever..
    thats why i see a nice girl from mp privately outside her work and nowhere near that amount..
    i even had her and her bi gf together recently ( they used to be roomates!).. what a show they put on....fantastic... and no rushing....
    they even have the same build and look like sisters....
  2. HawkEye65



    Yeah, Italian and TF are nice, but I don't like to be doing all the work at a MP. Provider is different, but at a MP I'm supposed to be taken care of. Not that I'm complaining, and once Italian worked into doggy by mistake with no complaints! Of course, I had to go the the acronym thread to know what considered Italian, but life is a learning experience, and learning can be fun!
  3. R&TSearcher


    finished with Italian

    Finally, someone mentions Italian! This provides a great finish!!!
  4. js181


    Right On

    Couldn't agree more. Took a ride today and stopped into National. $200 plus door for what you get on a massage table even if the girl is pretty hot is just a ripoff. Apparently some pay.....but I walked out.
  5. HawkEye65


    I believe formerly MTC (Massage Therapy Center) in Edison by Middlesex County College

    Have gone twice in past couple of months.

    First visit: Alyia. Cute, petite 20/21 YO slim black girl, pretty face. Maybe 5'7", 100 lbs., 34 A but a nice booty. Very paranoid about discussing menu items, I had to make offers. Asked nude, she said how much, I put down $70, she said not enough, bumped to $100. Decent soft nude massage, got her on table to give her quick massage, finger penetration that she seemed to enjoy, then I was on my back and she started decent HJ, got her on table and finished with Italian.

    Second visit: Laura(?). Nice body, 5'5", slim white girl. Same deal with discussing menu, I said definately nude, possibly more (she needed know if she needed to get a cover, but without saying that). She did a little body slide massage on the table, whic was nice, I turned over and she did some more with boobs over the boys, very brief BBBJ (more like licking for foreplay), then went for BJ. She did this in multiple positions, including 69, but didn't let me do anything for her. Still nice view. $140 for CBJ.

    Plusses: One of the nicer facilities I've been to recently. Each room has private shower and jacuzzi, tiles, mirrors, etc. I believe girls will join you in jacuzzi. Makes me thing $80/hr house fee is justified. Girls appear to all be young and american.

    Negatives: Young American girls want $$$. Total $220 for CBJ after minimal massage is pushing the limit, I'm sure FS available but probably $200 on top of door. While I like a little massage foreplay, these places (like National Spa and teh old Somerville AccuCenter) are getting to be too expensive for my tastes/wallet.

    Might repeat if funds are available, but will definately limit spending, possibly hold out until they blitz CL (essentially advertising that business is slow).