Implants: Where do esthetics end and insanity begin?

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by Troutman, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. Traderdave


    Yeras ago I went out with a regular women who used to dosome modeling. She had implants. Felt like the soy sauce/duck sauce packets from Chinese takeout. Two circular scars under her breasts. They looked nice in a dress.
  2. nychelsea


    While I certainly enjoy a soft natural set of breasts, I have experienced several ovely women who have enhancements that are good enough that it is difficult to tell. These situations are a far cry from the balloons that some strippers get. The latter often are out of proportion to their bodies!


  3. tigerguy


    Fake boobs are turn off for me, I mean, literally, I will lose my erection and can't perform with fake. So my first criterion in selecting providers is to make sure they aren't fake. if the profile dosn't say so, here are the clues I use to tell fake: Disproportionally large size relative to the frame, perfectly circular shape, a clear outline on the top half, absolutely no sagging for size C and above. All natural boobs C or larger will sag due to gravilty and there is nothing esthetically bad about them as long as the sagging is not excessive.

    The reason implants are getting popular because many celibrity have them. But celibrity only have to look good with cloth and unlike providers, they don't need to get naked or touched. No fake boobs can fool guys in bed. Providers are fooling themselves if they think fake boobs can generate more biz and guys will be lining up to see them. Perhaps enhancement can attract a few more new clients who don't know they are fake, but getting them to repeat would be another thing.
  4. redleg609


    Most likely because she is more relaxed and confident about herself.
  5. bootynomad


    love implants

    2 girls i dated had the procedure and i had no complaints. the first girl needed them. her tits were like flap jacks and she was of average size (about 5'7", 140lbs). She got D cups and was a knockout in clothes and fun as hell to tittie fuck.

    The 2nd girl had nice little B's that were perfect for her hot little size 4 body. I was totally against her getting them done. Now she has a full C and i cant help but get a hard-on whenever i'm with her. In the hay, her nipples are much more sensitive and for some reason its easier to get her off.
  6. RuffToy


    I totally agree with your assessment of working girls and the correlation between breast size and income. No doubt about it. Breasts are like eye magnets, we just can't NOT notice and like them.
    However, in my personal case, you missed one point. I was not attracted to these girls because they had large breasts. I was simply attracted to them period. And, just because some have fake tits does not necessarily imply they are large. They may be larger than before but some are like softball size, enhanced not for sheer size but for shape and structure. I still do not prefer these altered ones. Bottom line, I stand by my preference of NOT liking fake breats and would prefer natural over fake everytime. The operative word is "prefer".
  7. Bandaid


    What's beige and comes in little white cans?
  8. UG Staff

    UG Staff Staff

    re:Bleached assholes:

    No one's seen Michael Jackson?
  9. UG Staff

    UG Staff Staff

    The point is this:

    Every guy says that he hates fake tits. But when they can't tell if they are fake or not (like especially in the case of RT and his civilians), they may say it doesn't matter, but they actaully do go after the girls with bigger tits. And in the case of jl with his stripper across the room, he too goes after them for the bigs tits.

    Now, you both say that once you find out that they are fake, it's "game over". But without the fake tits, it was game over before you got that far. Now, I know no one is going to admit that this is the case. But the overwhelming factual evidence is the the contrary.

    If anyone knows any stripper or working girl well enough that you thing you'd get a truthful answer, ask them this simple question "Did you make more money before or after the new tits". Historically, it's not even close. The vast majority make more with the fake tits. As such, as a business decision it's not irrational to get them. In fact, it's a good business decision for most. And this is not the only business where this works: in most businesses there is some aspect where the customers say they want something, or want something to work a certain way, but in reality the business makes more money doing it differently. For example, take bait and switch agencies: does anyone like it? NO. Is it a valid business model? YES (i.e. many make more money than if they were "straight up").
  10. ChuckUFarlie



    It's becoming more common. Many porn stars do it. And it's not that expensive either. I think some gel or something is applied to your ass and then you wash off.
  11. ecpaul




    We all have our opinions and I'd prefer the big fake tits (as long as they are not rock hard gemmeh gemmeh). Then again I can overlook a bad tit job with a tight twat anyways.

    I am a Brianna Banks...Ava Devine (Okay those are huge man) fan, I like huge tits.
  12. robnotbob



    MJ: I might agree with you if you posted "a nice real pair of "B"s". Ah, who I am kidding? GIMME TITS!!!
  13. justlooking


    Depends which shoes I'm wearing and how warm my bathroom is that day.
  14. justlooking


    Like I was trying to say . . . .
  15. justlooking


    It's not as simple as that, though.

    I'll keep this in strip clubs for now. Sometimes, across the room, you see a slender woman with largish breasts and, under her dress, they look great. But then you buy a dance from her and, as soon as the dress comes down, you can see they're obvious fakes. For me it's like, dance over, nice to meet you, now go away. We don't have any further business to do.

    Point being, RuffToy might not have that option in real life.
  16. njbandit


    I'll take C, too which is probably also my favorite cup size as well. My problem with bolt-ons is unless they're done by a really good plastic surgeon and they use a cohesive gel implant, they generally feel hard as a rock which IMHO is not hot at all. Besides, do hotties with a super-skinny waist, fat booty and double D's really exist in nature? I haven't seen too many, who haven't been aided by a surgeon's knife.
  17. Rokin


    That's easy
    I'll take a letter c
  18. ciscook


    A, Tight Pussy. NOTHING BETTER
  19. fumpton


    would you rather have a girl with:

    a) big fake tits and a tight pussy
    b) small natural tits and a loose pussy
    c) medium sized natural tits and a average pussy (not tight, not loose)
  20. RuffToy


    If she were pushing her tits together giving a Russian and as you looked at this sight you noticed surgical scars or the breasts felt like definitely would matter.