In today's Star Ledger... 4 Springfield MP closed...

Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by DaiDaiLun, Dec 9, 2005.

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  1. RoosterC74


    Very conserative and somewhat affluent town-Springfield is. What did you expect to have happen in an area such as that?
  2. oldhockeyplayer


    There may be 12...

    There are more than 10, and there may even be more than 12 in springfield. You can't go a block on Morris Avenue without going past one.
    : (
  3. bear


    I don't think there are 12 spas in was 12 violations.
  4. LushWet


    12 spas in Springfield? Geeesh. The competitive pressures alone would generate enugh "complaints" to lead to busts.
  5. petehanse


    Hogger We would all be screaming!

    .....After one of the skilled asian workers got through blowing on the landlord's trombone you blame him for screaming. I am sure the old gal he has at home has nowhere near the musical talents, or cares to use them ........LOL
  6. Hogger



    Now that's a cool landlord. Maybe he gets freebies. :)
  7. petehanse


    Wow poor passaic mayor.

    The Passaic mayor's exwife was out there complaining again that he bit kicked and punched her. Wow what in the world is going on in that town? Hope the Falls Spa , Passaic Park and other places are not affected by the mayor's latest troubles......poor guy! The article appeared in the Herald News.
  8. hedonism4me


    It always amazes me that with all the real corruption and crime that goes on, this is what politicians focus on. Is it because it gives them the appearance of morality and fixing corruption, and its the easiest to do?

    They don't dare touch anything else, and the public buys it. Meanwhile, all the politicians have there own sex scandals.
  9. superwoman01


    The article did not mention Pine Hill. That spa has American attendants. The new massage law was signed before Whitman left office. When the new law was signed, a lot of peoples blood pressures started to go up. Until it was said that it was up to the towns to write these new laws into their ordinances at there own leisure.( Or something like that) I think when the town has had enough is when they pull the card. Morris County’s Randolph implemented the background check and fingerprinting maybe 4 0r 5 years ago. So did Lodi after the Luke incident, & also Rutherford. I am not sure if this affected the business’s that were established before the law went into effect or if they were grand fathered in or how that worked!
  10. snooozi3


    Have you noticed?

    "Because there are now state statutes and regulations for legitimate massage therapists, officials can easily verify whether businesses are legitimate." QUOTE

    Never heard of this and I know a legit. massage therapist who was not aware of this. It certainly seems that any city or town could close down an MP on health code violations, lack of a business license or the usual LE bust.
    From what the article said, doubt if there will be any MPs left in Springfield with all of the regulations and fingerprinting of employees. I hope this is not in the State regs., otherwise there will be no MPs left at all! As an added thought have you noticed that RMP's in central Jersey seem to be few and far between. AMPs' dominate the scene and new ones appear quite frequently. Are the Asians, squeezing out the Ruskys? Waz happening?
  11. DaiDaiLun



    Springfield closes 4 massage parlors
    Officials cite concerns some may be brothels
    Friday, December 09, 2005

    Springfield officials shut down four massage parlors yesterday and vowed to go after eight similar operations following concerns that some may be fronts for prostitution.

    The four parlors hit yesterday were cited for failing to obtain the necessary permits to operate, while at least one massage parlor will also face fire and building code violations. Signs were posted on the parlor doors informing potential patrons that the businesses were closed immediately by order of the township.

    "I said we were going to clean up this thing and it's being done," said Mayor Sy Mullman, who accompanied township officials when they hit Sun Master Spa on Morris Avenue, the first massage parlor to be closed.

    "We're not going to quit until we're sure that every one of these businesses that continues is legitimate," Mullman said.

    While there were no patrons at the massage parlors yesterday afternoon, during the first round of inspections last month, inspectors did startle a male customer who was naked and had champagne and pornographic videos in the room where he was receiving his massage, Township Administrator Ed Fanning said.

    Hyea Kim, owner of Sun Master Spa, said she would comply with the new regulations.

    "I think these are the right things to do. There are places that don't do the right thing," Kim said. "I've been open for 10 years, with no problem."

    Under the new township regulations, which took effect Nov. 21, employees of the massage parlor must submit to a criminal background check. They must be fingerprinted and have their photographs placed on file with the town. Those who perform massage must produce proof of having at least 250 hours of training.

    "The issue of regulating massage parlors is not a new one," said Deborah Kole, staff attorney for the New Jersey League of Municipalities. "A lot of municipalities have such ordinances."

    When local officials suspect illicit activity, it is easier and more effective to go the regulatory route than to pursue a criminal investigation. "It may not be that easy to find evidence for criminal complaints," Kole said.

    Because there are now state statutes and regulations for legitimate massage therapists, officials can easily verify whether businesses are legitimate.

    "It would be easier to go that route than prove what's going on," she said. "If someone is a real massage therapist, registered with the state, it's not likely to be a sex-oriented business and (the employees) would not have any criminal records."

    Two of the four massage parlors that were hit yesterday -- the Springfield Wellness Center, 11 Dundar Road, and Wellness, 266 Morris Ave. -- were closed. However, when landlord Joseph Casternovia heard that inspectors had returned to his Morris Avenue building, he was furious.

    The elderly landlord showed up in minutes and started screaming at the officers. "Get the hell out of here -- you're harassing my damn tenants. I'm tired of all this...," he said. "I've got good tenants." He told the officers not to come back and threatened that if Wellness leaves his building, "I'll sue."

    At Four Seasons Therapy, 656 Morris Ave., summonses were issued to the owner for failure to comply with the new regulations and the doors posted, shutting down the business, said detective Sgt. Ed McNany.

    The inspections are also revealing other problems. Fire Inspector David Maas said that at the Sun Master Spa, there were mattresses on the floor in several rooms and it appeared that several employees were living there, in violation of the commercial building code. The spa already has 12 previous violations that have not been resolved, Maas said.
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