Independants and Hotels/Motels

Discussion in 'Newbie Forum' started by theapprentice, Aug 7, 2006.

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  1. Charlotte Anne

    Charlotte Anne

    I always find it a little weird when a gentleman asks if I'm at a hotel or private residence and then follows that with, "Sorry, I don't go to hotels".
    As a traveling companion, unless you're hosting me, it's kind of the only choice we have.
    I understand be leery of meeting someone without any history in one.
    But refusing to see a lady with a solid reiew history and internet footprint because she's at a hotel...well that's just odd

    Interesting story though...
    Recently, I was at a hotel in an unnamed, very wealthy, but apparently close knit mid-size town someplace in the Northeast.
    There were three or four other hotels in town of the same caliber (exectutive level national brands).
    But the one I chose to stay in was apparently where the current "it" bar was located.

    Two days of, "I'm sorry. I cant come there. Someone will see me and I can't explain it away".
    As you can guess I wasn't very busy.
    But at least they had a decent spa

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  2. MikeAdams


    just part of the fun

    I like to go to the spanish girls in the bronx, usually they come down and get you at the door and you always walk past a few groups of guys smoking weed in the hall, I always wonder if they are pimping her out or whats the deal. I never think I am going to get robbed but i always carry a small amount of cash and no jewelry and take the subway so you dont get car jacked.

    I wouldnt go to a motel in the bronx thats where you get robbed but a real hotel in manhattan is very safe.
  3. heavyspitter


    I don't wanna pay for the hotel/motel fee. So I go to AMPs or russian places.
    I can enjoy doubel with the same bucks.
  4. Cheeksonface



    I prefer no motel or hotel! I just think that a motel is unsafe for me. It doesn't matter if the girl is extra hot or has an ass I would love to have sitting on my face! I just think that those places are perfect for a stink, and perfect for a robbery. To each it's own
  5. dumdumdirtydawg

    dumdumdirtydawg banned

    I've always been wary of out calls and backpage ads in general and usually stick to the venues, though I think it runs a bit more expensive, since you have to pay the house.
  6. davy989


    I find it hard to trust backpage or craigslist. Im still a newbie at this but idk i feel like most of the post i see on those site are sting operation.
  7. Karamazov


    In the first place, I think you are just the tiniest bit nutty to look for fun on cl. There are so many stings and scams I pretty much gave up on that venue, and there are so many other well reviewed and referenced women out there who needs it?
    Second, I always feel nervous in hotels, but it's better than a dark apartment in hell's kitchen, I guess. At a hotel the level of security is a double edged sword: it's riskier, but it is also riskier to do harm on either end.
    Unless I know the person, I'd like to meet at a short stay and make introductions in the lobby or a nearby location. But unless the provider is legit and very well known to boards, I'm very leery.
    Best luck!
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  8. FoxyMonica


    hay darlings ! you guys know the rules here , I posted on a thread it should tell you what you need to know with out me breaking any rules , link below , as soon as I know UG will know then You will know ...stay tuned just trying to figure out when and get a ad up first on this site . I have no web site at the moment , not even sure if I even reinstate mine or not , I don't think I will need one , not to worry I have updated pics I will post here . I will ASAP figure out my plans and get with Slinky

    I posted last on that thread .

    Thanks UGers ! xoxo
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  9. misterxyz


    Monica, your ad said you'd be here in May but May came (I didn't) and you didn't show up. What gives? r u coming soon so we can?
  10. leglvr999


    Foxy !!!

    Where u been baby?? Gonna come visit us NY boys soon??
  11. FoxyMonica


    damn you New yorkers < pay for the room ? > that don't fly in most states

    I agree with AA I like to choose the location and hip on LE BS , Out call I don't mind if I know you . so you have no cell phone no home phone no hobby phone and want to meet at a hotel ... don't want to meet at your home , but you sound unmarried with your posting . hopefully your choice of hotels are not one that offers adjoining rooms .... you are defiantly interesting willing to pay for a hotel and take a chance of getting stood up .

    newbies have to have their cherry popped too .
    risky on both ends
    stay safe
    happy hunting
  12. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    Most of them will be just as happy to no-show you at a hotel as your place.
  13. Alisha Adams

    Alisha Adams

    I prefer incalls and I chose the location... saves time for me and time is money as we know.

    I also prefer hotels b/c going to a guys place leaves me a little insecure since he is in his own domain.

    When a guy comes to me I feel more in control ... I some how believe I weed out the nutcases who might want to do me harm because normally they operate in surroundings they are familiar with their home, their car, their mom's basement etc.

    As for the hotel I chose, I try to get the cleanest room for the best value in an area I feel will be easy for you to get to.

    As for girls afraid of LE ... Im just not.

    I know not to talk about sex and $$ and Im up on most of their (LE) tricks.

    If I happen to get arrested, well, I chuck it up to the cost of doing business.

    Hopefully I can continue to screen clients well and stay away from LE ...

    Hotels are a win-win for me ...
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  14. myh


    just wondering....I saw there are so many motels in queens blvd....can I rent it hourly and what is their general rates for that...thanks
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  15. trigger


    I would suggest getting the room before making the appointment so that she knows where to go. Unfortunately, escorts and indies are not always on time which may cut into the time of your room. Therefore, make sure your stay is at least 2 hours and let the girl or agency know that you rented the room for a imited time. Also, if the girl is very late and you have to pay more for room time make sure you get credit from the agency or tell the girl expect a discount or better service for being very late.
  16. theapprentice


    By the way should you meet her when she shows up or just tell her the room number.

    the Apprentice
  17. theapprentice


    thanks for all of the replys. By the way. Should I get the room before making the appointment or afterwards.

    The Apprentice
  18. fumpton


    First thing, set your Craigslist filter to maximum. Very, Very few gems over there. Kelly, one of our UG advertisers, posts an ad over there and is one of the few you can trust for reliable service.

    As for hotels, I would say choose one that's within your budget. There are many decent 2-3 star hotels in the city that are pretty nice. I've met some indys for incall dates and some lesser known hotels and they were comfortable and clean.
  19. justlooking


    I've had at least one independent refuse to go to a short stay with me because she found it creepy. I think, though, that that's a fairly unusual occurence.
  20. trigger


    Apprentice-the choice of hotel depends on your style. Personally, I would choose the least expensive motel that is in close proximaity to the provider's location. Doing this reconnaisance will reap less wait time for you and less expense on the room rental. Day rates are cheaper.