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  1. kunny


    Damn, what great information. Makes me want to to get a passport and go traveling. It's great to see the dollar going far and strong. Wish I could have a bare ass like that in the states for that price. Any of the UG'ers who have posted care to post a little review of the type of woman you saw and the services provided? Also, did she want to come back with you to the States?
  2. wjz


    i didn't know seoul was so foreigner friendly.
    i know there r some areas where girls deal mostly with foreigners and the GIs there.
    but most of the spas and brothels do not like to accept non asian ppl, i hear that also goes for japan.
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    jar and thorn...thanks for the info....a guy I work with suggested bartender as well...he is from that part of the world and says the bartender will be able to work out some help as well.......

    Will report when "in country". Also making stop in Dubai on way that could be fun as well.
  4. Thorn


    I am far from a world traveler but have many friends who are.

    They tell me that an alternative to this is to find a woman who will be your eventual guide. Frequently she will spend a good part of the day with you and the nights, if you decide that is what you want. She will cook and clean and provide you access to other women, making all arrangements. She will act as interpreter and see you do not get over charged for your purchases and other activities.

    For this service you pay her well, provide access to entertainment she couldn't achieve otherwise, and perhaps a small shopping spree for items for herself, family, etc, that stay after you have left.

    Such areas that my friends say this works particularly well in are Cuba, D.R., Thailand and the Philippines. I am sure there are others.
  5. Jarhead


    Second Option

    Here is a second alternative to Daengman's suggestion which I have done in Taipei and Seoul. You have to use a little instinct as to whom you first approach. Room bellhop is my first option and second is head bellhop out front. Third choice is Concierge HOST if HE follows you to your room when checking in (not hostess) I slap a 50 in his hand and I tell him; I am going to be here for the week on business. I would like some girl-company while I am here. Who can help me find? Either he will offer or he's going to bring some guy with a big (i eat shit) smile to talk with you. Then tell him what you want: Keep it simple; GOOD english; small girl; NOT sexy clothes, happy person and CLEAN CLEAN. Beautiful face not important. HE WILL KNOW. I have done this in Taipei and Seoul but the last time was in 2000. I already have friends in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Last time I paid flat 600 for the week (6 nights) and she stayed with me at the hotel; we did meals and I paid for clothes shopping once (it was fun just watching her beat the shit out of them bartering). It's a bargain way to do it; she doesn't let anybody rip you off; you never get lost and it's nice having that bare ass tucked with you all night. If you only want someone for couple days then you probably could do that too. BTW: the bell hops are as wired as the cabbies and can make the arrangement with the cabby for you if you just want a cat house or parlor.

    To be honest: I don't know anything about South Asia (India). The country gives me the creeps and their accents are so bad, i can't understand them when they do speak english. Worse yet: (If they're Muslims; you might get a road kill.) or they'll stone you for asking. Seoul has almost nonexistent STD/HIV rate; the girls are government tested weekly in the salons. My understanding is that India has a high rate, so you want to be a little careful.
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    Yup, got that already....felt like a damn pin cushon
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    on a side note, you should consult with your doc to see what, if any, immunizations or booster shots you may need before heading over. And if you're on any meds, bring and extra week's worth.
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    Thanks dae!

    Well, I will have to take that to heart.....will have to try that out and see how it goes!
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    daengamn, you are a true credit to colonialism!
  10. daengman


    Hyderabad, like all the cities in India has an unlimited supply of play for pay poontang. There is plenty of info on the net.

    What I do when I am in cities like that is to find a cab driver that I can work with. In almost all of these cities, there is an oversupply of cabs and not enough work to go around so it really is a buyer's market. Find one that is not too young (under 25) or too old (over 50) that will take you where you want to go and not necessarily to someplace that will pay him for bringing you there.

    Actually when I start out, I will test 2 or 3 cabbies. Have them take me to 3 or 4 places where I will look and not buy at that time. After the 3rd or 4th place, I will tell the cabbie that I have developed a headache and want to go back to the hotel. When I get there I get his cell # (they almost always have cells). I pay the fare and give him a generous tip.

    Based on my evaluations, several hours later I will call the one I think is best (and a good part of that is his english skills) and go back out. Since I have already have visited a number of places, I'll have him bring me to the one I liked best. If I didn't like any, I have him find others.

    At the end of the evening, if I like the cabby, I'll tell him that I am going to be around a few days (or weeks, if appropriate) and want to use him during my stay. Basically the cabbie will become your personal driver and will be quickly availabel when you call. One of the biggest benefits of this arrangement is the fact that you will be his big payday during your stay and he will want to keep you safe to guarantee that payday.

    As to the cost, in a city like Hyderabad, if you had a cabby like this and used him from 6p to 12 mid with 3 or 4 stops, it would be usually 20 to 25(US) for the evening and that will be more than they would have made were they cruising for the evening.
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    make sure you check for penises, ya know the Hijras
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    no doubt

    No doubt on that.....always safe.....and being there, will be extra safe......
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    Safety: First, last, always!
  14. njbibbles


    hello all.....well doing a trip to india for 3 weeks.......going to be in Hyderabad....anyone have any info or suggestions? Gonna be a long 3 weeks.