infiltrated new ring of incall girls

Discussion in 'Cheap Thrills' started by jjred675, Aug 20, 2006.

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    Isa***** Does do Daty. I have seen her. She is great. So does Sandy. Question has anyone been to their queens or brooklyn incall? Does anyone know if there are any train stops nearby?
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    Tough security indeed! These guys should run the Dept. of Homeland Secuirty, goddammit!

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    thanks guys. I can sleep now. ha ha :)

    I intended to put it in the cl forum, but i can't post there anymore. in fact, i don't think anyone can.

    isabella was a MUCH better experience than sandy. sandy is definitely a dirty little whore and has nice boobs, but isabella is much prettier. i didn't try the dfk, so i don't know. i would highly recommend her though.

    well, that said, i went out yet AGAIN tonight and did something i swore on this board that I wouldn't do...I want to CB out on long island. all the other places were closing..well, tol wasn't, but all those gangsters on the motorcycles were out front and i just get a bad vibe there....anyway, i saw a chick named eva at cb who was awesome. they have a $10/10 min special on tuesdays. i gave eva 100 and got a wicked show and cbj. she talks like a filthy slut if you tell her to and she has a great personality. very cool, sexy chick...not like that awful twat lisa who i had the displeasure of seeing at cb. also, the security guys at cb are all totally cool.

    so, that wasn't enough so i headed back to nyc for an sw. i cruised thru the queensborough bridge area for the hell of it...dead of course. then i cruised down lex. i found Stacey on 27th between lex and park. she is 20 years old, HUGE natural boobs, white girl, probably 5'5", slim body, but has a bit of a gut. she is cute in a lost little girl way. she just came down from boston a few months ago. she was wearing a black wig. 100 beans, back to the hotel on 40th and 3rd. she seems bored, tired and disinterested during the ride up, and in the hotel, but as soon as we get going...BANG! she's a little fuck toy. i was nailing her with my entire hand jammed in her mouth. then i flipped her over, pile drove her from behind and did a double fish hook on her. the whole time she's rubbing her pussy, telling me to touch her tits and moaning her head off. i shot on her tits. i def recommend this one too.
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    good review.

    I've been checking out Isabella's posting on CL for some time now. I have seen Sandy many times and I always have a good time with her. I have not had the same experience with the others in her stable so I have been reluctant to visit Isabella.

    Does Isabella offer DATY of kiss? I see she does everything covered, and that's cool.

    Keep up the great posts.
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    Suddenly it occurs to me, good review in the wrong forum.
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    i guess your review had all the pertinent info so no one had to ask any questions.
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    no, LOL, we're all to busy searching cl.
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    618 comments...did my review suck or something?
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    I saw both Isabella and Sandy tonight. You can find them on CL. both have 15 mins for 80. isabella's pictures do not do her justice. she is really cute and has that innocent vibe about her that these older, jaded whores have long since lost. she has a nice body and has pierced nipples and clit hood. everything covered but she is very cool. she smells good, is shaved and cbj's very well. she flips around into all positions with a smile on her face on command. shot on her rack. will do greek for another 80, but i didn't partake. her ad advertises bbbj but she won't do it. she said she would tell her posters to stop advertising it. a very sweet girl and a rare find IMHO.

    sandy is a bigger girl with some extra pounds on her. she has nice huge DD's. she will bbbj and has an all around sluttier vibe to her than isabella. unfortunately the rubber broke with her two seconds before my time was up. she is down with the russian and repeat on the bbbj, alternating. she will also do greek. asked for 80, offered 40, she said 50 was lowest. didn't have that much so passed. on the way out, i passed isabella who pretended not to know me. this was in a hotel lobby.

    NOTE: their security routine is pretty elaborate and i started to get scared. i saw isabella, went home, got back on cl and decided to go see sandy before posting review. anyway, the second time they were cool and brought me right up. but the first time....called the number and got an appointment. drove up to 46 and 6, parked and called again. they answer right away and ask what i'm wearing, color shirt, color pants, blah blah. i saw some black pimp looking dude standing across the street. i've been doing this a long time and instantly i knew he was part of the routine. they tell me they'll call me back in 5 minutes, which they did exactly. they send me over to the hotel, tell me to go to a certain floor, make a left then a right and supposedly the girl would open the door. this, combined with some cop-looking guy in the lobby, really freaked me out and i almost left. well, i bit the bullet and went up. no door opens when i get where i'm supposed to go. i call the number and all of a sudden the door opens. ta da. hot, hot isabella is standing there. she makes me completely drop my drawers but wouldn't touch the johnson right away. i asked if she was LE and told her to touch mr pee pee. she complied, i touched her tits and we were on. after going back and seeing sandy, asking both girls about their operating and then passing isabella in her regular clothes in the lobby, i pieced the whole thing together. they have two rooms. in one room, one girl answers the phones and waits while the other girl is busy in the playroom. the phone girl gets the description of the guy and then calls down to mr scary black guy who verifies the caller and makes sure he looks alright. then they call back, send you up and do the drop your drawers routine as the last security precaution. the girls and pimp call each other to confirm the guy is in the room and call back exactly when the time is up.

    well, i hope this helps. i'm not big on sandy because she wasn't terribly good looking, but isabella is really cute and definitely a good value. she's like that chocolate delight chick, but no bbbj. something tells me that the right guy offering more money could fs or bbbj her without cover though...

    have fun.