Is being persistant bad

Discussion in 'New York' started by wimpy, Mar 2, 2001.

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  1. wimpy



    I understand. Just that it seems that I have rotten luck. I was trying to line up one of the great weekends and eveything kept falling through. But I understand and take no offense. Just a wondering thought.

    Thanks for the words.
  2. kiara


    What can you do!?!

    Listen everyone. Times are tough right now, but we will persevere. Provider's have a right to be nervous and extra careful as of lately. Clients also have a right to be frustrated with us. We don't mean to be too careful, but I can empathize with some of the provider's who are being too careful. Take care all.


    hope it is not me, but it may be...

    sorry wimpy if you are referring to me honey i was out of touch for a personnal reason from wed through sunday today.. i am stilll moving slow.. i did recieve your information and i will be in touch when the storm is over.. please for give me if it is me you are referring to. i did believe i said it was easy..
    hope that you will give me a small concession for illness.. and know that i was trying to get into touch with all but it was impossible ..
    so sorry.. honey please forgive and be patient..
    hugzzz dawn
  4. Persistence

    I think if you followed up and still received no response, you may want to consider moving on to another lady.

    Gerald has everyone a little freaked. I am coming up to NYC on tour next month, and believe me, my screening is in place and ready. I will be extra thorough, but will also be just as anal (pardon the, uh, bad pun there, lol) about discarding the information so that it does not remain on my system or go anywhere else by "accident".

    Keep trying! Maybe the girl you are pursuing a session with is just extremely busy/out of town?

    Good luck.
  5. Othello


    It's not just the "Gerald incident" which is making things difficult. The "Glamour Roses" issue may also be having an impact. I suspect that these factors have prompted a higher level of scrutiny among the ladies. Perhaps it would help to "air" these concerns with your "desired lady of the moment". You know that she's right to be concerned for her safety and well-being. You should be also! Reassure her that you are sincerely concerned. Even after all the routine "security checks" are followed, she will ultimately follow her intuition. To loosely paraphrase what a wise gent recently explained to me: your objective is (presumably…) to persuade the woman to allow you to 'take liberties' with her -- on your terms. With all your experience, you should know the ground rules. Be persistently charming and maybe you'll reach your objective
  6. wimpy


    Since this Gerald character popped up, I have had a hard time(no pun) getting appointments with a few well known providers. I won't name the providers but I give them references and hell I appreciate that they want to check my info out. I want them and myself to be safe. But, nothing happens. One provider asked me to e-mail. I gave her all the info she wanted. She even e-mailed back saying I was making it too easy for her. I e-mailed again and nothing after that. And what I am worried is that my info that was provided will find itself out in Main Stream America. I hope not. But is this similar to any other guys lately. And ladies what the deal with this. Granted I have not seen any of the "famous providers" on TBD, but hey I have been in this hobby for over 15 years.