Is G2000 Changing? This question got removed on SCL!

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    Russian girls have (and have earned) a bad reputation as charmless money hounds, but at this place the Russian girls did not fit the typical mold.

    I have not been to this place much in 2006 but in my past experience (2001-2005) at G2000 the Russian girls here always seamed uncommonly friendly. I would even say very friendly. So much so that this was not a vague notion for me but a very clear recognition of a definite or dramatic difference from what anyone would expect from Russian girls anywhere else.

    I also think the Russian girls over the last few years have been very attractive here so if some says that the girls are better looking now and that may have changed things, I would also disagree with that.

    If things have changed I would have to think it would be because of some kind of management change as the increased pressure to VIP may also indicate.

    I will be returning soon and I will specifically ask some of the girls that I know have been around for at least 6 months or a year if things have changed and if so why.

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    That is absolutely why the quality of fun has diminished.

    Unfortunately, from most strip club fan's experiences, it appears that Russian women are the grub in money grubber.
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    I'm glad you noticed this, I thought that maybe it was just me. During the day this place is still the same, good to great laps depending on the dancer. But I've noticed that at night the laps have been much tamer, the bouncers more vigilant, the pressure to go into the VIP has been more intense, and the VIP sessions have been let-downs with lots of "no I can't there are cameras." I do think that the quality of the dancers has increased a bit lately - younger and better looking than ever. Overwhelmingly Russians and Eastern Europeans at night. I wonder if this has anything to do with the deterioration in mileage.
  4. Tall New Yorker

    Tall New Yorker

    Good to be back. A mediocre relationship and financial hassles kept me out of the game for a bit.

    I was at G2K late yesterday afternoon, and milage actually seemed slightly higher than usual. One dancer even offered takeout, although I did not partake. While I haven't been there in the evenings for a long time, Senor Bond seems to be correct--one of the dancers even changed her shift from evenings to afternoons.

    Tall New Yorker
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    Really useful board.
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    You probably HAVE heard of it. The "G" stands for "Gallagher's".
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    Located off of Queens Blvd and 36st I think, typical club looking to be like upscale Manhatten places, girls are pretty good good mix
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    anyone can pay to have a post removed on SCL - not sure what it costs now but it used to be $5. obviously, club owners will pay to remove anything they don't want to see publicized.

    by the way -- where is this club? i never heard of G2000
  9. Senor Bond

    Senor Bond

    I was there recently (I ONLY go during the day -- I've heard that it gets a lot stricter upstairs at night). Same old, same old.


    I think I may have posted on SCL 3 times in 2003 and once in 2005.

    Last week I posted a simple question on SCL without profanity or a hint of anything illegal or illicit. In no way was my post something that should have been removed but it was.

    I simply asked if G2000 was changing. I said that I had recently made 2 visits and both nights the lapdances seamed to be less then the norm. I asked if anyone knew if new rules had been in-acted such as the "one leg on the floor" rule that some places sometimes set.

    Have any UG fans of G2000 visited recently?