is it bad to

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by candie, Mar 18, 2001.

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  1. Ozzy


    only send them to clients you've seen......they'll do the rest to spread the word.
  2. nj george

    nj george

    good idea candie!

    i don't think it's a problem if you e-mail clients that you have already seen and feel comfortable with. i think that most gents would not be offended if they recieved a notice stating that you will be touring their area. guy touches on a good idea also by having a form letter set up. at one time kayla kat had such a system and would send out tour messages to everyone on her mailing list. only she would send out notices regardless if you were in the touring city or not. but still she got the message across.
  3. Slinky Bender

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    My only warning is that some guys might freak out a little if they got "unsolicited emails" from providers ( I beleive there was a recent thread on one of the boards about just such a subject ).

    I understatnd that you might want to cut down on the public exposure, but sending emials to "unknowns" doesn't do that. If you are only sending emails to guys who you have already seen, that's a different story. I would, however, give anyone the option of "opting out" of such a list. You don't need anyone getting on your case for "spamming".
  4. guy catelli

    guy catelli

    it's simple ...

    dear Candilicious,

    i think you have a very sound idea. by analogy to the world of civilian direct marketing, you might compose a form email for a given upcoming tour, providing pertinent dates, times, and other necessary details, and, at the bottom, do a 'ps' that is personal to the recipient, such as:

    ps: Randall, i love your whale-patterned boxer shorts. i hope to be seeing them ('briefly') when i get to (his town).

    you might also start at the very *top* of the letter with a 'list opt-out' instruction, like:

    If you do not wish to receive notices about my schedule in your area in the future, just hit reply and type 'remove' in the subject header.

    i hope this helps.


  5. RoosterC74


    Response to Candie

    Sounds like a good idea to me Candie. Why not privately tip some select few off about an upcoming trip that a real high quality provider will be making? As for me, certainly do not hesitate to e-mail me privately when you are going to visit the Beautiful Jersey Shore. What would go better than the Ocean Surf, a Soft Sea Breeze, and a delicious piece of fine candie.
  6. candie


    I want to stop or slow way down on advertising on certain boards where I am headed towards <cities> , is it bad to just email certain clients who may or may not be interested?

    I want to avoid posting where I am going but I don't know if that is an imposing to just go ahead and email someone who I think might be interested.

    My intentions are just to stay low key and enjoy the clients who I feel most comfortable with. Mainly those who are real hobbiest, not some new potential client clever at making a provider think he is a bonified good guy. Thus ending with problems.

    Its very clear to me to start buckling down even more now and moving very quietly. As most of my clients, I too have too much to lose.

    <honorary member of below the belt society>, I never rush.